A peek into life as an International Captain

Year 6 student Linda (Yiting) Jiang is our one of our International Captains for 2018. At Calamvale Community College, our International Captains have been chosen as representatives for the both our long-term international student population. In this capacity, Linda mentors new international students, assists with orientation to school life, organises lunch and out-of-school activities, facilitates language assistance tutorials or clubs, and helps to involve our international students in on-campus events.

What sort of responsibilities do you hold as an International Captain?

Some responsibilities I hold as an International Captain include welcoming international students visiting our school and attending, participating and organising evens like the Multicultural Festival and other Student Council events. My weekly responsibilities include raising the flags, going to Student Council meetings and helping with assemblies.

What have been some key events for you as Captain?

Some key events for me as a captain are meeting the international students and most importantly, the Multicultural Festival. The Multicultural Festival really stood out to me because it was a huge event and everyone was able to share things about their culture.

How do you connect with the international student population of CCC?

I connect with the international students by welcoming them and communicating with them. They share things about their culture, and I can share and talk about what we do.

What does being a good leader mean to you?

To me, being a good leader means being responsible and doing what you are supposed to do. Initiative is most important because a good leader has to take action without being told. I believe that leaders are chosen because they don’t just do what’s been told, but also take initiative to make a positive change without being reminded.

What are some of the benefits of being a School Captain?

One benefits of being a school captain is that I am in the Student Council, which means that I can work closely with other captains and representatives to organise events and make changes.