2020 Academic Success

As well as being some of our best champions of the values of this College we have ever graduated.  As well as being respectful and responsible, which most students achieve as they pass into senior years, this group have taken resilience and initiative to another level and have been rewarded with outstanding results and a very positive outlook on life.  The cohort who began our Prep year, graduated Junior School in Year 6 and commenced Secondary School in Year 7, faced new senior system, the first year of external exams in both ATAR and IB Diploma.  They were our first group to really embrace the Diploma of Business as a university pathway and they enrolled in certification and work readiness programs with enthusiasm.

Above ATAR score of 90

including IB students

OP equivalent 5 20% of eligible students
IB scores above 33 OP equivalent 5 20% of IB students
Above ATAR score of 75 OP equivalent 10 80% of eligible students
Above ATAR score of 65 OP equivalent 15 90% of eligible students
Diploma of Business Equivalent 82-87 ATAR University Entry 23 completed
Achievement of QCE Pending additional results 88% of students currently

Whilst the ATAR students had an internal assessment item removed, which may or may not have been beneficial in the end, the IB students had an even closer level of scrutiny with all internal assessments being externally marked.  Our 2020 cohort, their resilience and their initiative have given us one of our best academic years.  All of our IB students have enrolled in university, as have our ATAR and Diploma students who chose this career pathway.  Our Certificate of Education results were reflective of all students’ hard work and we applaud their efforts and their triumphs.  We are so proud of the achievements of our students and their subsequent pathways into careers and work.

CCC has continued our upward trajectory of achievement with a dual focus on graduating students who are ready to be changemakers and citizens of the world with an eye for the perspectives of others and a passion for celebrating and embracing diversity.  For CCC, 2020 truly was, in the best way, unprecedented.