Congratulations and Happy Holidays

2020 was always going to be year of firsts, as our seniors graduated the International Baccalaureate Diploma for the first time and our ATAR students negotiated external exams also for the first time and then we ran into the pandemic.  So in addition to those first, we have cancelled just about every event in our school calendar and toggled between face to face and learning@home for all of our students from Prep to 12.  We have learned to wash our hands and social distance and many of our regular routines and practices have been changed for the foreseeable future.

From a positive perspective, we have all become very capable in a digital learning world.  We have found ways of staying connected through virtual parades and zoom meetings and our students have continued to collaborate both inside our College and online.  We have shared arts performances by the teachers, who could forget ‘Footloose’ and beamed our Students of the Month home through SeeSaw and Youtube.

The strong sense of care in our community has been evident as parents, teachers and students have supported each other with messages of appreciation and kindness.  Our students led Kindness Week across the College and had those messages into tangible signs which was heartwarming.

My sincere thanks to our whole staff team, admin, teachers, support staff, teacher aides and cleaning staff – we could not have journeyed through this semester without our strong team.    Many thanks to parents and carers as well and to our students for their resilience in difficult times.  We hope that you enjoy the holidays without the burden of learning@home, I know the staff are looking forward to the two weeks.

Take care, stay safe,


Principal’s News

Term 3 and Covid-19 Restrictions

As we emerge from the most severe of the Covid-19 restrictions, some of our procedures will be reduced and others will have to remain in place. From July 10th much of the responsibility for the Covid-19 restrictions will rest with the College. Where we can provide the correct social distancing, we will run events for the students. The use of an RSVP process will underpin our management of the number of people at any event.

There is a new calendar up on the website and below are some of the highlights and the thinking behind the decision to run particular events:

Both athletics and cross country carnivals have been missed and there are no state level competitions. We are endeavouring to run a ‘competitors’ only event for students who train for these sports. This will provide event times for those students who require them for non-school ‘meets’ as well as an experience for our Year 12s for whom this is the last set of school carnivals.

Assemblies will return to the school calendar for both secondary and junior schools, but not for the whole college.

Awards nights, performances and exhibitions are postponed at this stage and will not occur in term 3. Where it is possible there will be virtual displays of art and live streamed or pre-recorded performances. The students will be able to attend performances as it is only the parents and staff for whom we have to provide social distance. If we are not able to host over 500 people for an event this year, we will seek to postpone the awards ceremonies to the beginning of 2021 unless there is another solution.

Parent-teacher interviews and student –led conferencing will be postponed and instead phone interviews will be held. Where appropriate meetings will be held using Microsoft Teams as a virtual facility.


Year 9 and Year 10 Senior Pathways parent information and SET planning nights will be held in the gym, with appropriate social distancing, which may feel a little sparse but we have the space and technology to do this. These will be advertised this week and held in weeks 1 and 2 of Term 3. There will be ATAR, Certificate and Diploma sessions as well as IB sessions using CPAC for the smaller group.

The Year 12 formal will go ahead on Thursday night August 13th, although Rydges is unable to host our senior cohort in a manner that will allow the students to enjoy the event, due to restrictions. CCC will subsidise the formal so that we may hold a very elegant event in the gym, which will be unrecognisable with wall screens, and props. This is a one-off for 2020 which has been a particularly difficult year for the seniors. Unfortunately, whilst there will be a photographer for the students and a photo booth, we cannot have family photos due to the crowding – so these should be arranged prior to arrival. We will have the car parade but no pre-formal event as we cannot use share plates, drinks or allow gathering of adults. Information will continue to be made available via email to Year 12 families.

Elsewhere in this newsletter is the publication of my letter to our local representatives regarding our on-going traffic problems. Due to the tight spaces around the Prep building and the confluences of paths around the Year 1 classrooms, we will continue the LookOut program for term 3. Parents will be welcome to park and queue for their students.

CCC visit to Hangzhao Dong Fang High School

In November 2019, representatives from Calamvale Community College had the pleasure of visiting Hangzhao Dong Fang High School in China through EQI. During the visit the Secondary School Principal and Head of Program (Teaching and Learning) shared practices with our Chinese and other International Colleagues through workshops, cultural tours and many other amazing experiences.

The welcome and hospitality of the staff at Hangzhao Dong Fang High School were highlights of the visit. Principal Lee guided us through a tour of the school, which showcased the impressive facilities, the students and the culture of the school. The immaculate grounds of the school include beautiful gardens, and extensive facilities for the boarding students of this school. Through the grounds, there are reminders of the vision and philosophy of the school in both Chinese and English, reminding students to achieve their best through effort, persistence and positive attitude.

During our workshops, we worked with teachers from international backgrounds, sharing expertise of the Queensland Senior Curriculum and pedagogy in Australian and Chinese school settings. These highly interactive professional exchanges helped us to appreciate how Chinese students approach learning in the Queensland Curriculum, as well as sharing processes and experiences to support the teaching, learning and assessment of the curriculum.

