Building resilient students and a safer community

Recently, we documented and represented the “Bullying. No Way.” framework.  I encourage you to familiarise yourself this process, accessible through Junior School classroom teachers, Secondary School Heads of House, House Leaders, or administration via:  Please work with the College in this process to modify inappropriate behaviour, and understand that due to privacy constraints, we cannot discuss specific student matters.  As always, we seek to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all students, to implement skills and strategies to build resilience, and to produce consistently appropriate and acceptable behaviour. Please report concerns early and help us ensure that our community is inclusive, accepting and supportive.

Social media use and video recording – your vigilance is required

As social media becomes part and parcel of daily life, we are finding that students are increasingly falling short of our expectations about recording and distributing video footage of the school, other students, and events.  The College rules are very clear – students are not permitted to film each other whilst at school.  Any social media posting with footage of students at school during the school day, or after school in uniform, is a breach of privacy, is not permitted, and will result in suspension in most circumstances. What one student finds acceptable, another does not.  Filming fights escalates the situation. The length of time that footage is public is irrelevant – through means such as taking screenshots or downloading and re-uploading, videos can remains in circulation despite the original video timing out or being removed. The College has addressed this numerous times and will continue to do so.  What students post on social media – providing privacy settings restrict public visibility –  are not of concern to the College unless presented as evidence of bullying.

Please discuss this with your students and make sure that they are aware of the penalties. Your vigilance around this matter is appreciated.  The College’s Responsible Behaviour Plan can be viewed at: