2022 Leadership Investiture

Having had such a disrupted Term 1 with assemblies cancelled and limited classroom face to face time and no school assemblies possible, we took the opportunity to celebrate our 2022 Student Leadership Investiture with parents at a night time event.



Congratulations to all of our young leaders whose work has been underway for more than six months but whose elections we have not been able to celebrate.  As well as our Senior Secondary and Junior School leaders, this year we have Junior Secondary Leaders in Year 9.  There is a hectic schedule of events in place for terms 2 and 3 and we are all excited for the increased House Spirit that these events will encourage.  We have a Leadership Camp in the first week of May and it looks like it will be a very busy three days with plans in development, team building challenges and leadership development.

Lions Youth of the Year

All of our senior leaders prepared for this prestigious public speaking competition. Covid stopped one then two participations and Tia Grewal and Basel Fayoumi won the first-round public speaking and overall.  Basel then took CCC from strength to strength attending two more rounds, winning both categories in the first and finally conceding to another student in the third.  Our leaders, as always, made us very proud.


Leaders Visit to Parliament House

Minister Enoch invited the leaders to Parliament House and they were treated to a wonderful tour, thoroughly enjoyed by all and then a very special privilege of lunch in ‘The Strangers’ function room complete with silver service.  Minister Enoch ten showed the leaders her parliamentary office and as you can see everyone looked very impressed.  Many thanks Minister for the time taken to make this a really special day.