DARE to Ignite

DARE to Ignite – an opportunity for students to share their learning journey and actions they have taken to extend their learning beyond the classroom and a simple assessment task.  This was a calendar highlight for this term with students from Year 2 to 11 showcasing various aspects of their projects for the year.

Students spoke passionately, proudly and articulately to a wide audience in an interactive manner, demonstrating their confidence and knowledge and reflections.  There were groups demonstrating solar powered toy cars, recycling, simulated games, art from plastic, robots fighting, environmental advocacy projects and fundraisers, mental health awareness, art experimenting, a high tea and even a 4D dystopian experience (not for the faint-hearted!) based on the novel 1984.

This was an initiative for students to demonstrate their curriculum learning in PYP and APEX, EDGE and iTime projects, CAS and student leadership.  Thank you to the teachers, coordinators, HoPs and Deputy Principals who helped put this event together and the staff and families who attended and interacted with our students.   These young people are to be commended for being risk-takers, principled communicators.