A peek into the life of an EALD teacher

Hello there! My name is Meila (Ms Wang) and I am an EALD teacher at Calamvale Community College. If you didn’t know, EALD stands for English as an Additional Language/Dialect. Hence, my job is to teach students who do not speak English as their first language.


Being an Australian born Chinese myself, I completely understand the challenges and difficulties that come with learning a secondary language. More than that, I’ve learned to find true love and joy in being immersed in such a culturally diverse country and now, workplace. Calamvale Community College is a true representation of a multicultural Australia – we have students from all nations and cultures!


Every day, I get to come to work and interact with international students, students from immigrant families and even refugee families, too. My heart is filled daily being able to learn about these wonderfully colourful cultures! One of my favourite parts of this job is being able to hear stories from students about their countries, hometowns, cultural foods, dances, music, dress and even jokes. Being an EALD teacher is such a blissful and rewarding job, especially when I see my students break down those tricky language and cultural barriers.


I encourage you to join me on this exciting journey.