Calamvale Wolves News

The Calamvale Wolves have now selected their 2021 High Performance Sporting squads for Volleyball, Futsal, Basketball and Netball. This is truly an exciting moment in sport for the College. These squads are the first in our new era of sport and are already preparing for upcoming tournaments. We have our Volleyball squads attending Sandstorm Beach Volleyball Complex to prepare for the Volleyball Queensland Beach Cup. We have 12 teams entering this tournament which will likely have CCC as the highest entered team. We also have six Futsal squads who are preparing for the Brisbane Metro All-School Futsal Tournament to be held at Nissan Arena and Oxley Futsal Club. Our Netball girls have been travelling to Nissan Arena to train in a elite facility, and will soon be joined by Queensland Firebirds players for specialist coaching. Finally our Basketball squads are in the early stages of preparation for their CBSQ Tournaments later in the year by travelling to Hibiscus Sports Complex. Our Varsity Boys will also be entering the United Sports League in term 2 which is a Monday afternoon tournament.

Our new training jerseys and training attire through elite company BLK are being ordered this week and we cannot wait to see our teams rocking their new stylish look.