Community Engagement and Wellbeing

To support parent engagement, we have put in place a number of processes which will assist us and you in tracking our students’ engagement, reporting their participation to parents/carers, monitor student welfare and provide us with feedback as to the quality of our lessons.

Following this email will be emails from both Sub-School Principals providing details specific to their school.  There will also be an IB email, tailoring this information to that course’s format and expectations. Our newsletter will provide all of this information in an easy to access format and will be sent out on Friday afternoon this week and again at the beginning of the school term.

In addition to the curriculum-based learning, it is our intention to provide separate information and activities that will support students’ mental health and wellbeing, engagement with others and in maintaining a positive attitude.  There will be Global Competence sessions available in Week 1 for secondary students and some wellbeing activities:  mindfulness, brainbreaks and positive education sessions for all students across the College.  We will build on these as the term progresses.  Year 11 and 12 will have access to QTAC preparation and career planning.