2021 Senior Pathways

As we approach the end of the first year of the new ATAR system (only 14 weeks before external exams) and as we prepare for our current Year 9 and 10 students to enter that system, we are preparing to share our learnings with both parents and students. The following information and further detail will be shared with parents and students at our information nights in term 3.
Every year 100% of our seniors graduate with a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). The QCE remains with us however it has become more complex to calculate. For students enrolled in ATAR subjects, mathematics and science results are dependent upon external exams for 50% of the grades achieved by students and Humanities for 25% of their grades. Schools can no longer reliably calculate whether students will have accrued sufficient points to effectively secure the QCE. Applied subjects are more predictable however Essential Maths and English still have an external exam component. In addition, the points accrued by certificates towards QCE and ATAR have changed, as has the rank-entrance to tertiary institutions of certificates and diploma level qualifications.
The more certainty our students can have about their subject selection, the more likely they are to achieve successful outcomes in Year 12. The more likely they are to secure their QCE and the next stage of their learning or work life. To that end, we are offering our students entering years 10 and 11, dedicated pathways instead of a collection of subjects. These pathways will lead students toward their chosen fields of employment via tertiary study, TAFE/certification or directly to work.
At next term’s Information Evenings for Years 9 and 10, five pathways will be presented to students.

In order to deliver these pathways, we require a more flexible day structure. We are proposing a flexible timetable one day a week.  This will provide a more personalised learning program.  On the flexible day, IB and ATAR students will operate on a traditional timetable with High Level subject study opportunities for the IB stream.

Students studying diploma and certificate courses will use this day to access their courses through our registered training organisations or through CCC delivery of modules.

Students enrolled in TAFE or traineeship will be encouraged to attend these sites on this day, although there is some flexibility, in doing so students will avoid missing four subject classes and being required to complete the work outside of school time and without direct teacher support.

Below is the proposed combinations of subjects that will deliver our best options for our students.

There is much more to discuss and questions to be asked.  All of this will occur in term 3 as we endeavour to provide a more responsive learning program for our senior students.