2020 Year 12 Formal Information

We can now confirm that the formal will be held at CCC and will be an amazing ‘one of a kind’ event.  As we prepare bookings for flooring, furniture and very impressive room-conversion decorations, we will keep you informed.

There are still rumours, the latest being that the tickets will cost $200.  As I wrote in the email home to parents on June 9, the College will seek to subsidise this event.  The ticket price will remain the same although there will be no family photos. The tickets are normally approximately $140 and the students have fund-raised to reduce this cost, this year is unlikely to be any different.

The Year 12 formal will go ahead on Thursday night August 13th, although Rydges is unable to host our senior cohort in a manner that will allow the students to enjoy the event, due to restrictions. CCC will subsidise the formal so that we may hold a very elegant event in the gym, which will be unrecognisable with wall screens, and props. This is a one-off for 2020 which has been a particularly difficult year for the seniors. Unfortunately, whilst there will be a photographer for the students and a photo booth, we cannot have family photos due to the crowding – so these should be arranged prior to arrival. We will have the car parade but no pre-formal event as we cannot use share plates, drinks or allow gathering of adults. Information will continue to be made available via email to Year 12 families.