Athletics Racing down the track!

We have reached the end of our carnival season, which has come early this year due to the games being held in Darwin in July. Boree have triumphed in the Junior School and we had a wonderful turn out of students dressed in their yellow, green, red and blue. Mr Loriaux was on the microphone and had those competitors racing for their events. The cheers and the warcries of Junior School were amazing as was the attendance of so many parents there to see their children race. Please find a delightful compilation of pictures celebrating the day.
Congratulations Boree – your participation was excellent and you won the day!

Secondary School have also completed most of the athletics carnival with just a few events still to run, so no results yet – although I think perhaps Boree is looking good for a clean sweep – we’ll have to wait and see. The students had a really high level of participation in events and I know Cobar was particularly well represented. There were several long standing records broken, among them:


Age Event Name New record Old record
15 Javelin Mitchell Chowdhury 41.80m 39.08 (2004)
12 Javelin Menaya Bell 18.70m 14.60m (2005)
15 Javelin Tiana Richards 36.29m 23.71 (2007)
16 Discus  Moana Pearse 28.09m 26.81 (2005)
13 Long Jump Juni Pullen 4.94m 4.93m (2015)
15 Long Jump Shareef Mwechiwa 5.83m 5.64m (2010)
16 Long Jump Zak Lewis 5.78m 5.69m(2010)
12 Long Jump Nekeisha Ngaru 3.93m 3.70m (2002)
15 Long Jump Tiana Richards 4.90m 4.40m (2004)
14 Shot put Jericho Fozefau-Strickland 11.55m 11.18m (2011)
16 Shot put Brigham Alofipo 13.24m 12.90m (2005)
12 Shot put Pania Haeriti 10.35m 8.45m (2002)
15 Shot put Tiana Richards 11.57m 9.14m (2012)
16 Shot put Moana Pearse 9.66m 9.48m (2005)
17 Shot put Sophie Vercoe 9.37m 9.05m (2006)
13 Triple Jump Ryan Gilder 9.20m
15 Triple Jump Shareef Mwechiwa 10.90m
16 Triple Jump Levi Clare 11.51m
17 Triple Jump Caleb Tettey 11.90m
16 Triple Jump Fanta Aruna 9.16m

Congratulations to all students who achieved their personal best times, heights or distances, to our record breakers and to our age champs (yet to be announced but many of you know who you are) Across the College – well done!