International Baccalaureate DP Program

CCC: now a world-class institution


Calamvale Community College is immensely proud and pleased to announce its accreditation as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, authorised to offer students the Diploma Programme in 2019.

After a comprehensive, three-year authorisation process, the College joins over 5,000 learning organisations worldwide across 138 countries as a World School. Calamvale Community College is one of only a handful of schools across Queensland that offers the Diploma Programme.

As such, the College is pleased to offer the provision of an internationally recognised qualification that will unlock global opportunities for its most capable students.

The Diploma Programme will benefit our Senior students in innumerable and invaluable ways; they will receive university-level instruction from expert teachers, develop robust study skills, engage in multidisciplinary critical thinking, and gain knowledge from international perspectives. This programme not only expands its candidates’ academic capabilities; it is renowned worldwide for shaping students into compassionate, ethical, and erudite young leaders.

The IB Diploma is underpinned by a robust pedagogy which strengthens students’ abilities and expands their potential in three key ways. All candidates will become: knowledgeable and principled thinkers through the rigorous IB Group 1 to 6 subjects and Extended Essay (EE) project; open-minded and reflective inquirers through the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) module; and balanced and caring communicators through the Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) program.

However, the IB Diploma Programme is as intensive and challenging as it is robust – students are required to complete a minimum of 150 class hours for Standard Level (SL) courses and 240 class hours for Higher Level (HL) courses. Compulsory contact hours must be supplemented with independent learning, which requires significant dedication, effort, and perseverance. As such, enrolment into the IB Diploma programme will only be offered through the Academic Programme of Excellence (APEX) for high-achieving and gifted students.

Although the IB endorses independent learning, students won’t be on this journey alone – the College has implemented multiple layers of expertise and support to guide students through their IB years. All candidates can access teachers for subject-related matters and consult co-ordinators about the IB Core or to access counselling.

Now an IB World School, Calamvale Community College has undoubtedly become a “College of Choice” where students are afforded the opportunity to choose their own academic and future career trajectories. Whether this includes performing on stage, creating artistic works, speaking other languages, excelling in the sciences, or applying cutting-edge technologies, Calamvale Community College will be the first choice for all students.

We hope to support and work alongside our prospective IB Diploma candidates as they undertake this unique learning journey.  If you or your child is interested in the IB Diploma, please contact Administration on