Connecting at Calamvale

Deep human connection is the purpose and result of a meaningful life. When we truly feel connected to something, it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity, and humanity.In 2019, Calamvale Community College is ensuring our students feel connected to our school, their community and each other through a number of key initiatives. First of all, students will meet with their ‘Connect Class’ each morning. This session was previously called ‘Advisory’, however, upon reflecting on our purpose, we decided that this time would be best spent connecting rather than advising. Each morning students will connect with each other and their teacher, which will ensure for calm entry to the school each morning. Students will regularly be given updates on their attendance, and will reflect and share strategies with their classmates.
Each fortnight, students will have an extended ‘Connect’ class where they will engage in Positive Education together focusing on developing their character strengths and being given the opportunity to discuss Emotions, Health, Purpose, Engagement and Relationships.

In 2019, students will also be encouraged to join our CAST (Clubs, Academic activities, Sports and Tutorials). These before school, lunch time and after school offerings are further opportunities for students to connect, collaborate and be creative. Connectedness to a school is what makes students want to attend school. Hence CAST is improving student attendance. CAST activities give students a place where they can catch up with friends, build respectful relationships with teachers and meet like-minded individuals in a safe and structured environment. CAST allows students to work with others, share new knowledge and solve problems in groups.
The theme for the student leadership team for 2019 is also ‘Connect’. The leadership team will be identifying opportunities for students to creatively connect with local and global communities in areas such as environment, social justice, well-being, health, sport and exercise. All Calamvale Community College students are encouraged to participate and contribute to leadership initiatives in our College.
As always, we want to connect with you, our parent community. It takes a village to raise a child, and we are so glad that you have entrusted your children and families by joining our community. Please see below for the many ways that you can stay connected and contribute to our College.
We look forward to a great year ahead.

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