Facilities Announcements

I am delighted to announce to the community that the College will be a busy place over the Christmas-New Year break.  Principal Lisa Starmer was able to negotiate some significant developments for the College before commencing her leave, and I have been involved in project start-up meetings over the past fortnight in order to get things moving.  The following has been approved for action:

  • Refurbishment of the current Platypus (resources and Junior School Music) into a new Prep space.
  • Installation of three new demountables at the back of Kookaburra which will contain four new secondary classrooms and a new primary music space.
  • Major air conditioning installations to complete the school following the Minister’s recent announcement.  This should be ready early in the new year
  • In addition, Principal Lisa Starmer should be in a position to announce details of a new permanent building in the new year as a response to College growth and our burgeoning facilities needs.

This is a good outcome for the College and I am delighted to assist in these final weeks with getting these projects moving.  We are grateful to our P&C  Association President Leesa Mason, and School Council chair Mike Butler, who provided critical support in achieving this outcome.