Fair is foul and foul is fair!

This term, CCC’s Company put on the production of Shakespeare’s, Macbeth! It was 3 thrilling nights of tension, excitement and witchcraft! Company teamed up with Hospitality Excellence to create a theatre restaurant experience that left you wanting more! The cast worked amazingly together and build solid relationships whilst also learning about planning, resourcing, directing and of course, acting! The whole cast worked extra hard to learn Iambic-pentameter of William Shakespeare’s plays and it was clear from the moment it started that the students sang in “Shakespearean”! Special mention to the ever talented, hilarious and sinister, Jaime who played a dazzling Macbeth and to the year 12s, Tia, Melina, and Alyssa; last Company show, well done! Congratulations to all cast members, it was a tremendously brilliant show!!

Cast is as follows:

Lady Macbeth – Tia, Macbeth – Jaime, Macduff – Elizabeth, Banquo – Kaiya, Witch – Lejandre, Witch – Melina, King Duncan – Isaac, Malcolm – Astrid, Ross – Alyssam, Lennox – Zoe , Murderer – Beatrix , Murderer – Ozzy, Narrator – Isabelle, Narrator – Anmol, Doctor – Rylan
Gentlewomen – Taylor, Chorus – Maya,  Chorus – Hollie,  Chorus – Manya, Chorus – Alisha