Hospitality VET

The Year 12 students have almost finalised their Certificates so our Year 10 & 11 students have to take on new roles and responsibilities in 3 Trees Café. In order to support their development, they have been busy learning new skills.

Year 10 Hospitality & Kitchen Operations

In order to ensure our Year 10s meet the legal requirements of being Hospitality employees, they attended an all-day incursion led by Training Direct Australia to gain their Responsible Service of Alcohol certification. This day also marked the completion of their first competency in their chosen certificate course so their studies are now well underway and many of them have already worked their firstshift in our fully licensed venue, 3 Trees Café. The Year 10s have also been busy catering various functions at school and have proved they can work effectively as a team. We are very pleased to welcome them to our 3 Trees Team and feel we have many buddying Chefs and Baristas in our classes.

Year 11 Hospitality

The Year 11s have had to step up over the last few weeks and take on new roles in 3 Trees Café to ensure it can continue to operate smoothly once the Year 12s leave the team. The have spent the last term, working closely with the 12s that have been coaching them during their shifts. The Year 11 Hospitality class is now focusing on their studies on becoming Baristas. The students have realised this is a challenging role to take on, as there are so many different types of coffee to learn. We are exploring these both in class and during shifts from 7am each day, as each students work towards being able to produce 30 different coffees independently in order to meet the competency requirements.

Year 11 Kitchen Operations

Just like their Hospitality counterparts, the Year 11 Kitchen Operations students have had to step on as they take on the role of running the kitchen during our Friday cafes. The students have embraced this challenge and have been working side by side with their Chef Trainers to produce a regular weekly menu. The students have been learning how to prepare a variety of soups over the winter months and each week have sold out their steak sandwiches. Throughout this journey, the students have also been working on refining their knife skills during class time.The Hospitality Teaching Team is looking forward to watching the Year 10 & 11 students as they continue to blossom in their new found roles in 3 Trees Café as they continue to work towards attaining their Certificate II in Kitchen Operations and Certificate II/III in Hospitality.