APEX Graduation Dinner

On Wednesday 20 November, the APEX team were very proud to celebrate our graduating class of Year 9 students. Throughout the three year program, students have proven to be curious, creative and reflective thinkers who are ready to take on the challenges of senior. The audience enjoyed viewing a photo montage highlighting many fond memories of our APEX students’ journey together including excursions, incursions, inquiry opportunities and learning that extended beyond the classroom. It was evident that during their time together the students have formed close friendships, something which has provided a supportive network of like-minded peers.

Parents and students also enjoyed the DARE to Ignite displays showcasing classroom work as well as entrepreneurial ventures the students designed. This exemplified the students’ capacity to apply higher order thinking skills and reflect upon how they can make a difference in their community locally and globally. Following their graduation, students and teachers enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner at De Sette Soldi. The dinner had a wonderful ambiance and it was certainly special to be able to celebrate at one of our APEX student’s family-run business.

We wish our students the very best of luck in their senior studies and have no doubt that they will continue to achieve outstanding results. We are proud to report that in 2020 we will have two new Year 7 APEX classes beginning. Our current Year 9 students have set an exceptional example and maintained high standards of achievement throughout their studies. This has proven to be very motivating for our younger students striving for academic excellence.