International Baccalaureate/ISP News

Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things”
– Flora Lewis

“A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Being an IB World School as well as a state school with one of the largest international student populations means our student body enjoy many benefits; socially, linguistically and educationally.
Our international students thrive in our College where over 60% of our students are multilingual, who are naturally internationally minded and thrive in the microcosm of multiculturalism. Here they are able to establish further community connections at both global and local levels as well as acquire English in a fully immersive environment.
Our growing IB Diploma Programme, caters to aspirational and highly academic students aged 16-19 from both local and international enrolments. Students complete two language subjects (mother tongue and a second language), a humanities, a science (or two), mathematics and an optional Arts subject. IB students are covering content that is at a first-year university level in their Higher Level subjects. Diploma Programme graduates, on successful completion, gain an IB score which is recognised worldwide and highly desired by universities on all continents. As international mindedness and understanding cultures through language is a main philosophy of IB, students who are multilingual have a natural advantage.
At CCC, we offer Chinese-speaking students the opportunity to study Language and Literature in their native tongue; Chinese and we are the only school in Queensland to do this. This means that Chinese-speaking students read, study, write, speak, interact and learn completely in Chinese and sit their external exams in Chinese. Students then choose English as their second language at a simpler acquisition level and undertake all of their remaining subjects in English. Students who meet the characteristics to obtain an IB Score then have the added advantage of joining 21% of graduating IB students with a recognised Bilingual IB Diploma.
International student applications for the IB are to be submitted via our College International Students Manager, along with supporting documents, such as most recent report cards. Students need to be in the top 85 percentile across a range of subjects to be eligible. An English scaling test may be required before an interview is conducted. It is preferable that international students enrol and begin their education in Australia in June/July of Year 9 or 10. Further information and subject handbook is available on our College website: www
The three profiles below are an insight into the perspective of some of our ISP and IB students

Katniss Hsu

Wade Lin

Sabrena Kuo