College’s Mobile Phone Policy update

We have now come to the end of the first school term of the College’s Mobile Phone Policy’s full implementation across Years 7 to 12. College staff have reported better engagement in classes, as well as more personal interaction between students outside of class time. There has also been a significant decrease in at-school online bullying issues. The positive impact of the Mobile Phone Policy to the culture of the school is heartening.

During the term, students have been given the opportunity to become accustomed to the ‘off and away’ approach when phones are visible and in use. All students are now fully aware of the College’s expectations around this through ongoing communication on an individual and whole-school level.

In Term 2, due to the common understanding around students not having phones out in any way, students seen with a phone in the playground will be instructed to hand it into Student Services until 2.30pm.  Student Services have mobile phone lockers and students will be given the key for the locker holding their phone. Failure to comply with this instruction will be managed by Deputy Principals and will be considered a serious non-compliance with school routines.

To clarify, students will be instructed to hand phones into Student Services when they are:

  • Using their phone
  • Listening to earpods, headphones, speakers as they are linked to a phone
  • Carrying a phone in their hand
  • Showing their phone in their top pocket

Phones must be ‘off and away’ at all times, except for use in the canteen. Teachers will apply the same process in the classroom environment, unless senior students have been given explicit permission to use phones in unique circumstances for an agreed period of time.

As has been communicated in previous letters and newsletter articles, students who hand in phones will personally place them in a locker and will be given a slip with the locker number, as well as the key. Only the mobile phone owner can access the phone. Phones can be collected after 2.30pm each day.

We appreciate the support of parents in the implementation of this policy, as a phone-free environment enhances learning and social interactions of our students.