Calligraphy workshop with Taiwanese artist

On 18 September, our Junior School Art Club and Year 9 LOTE students were lucky enough to participate in two calligraphy workshop lead by Kuo Hsiang-Ling – a prolific and highly respected calligraphist renowned both within Taiwan and internationally. Kuo maintains a distinguished reputation and has been invited to participate in exhibitions held across France, It

aly, and Canada, instruct students in the Philippines, and take up an honorary director position in Hong Kong.
During these workshops, our students seized the opportunity to dabble in calligraphy, develop new artistic competencies, and broaden their cultural mindedness.
Our students gained an appreciation for the historical and cultural significance of calligraphy, as well as the technical prowess required to accentuate the beauty of handwriting with only a brush, ink, and paper.
These workshops were organised specifically with our young students in mind, which is testament to the multidisciplinary and international connections the College maintains.

Kuo Hsiang-Ling has come to Brisbane to exhibit her calligraphy at the Chun Tian Art Gallery in Priestdale from 15 September to 10 November. The exhibition – titled “Colour and Ink” – showcased the distilled purity, tranquillity, power and vista of Kuo’s oeuvre.