Celebrating excellence in 2018

On Monday 29 October, we took pause during this immensely busy term to recognise the manifold successes of our most distinguished students. The 17th annual Academic Awards Night – one of my calendar highlights – celebrates the achievements of our Year 3 to Year 12 students.

In attendance at this ceremony was the Honourable Leanne Enoch, Minister of the Queensland Government and Member for Algester; Ms Crystal Lane representing Dr Jim Chalmers, Federal Member for Rankin; and Councillor Angela Owen, Councillor of Calamvale Ward.

The College has always embraced a culture of academic excellence and improvement. We support each and every one of our students as they strive to achieve their highest academic potential, all the while overcoming any challenges that may impede their journey. Our high achievers for this year deserve recognition, not only because of their academic successes, but because they exemplify fortitude and unwavering tenacity in the pursuit of excellence.

Foremost, Calamvale Community College extends its warmest congratulations to our 2018 College Dux Dona Sony. Testament to her comprehensive academic excellence, Dona has received subject awards for English, Chemistry, Physics, and Philosophy and Reason, and has finished at the top of her class across five subjects. Dona is a dedicated, hardworking and conscientious student whose successes are sure to continue well into the future.





We also congratulate Lawrence Liang, our Year 11 Dux, recipient of the UQ Create Change Achievement Award. With two subject awards in Mathematics B and Accounting, Lawrence has distinguished himself as one of our highest-performing international students. Lawrence has overcome

language barriers to demonstrate a mature and determined approach to his studies, and his genuine desire to learn sets a great example for his peers.

The diversity of our student population is reflected in the scope and breath of our academic achievement across subjects and disciplines. With the following three awards, the College recognises student excellence within various subjects and domains of learning, as well as the sustained commitment to furthering their education through university programmes and tertiary study.

Griffith Business Year 12 Program Award: Our high-achieving Year 12 Business students committed to additional study through Griffith University to further their education

n and broaden their knowledge of social entrepreneurship, employability, and innovation. We congratulate Donya, Daniel, and Shreya on their successful completion of this challenging program.

Donya Baharvand Year 12
Daniel Castaneda Year 12
Shreya Datt Year 12



Spirit of Boeing Award: Congratulations to Drew for his passion for aircraft maintenance and the wonder of flight, as well as extraordinary effort he applied in furthering his understanding of flight.

Drew Edwards Year 12




UQ Young Achievers Program Award: Well done to Mitchell, Humda, Dona, and Matthew for their ongoing participation and achievement in the University of Queensland scholarship programme that supports senior secondary students as they progress into tertiary programs. This support includes mentoring, significant financial assistance, and opportunities for personal growth and leadership development.

Mitchell Bell Year 12
Humda Zainab Year 12
Dona Sony Year 12
Matthew Butler Year 12




We also recognise the various ways in which our students contribute their own learning, our school, the wider community, and global causes through service and engagement. We thank our recipients for their commendable work ethic, persistence, and infectious spirit.

Bevan Faulkner Community Awards: Dakota, Tavpreet and Mikayla have been recognised for their willing and enthusiastic promotion of College activities and volunteer services, both within and beyond the classroom.

Dakota Long Upper Junior
Tavpreet Kaur Junior Secondary
Mikayla Mason Senior Secondary




Spirit of Brisbane Awards: We congratulate Tayla, Matthew and Haneen for their quiet achiever approach to volunteering, mentoring, or supporting other students, the community, or persons in need.

Tayla Davis Upper Junior
Matthew Butler Junior Secondary
Haneen Hawari Senior School


Work Ethic Awards: Cayden, Shonal, and Zane have been recognised as students with diverse learnin

g needs who have displayed a commendable work ethic and improved social skills.

Cayden Bear Upper Junior
Shonal Dutt Junior Secondary
Zane Moffett Senior School


Harry Moo Memorial Bursary Awards: We congratulate Jordan and Aarenn on their exemplary persistence, commitment, and determination in the pursuit of excellence across all endeavours.

Jordana Korhecz Year 12
Aarenn Tay Year 12


The College promotes leadership in all forms and capacities – our students proudly espouse our values both on and off campus, and strongly advocate on behalf of those they represent. We recognise not only our experienced student leaders, but also those who have been working tirelessly in unbadged leadership capacities.

Emerging Leaders Award: Congratulations to Connor, Mason, Sofia, Tavpreet, and Jordana for their invaluable passion, initiative, and leadership across a range of fields, including the arts, academia, and the Student Council.

Mason Gatehouse Junior Secondary
Jordana Korhecz Junior Secondary
Connor Andrews Senior Secondary
Tavpreet Kaur Senior Secondary
Sofia Juria Senior Secondary



Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Awards: Congratulations to Riley and Nathan for consistently displaying the qualities of leadership, teamwork, resourcefulness, cooperation, communication, community involvement and problem solving.

Riley O’Hara Year 10
Nathan Joinbee Year 12





In the increasingly globalised world we live in, it is vital that our students maintain an international perspective across all their endeavours, one that is informed by compassion, ethical practice, and unequivocal respect for all individuals. We celebrate those students who demonstrate commendable international mindedness and engagement.

International Student Community Engagement Award: Congratulations to

Kien, a conscientious international student who has significantly contributed to the improvement of our College and community through hi leadership and s


Kien Tran Year 12


IB Diploma Student of the Year Award: We congratulate Te Aika, who exemplifies the IB philosophy by being principled in her work ethic, reflective of her learning, curious about a range of topics, and caring towards her classmates.

Te Aika Barriball-Schmidt Year 12






The learning journey our students embark upon is not always smooth or easy. It takes a great deal of grit and determination to power ahead past the obstacles that come between us our goals. As such, we recognise and congratulate our students on their hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Caltex Best All-Rounder Awards: Congratulations to Matthew, who has demonstrated the highest level of commitment to doing his best in all pursuits and excelling across academic studies, sport, community service, conduct, attitude and leadership.

Matthew Tsimpikas Year 12





Dr Jim Chalmers Award: Congratulations to Hashrina, who has modelled perseverance and determination by overcoming significant challenges to complete Year 12 and continue on to tertiary education.

Hashrina Kaio Year 12


I would like to extend my final congratulations to all our award recipients – thank you for enriching Calamvale Community College with your excellence, tenacity, diligence, generosity, and your overwhelmingly positive approach to learning. I wish you all the best in your future studies and endeavours.