Industrial Skills

This term saw a change in direction for Industrial Skills at Calamvale. With a focus on building and construction students have really engaged with drawing building plans and using surveying equipment to set out the foot print of a simulated proposed new workshop for the college. An essential part of site preparation is knowing where a building going to be located, particularly in reference to other infrastructure, such as walkways, trees and a fire hydrant close to the proposed building site. Students had to deal with issues such as the weather, figuring out how to make their angles 90 degrees and how to check the set out was correct. Out old friend Pythagoras came to the rescue as students used the 3:4:5 triangle method to ensure their angles were correct. This was double checked using the diagonals. With the pegs in place and with the string line set out students measure levels using a dumpy level and staff to find how much fill would be needed to make the building area level. All year 11 and 12 Industrial Skills students were very engaged in these activities. A big shout out and thanks to Mr Nicholas Howe for all of his effort in helping get this project up and running so well.




Mr Mark Tunstall

Design and Technology