Fire Fighters

On Thursday the 25th of March we had an exciting visit from the Firefighters from Acacia Ridge.  They spent time sharing some vital Fire Safety information and we also got to learn about the different parts of the Fire Engine.

First the Firefighters showed us the clothes and equipment they use in a fire.  This included their uniform, Ninja hat, mask and oxygen tank. We got to see how different they look when they are fighting a fire. It is difficult to hear the Firefighters call out in a fire, so they showed us how it sounded and what to look for.

Next we learnt about fires. Fire Fighter Chris taught us how to STOP DROP and ROLL.

They talked to us about the importance of Fire Alarms and what to do if there is smoke in the house.  Ringing 000, was our reminder and Fireman Chris asked that we all learn our address, so the emergengy services know where to go.

Then we got to see the Fire Engine and learn about some of the equipment on the Truck.  It was very funny seeing some of our teachers hold and use different firefighting equipment.


We all felt a bit hot outside, learning about the truck, so they Fire Fighters gave us a quick sprinkle with the water.  Finally as the Fire Fighters left, they showed us the trucks lights and sirens. It was a fun, interesting and authentic way to learn about Fire Safety.

Thank you to all the Fire Fighters for their visit.  I am sure we all learnt something about Fire Safety, Fire Fighters and Fire Engines.