Happy Holidays

We have reached the end of a very successful year at CCC and I think everyone is looking forward to the summer break.  We are finishing with OP information yet to be released but I can shared with you that our QCS mean was 5 points above that of the state, which is a wonderful achievement for our students and teachers; there have been years past where the mean was 10 points below the state mean.  We hope to have 60% of our students achieving between OP 1-10 and 93% between 1 and 15, the remaining eligible students have Diplomas in Business with the rank equivalent of OP9.  Individual student results are very exciting and we will share that news as it is publicised. So with that news together with record numbers of VET certificates achieved and the largest cohort of APEX and ADP students enrolled – 2019 is looking very exciting.  We have our largest cohort of Grade 7 in-catchment enrolled students with some very exciting classroom events planned for them.

In Junior School, we have again filled our Mandarin Immersion class and have a burgeoning Prep enrolment.  The LCs are all in Shuffle-Up as we speak and our newest Preppies and their parents and carers have had a great week.  Year 6 graduation was a very heart-warming event as was the welcome into the Junior Secondary School.

In breaking news we have purchased a bus for the College which will seat 28 students and make travel to sporting events, excursions and universities, cheaper and eas

ier for smaller groups.  The bus will be wrapped in CCC promotions which celebrate our students and share our story as we motor around Brisbane.  Special thanks to our P&C their wonderful support throughout the year; they have made a significant contribution to the purchase of the bus and we are very grateful.



Congratulations to all of you who jumped into the recycling collections and filled an orange bag with bottles and cans.  Fantastic response from Junior School, it was only launched in Junior School due to the time of year.  Many thanks to College Council Chair, Mike Butler, for his determination and persistence to make this happen and Adam Bear, Facilities CCC for his support in problem-solving collection; CCC and our students will be the beneficiaries of the funds.

Not finished yet though, the College has saved some additional funds to begin our air-conditioning program, which will be adopted by the P&C in 2019 as the major fundraising focus.  Many parents have had concerns about the heat in classrooms and the impact this has on learning.  Whilst we acknowledge this, we are not funded for this sort of infrastructure and the costs of installation and running are considerable. In consultation with the P&C and staff, we have chosen to begin in three different areas of the school to provide equity.  Hopefully prior to the beginning of school next year, we will have completed air-conditioning in the internal rooms (no external windows) of Creative Industries and Digital Technology.  We will have also completed Cockatoo, Kookaburra and Platypus which are the hottest of the Junior School classrooms.  It is our intention to complete L Block for the Junior Secondary students, but there are some further considerations before completion of this block.  I hope that you will continue to support the P&C with this fund raising initiative throughout 2019 and beyond.

2019 sees the re-launch of our BYOD program with students in Year 7 having a digital textbook package requiring a device to be brought to school each day.  Hopefully the favourite present for 11-12 year olds at CCC this year is a laptop.  Students in Years 10-12 will also be using digital texts across a range of subjects.  Junior School continue to bring iPads in Years 4 and 5 and BYOD in year 6.  There are other articles in this newsletter which give more details about these programs and please reference the website https://calamvalecc.eq.edu.au/extra-curricular/computer-and-internet

Don’t forget to check into our new look webpage for all the latest including 2019 semester 1 calendar . If you don’t use FB, sign up to Qschools for all the latest updates during the school year.

Many thanks to all of you for being a great support to our staff and our College.  Congratulations to all of our student leaders for their great work throughout the year.  To all of our students who live and breathe our values of respect, responsibility, resilience and initiative – we are proud of each and every one of you.  Keep an eye on FB over the holidays.   We are all already looking forward to next year, but in the meantime wish you happy holidays and season’s greetings.