3lements Multisport Club donation

Calamvale Community College has graciously accepted a large donation of sporting resources and outdoor equipment from the 3lements Multisport Club, a local triathlon training organisation. After ceasing operations in March, the members of this club chose to donate their physical assets to the College. For the club, the College was at the top of the recipient list, as many of the club’s members were former students of the school. The club’s donation comprised a set of ten road bikes, tents, indoor trainers, swimming equipment, and a trailer (pictured). The club initially obtained these assets as a part of a community grant that focused on local road safety.

The College awarded Certificates of Appreciation to Hazel Edwards and Kerry Lee members who donated the resources (pictured) in recognition of their service to the school. Calamvale Community College anticipates that these resources will be used by their students in the Athlete Development Program, an excellence program that aims to cultivate student success through sports and physical activity.