Cultural Awards recognise our emerging talent

Every day, we aim to shape our students into unbridled artists who are curious, clever, and creative beyond all limits. The College offers the very best Arts experience for its secondary students, and at the end of the year we celebrate the efforts of our high achievers, strong leaders, and eager participators.

At the 2018 Cultural Awards Evening, we recognised those students who demonstrated exemplary cultural excellence and engagement across four art forms: visual arts, drama, music, and film.

Testament to the broad talent at Calamvale, 47 students received awards that commended their commitment and leadership, service to the College, and achievement in the Arts.

Exemplary students also received Rising Star and Encouragement awards that recognised their enthusiastic participation and potential for future excellence in art.

Congratulations to Bridgette Kedacic, the very deserving recipient of Creative Futures Award and Perpetual Trophy. Bridgette has been recognised for her talent and aptitude in creating outstanding artistic work at a consistent level while displaying service, dedication and commitment to her creative community and endeavours. Through her successes in film-making and musical performance, Bridgette has demonstrated that she is determined, passionate, and in possession of an extremely creative mind. We hope Bridgette continues to build herself as a supportive, intuitive and inspirational force within the wider artistic community.




We also congratulate our recipients of the Achievement in the Arts 2018 Melody Chen WAMCI Award Patricia Rosales and Mikayla Mason. Patricia and Mikayla have demonstrated their dedication and passion for the Arts unreservedly throughout the year and across multiple art forms. These students have led, performed in, and proudly represented the College across events both on and off campus – from musicals, choirs, concerts, assemblies, festivals, to other extracurricular events. We thank them for the time and concerted effort they have applied throughout the year to promote the Arts at Calamvale.