A year of musical success capped off with Music Fest

Our young musicians have shone brightly at an interschool music competition, Queensland Prestige Music Fest, held 13 and 31 October at Calamvale CPAC. Music Fest aims to provide an environment where excellence in performance and music education can be celebrated, and students can benefit from expert adjudication and critique.

Ensembles are judged on three criteria: (1) their musicianship, which relates to their responsiveness to style, expressiveness and artistic rendering of the composer’s intention; (2) their technique, including intonation, production, accuracy and skill level; and (3), their presentation and selection of an appropriate repertoire.

To meet such comprehensive criteria, our students have worked hard all year, rehearsing every week.

Three Year 7 students thoroughly enjoyed the experience:

“We received a Gold award in Music Fest which was an amazing experience. This is a reminder to all of us on how our efforts and hard work paid off well. We believe we achieved this with teamwork and dedication.” Phoebe Gordon

“I had an exciting journey throughout the year as being part of the Calamvale Instrumental Music Program. Receiving a Gold Award in Music Fest was a major achievement in the Crescendo Orchestra.” Jafe Ogabang

“Music Fest was a memorable experience! Getting feedback on our performance that day really helped to improve and extend our skills as a team. Meeting the music composer Steven Chin was eye-opening and receiving the award from him was truly unforgettable.  Being part of the Calamvale College Music Program in 2018 is a golden opportunity that no one would like to miss. It is wonderful to be part of the team and see everyone grow individually and as a team.” Dain Sony

Despite most of our Corelli Junior Strings students competing for the first time, this talented ensemble won a Silver Award. Our Crescendo Senior Strings were amazing and earned a Gold Award. Our Junior and Senior Bands were also rewarded for their hard work with two Silver Awards.

The adjudicator commented on the well-suited repertoire chosen by our students, as well as their good dynamic range and attention paid to the conductor.

The College capped off a year of fine music-making and joyful performance with the Instrumental Music Awards Night on 23 October.