A Message of Congratulations to 2021 Captains and Ambassadors from the College Principal

Each year I have the privilege of acknowledging and congratulating our student leaders for the year ahead. Our Senior Leaders, four school captains and four ambassadors are now half way through their journey as the Junior School leaders join them today .

“Article 12, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child says that Every child and young person under 18 years of age has the right to participate and have their opinions included in decision-making processes that relate to their lives.”

Children are experts in their own lives and experiences. We work collaboratively with children and young people because it is their right to be heard on decisions affecting them and they can provide advice and valuable insight into how their rights can best be protected and fulfilled. Participation is one of the guiding principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and a specifically protected right.

Every child has the right to dreams and the right for them to come true
Help pay more for stopping deadly viruses
Help children in third world countries
People should stand up for their rights

Along with rights come responsibilities – in order to have a say, you have to have a voice and be willing to make it heard. You are well aware of what is happening in the lives of children around you, sometimes this is unknown to adults present such as teachers. Children were aware of children in their friendship groups, schools and communities who were experiencing abuse, neglect, violence, discrimination, bullying, poverty and mental illness, to name just a few issues. You want more ways to lead action to tackle these different issues, with the support of adults, instead of the other way around. Children and young people, YOU are active citizens. Despite not always having direct mechanisms to express their opinions on decisions made by the Government, you are highly engaged on local, domestic and international issues. Sometimes you are worried that adults and decision-makers were not planning for an equitable and sustainable future and that you will be the ones to deal with the future repercussions of delayed action on issues such as climate change, conflict, universal education and poverty.

You are dedicated to equality and believe that if all people were treated equally and given equal opportunity, this would address the root cause of many issues you see in society.
Congratulations to our new team

Junior School Captains – Arjav Rabari, Hannah Marsden, Junior School Vice Captains – Amber Sangha, Kayden Gunn and International Captain Charlene Chen

College Captains – Erica Ventura, Rabia Farooq, Disha Rabari and Raha Foroughi, House Ambassadors – Bella Brady, Maryam Rezayi, Ronan Masn and Connor Andrews

So Leadership Team of 2021, I think you know exactly what you want to do this year. I think you have vision and agency. I think across the world your generation is mobilizing and I look forward to following you as you stand up for what you believe in and you ensure that what you believe in, exists here at CCC, happens here at CCC, shines here at CCC – reflecting you and your dreams. Have a great year leadership team of 2021, the first of the decade – Go Team Calamvale!