Design Challenge

Over 4 weeks, 10 Year 5 students each from Algester Primary School, Sunnybank Hills Primary School and Calamvale Community College (CCC), participated in a Design Challenge. Students used the design process to re-design a product that meet the features of their design brief. In teams of 5 students unpacked the design brief and found themselves tasked with:

  • re-designing a product: either it’s function, appearance, materials or content,
  • appealing to target audience of 8-15 year olds of any context,
  • environmental friendly through: materials, manufacturing, transportation, endo of life disposal,
  • creating a prototype.

Students worked hard during each of the four, ninety minute workshops and back at school, in order to be able to demonstrate: the originality of their idea, creativity- through their idea, prototype and presentation, their collaboration and how their idea helped others (global competence).

The Design Challenge culminated in each team pitching their idea in both an informal and formal context to parents and teachers with informal conversations, demonstrations and a short presentation to the whole audience. The Design Challenge was facilitated by teachers from the Technology Faculty of CCC.