Become a Barista Competition

Calamvale Community College recently participated in the annual Become a Barista Competition at Tim Adams Speciality Coffee in Salisbury. The entrants are judged on their ability to prepare and serve six espresso based coffees to industry standard within a 10 minute period. In preparation for the event, the students attended a training session with professional baristas where they learnt latte art and worked with the 3 Trees training team to design their Signature Beverages that had to be espresso based, iced, black and fruit infused which was quite a challenge.
We are very pleased to announce that the students embraced the challenge at hand and attained great success on the day receiving:

Excellent performance (GOLD): Ella-Louise Merrigan
Very good performances (SILVER): Saige Amos & Ella Nolan
Best espresso (sensory): Ella-Louise Merrigan
Best Signature beverage (sensory): Saige Amos
We look forward to continuing to watch the students develop their barista skills. You can sample their espressos’ in 3 Trees Restaurant & Café on most Fridays.
Congratulations again to Ella, Ella & Saige!