2020 College Leaders


After an extensive nomination process that involved an application form, a presentation to their peers on assembly plus an interview and vote, our 2020 College and International Captains were announced a few weeks ago.  Congratulations to the following students:


Secondary College Captains: Kayla Tafe, Eunice Oyet, Patrick Brian-Nillson and Jack Semini

Kayla Tafe

Eunice Oyet

Patrick Brian-Nillson

Jack Semini

Junior School Captains: Brendan Sander and Batoul Soliman

Brandan Sander

Batoul Soliman

Junior School Vice Captains: Laura Braitling and Hannah Marsden

Laura Braitling

Hannah Marsden

Junior School International Captain: Jasbaani Dhillon

Jasbaani Dhillon


We look forward to your leadership, projects and legacy in 2020.