Athlete Development Program steps it up!

On the 18-20 November Students from the College’s Athlete Development Program participated in a Sports Leadership Camp facilitated by the BLK Performance Centre located at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast.
The group of year 7- 9 ADP students left the College after a sequence of Fitness Tests and headed down to participate in a variety of Physical and Sporting Challenges.

Whether it was the early start for an aerobic run, stepping up to compete in a Aquathon race, having fun at the night games, working hard at Group Fitness training or a simple message of motivation to inspire and reframe beliefs… Our Students Stepped Up!
A big thank you to the ADP Staff who supported the students over the three days of Camp.
Some Quotes from Camp…
“I learned Camp wasn’t just about Sport, but what it does to us as a whole. Not only physically improving myself, but also improving my friendships along the way too”- Year 8 ADP Student Sophiea Loquias

“The food was mint” – Year 8 ADP student Zeke Byrne
“Camp not only helped improve our physical skills but also helped develop and strengthen our mindset and social awareness/skills. It helped grow you, not just as a developing athlete but also as a human being”. – Year 8 ADP student Casey Meadow
Camp was the highlight of the year. It was amazing experience that improved my physical and mental state. I really enjoyed it and I truly hope that we can do it again”. – Year 7 ADP Student Jordan Anthony
…”Lots of Opportunities to show Leadership”. – Year 9 ADP Student Ryan Butler
“Camp was good I liked riding the bike”. Year 9 ADP Student William France.