Dancing with the Stars

500 Junior School students danced the night away at the P&C Disco. Congratulations and thank you to Mrs Leesa Mason and the P&C for a wonderfully successful disco this month. This was the largest event of its kind for quite some years. P&C raised over $4000 towards the further air-conditioning of our College and we are excited to be able to progress this initiative.

There was food and drinks and staff joined the tinsel and glitter as our youngest students sped around the dancefloor, and expended enormous amounts of energy on a Saturday night. Our very cool and beautifully decked out Upper Juniors, then took over the space and had a wonderful evening. The venue in secondary school was great and the LEOs Club added to the atmosphere with games to keep everyone occupied.

CCC community really wants to pass on our thanks to the P&C team and their many helpers, who did a fabulous job and made the night so enjoyable. Thanks to the staff who attended as well, they to enjoyed the opportunity to see the students partying, dancing and celebrating each others’ company.