Indigenous AIME Excursion

The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME, pronounced ‘aim’) is a mentoring bridge between high school and university.

On that bridge, there are two lanes. One lane has university students making their way out to high schools to deliver free mentoring. In the other lane, students travel to university campuses for mentoring workshops and activities.

AIME offers:

  • Group tutoring delivered on-campus at schools
  • School visits (pictured)
  • Career and transition support for Year 12 students
  • Workshop held at the Griffith University Nathan campus.

Overall, students aged from 12 to 18 receive over 100 hours of extra-intensive support. The AIME initiative proves the framework and motivation for students to lift themselves and pursue higher education.

Earlier in the term, our Year 9 to 12 students visited Griffith University to participate in the program. They wrote forgiveness raps and thank you letters, had a yarn time, played a bit of footy, and made new connections with other school students.

To date, more than 25,000 students have completed the AIME program and all participants leave with an increased sense of strength, identity, purpose, and aspirations.