Whilst we were at the school, we immersed ourselves as many aspects of school life as possible, from eating local Hangzhao food in the school canteen, to running with the students during their morning exercise session. Seeing a school cafeteria menu which included Bullfrog and Duck Feet as menu items was an experience, and very tasty! We were very impressed by the spirit of the students during the daily exercise, and pride and responsibility taken by each class for the cleanliness of the learning environment.

Not only were we able to experience and share the life of Hangzhao Dong Fang School, but our hosts kindly guided us through the sights, food and experiences of Hangzhao. Experiencing Hangzhao food and the sights of area was a highlight of the visit! We ate street food and local delicacies on our first day in Hangzhao along the banks of the Grand Canal. Hot Pot was definitely a favourite, with different types of meat, mushrooms and lotus. We attended banquets which featured a huge variety of local dishes, including stinky tofu, jellyfish and deep fried lotus, and we learned how to eat fresh local crab the Hangzhao way!

Our visit to Hangzhao included many famous local sights. A night cruise down the Grand Canal deepened our appreciation for the history and ingenuity of the Chinese people, and the beauty of the canal banks. Visiting West Lake, a famous scenic spot by night was also a highlight. We would also like to thank our hosts for taking us to the Lingyin Scenic area, with its ancient temple and Zen Buddhist statues, and for introducing us to the varieties of local tea during the tea ceremony.

Thanks to EQI, we returned to Calamvale Community College with a heightened appreciation, not only for Chinese culture and food, but also for the perspective of Chinese students studying in our College. As a school with a significant number of students from mainland China who come to study at our school, this visit has helped us to appreciate and better understand how our students must feel when they first arrive at our College. Through this visit, we have developed a greater connection to China and to the experiences of our Chinese students.

Supporting Our Students Mastering English

At CCC we welcome international students of all ages. We recognise that the English language needs are very different, and we have a team of eight caring and experienced educators to support students to make the progress they need to be successful in all subjects.

Making friends with their English-speaking  class-mates, and engaging in regular lessons are all excellent ways of improving English through immersion. However, we also recognise the importance of students receiving dedicated English language lessons, where they learn vocabulary, grammatical structures and broader language skills.

On entry to the school, all students receive a language assessment to determine their level in each of the macro-skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). Students are assigned a bandscale level (1-6) to ensure that they receive targeted support according to their specific needs.

In the Junior School (Prep to Year 6), students are withdrawn from their mainstream classes to receive very small group (8 max) English lessons. These lessons run 2-5 times a week, depending on the bandscale level. In Year 5 and Year 6, the aim of the lessons is to prepare students for entry into secondary school. Two afternoons a week, after school, we run a Support Club where EALD stduents can attend to receive additional support to complete homework. This is particularly beneficial where parents have limited English to help their children at home.

In the Junior Secondary School (Year 7 to Year 9), EALD students are allocated to a smaller class (max 20) and engage in lessons taught by specialist maths, science and English teachers who are also enthusiastic teachers of language. A teacher aide also supports students in these classes. These classes allow students to learn English language through the content of the subject. Lessons are challenging in content, but scaffolded in language use. Progress in bandscale levels are closely tracked, to ensure that students are prepared for Senior years. Two afternoons a week, after school, we offer additional assignment and homework support at EALD Club.

In the Senior School (Year 10-12), students are supported through their chosen pathway. International Baccalaureate offer lessons in Chinese A (first language) and English B (additional language). We also offer English as an Additional Language as an ATAR subject (university ranking), and we provide in-class support to students who choose Essential English as their pathway. We aso encourage stduents to study their mother tongue through Distance Education courses where possible. Senior EALD students can also take advantage of an array of tutorials and after school support.

Throughout their time at Calamvale Community College, our international students feel well supported in their English and they make very good progress. Ultimately, our aim is that students confidently and successfully access the curriculum, eventually without support needed.  We find our younger students learn English very quickly and within 2-3 years no longer need any additional help. This is very rewarding for us.

Tips to Improve English

Read books, comics and English websites

Watch TV programmes and movies with English subtitles turned on

Make friends with English-speaking class-mates – arrange play-dates and activities at the weekend

Older students should be encouraged to live with an Australian family

Listen to English-spoken music

Keep a notebook to write all new vocabulary you learn throughout the day – and then try and use the new words yourself as quickly as possible.


In Term Three all APEX students will be participating in the world-renowned ICAS Assessments. The assessments allow students to extend themselves academically and take up the personal challenge of competing in an international assessment.

APEX applicants for Year 7 2021 have recently sat the ACER Cognitive Abilities (CogAT) test on Saturday 13th June and in Week 10 will attended interviews. The APEX team wish to acknowledge the high standards of applications received this year and are looking forward to meeting individually with all applicants.

In Term Three Year 9 APEX students will discuss how the strong foundation of skills and habits built in APEX could lead them to experience success in the two streams of senior secondary that prepare students for tertiary education. Students will discuss the unique university pathway, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, that is available at Calamvale Community College.

Join LEO Club

Leos are young people who want to make a difference. Aged between 11 and 18 years, Leos are the youngest members of Lions Clubs International. They get together to deliver projects that will help to make the world a better place- one step at a time! Past projects include: refugee food donations, working with the Mater Hospital, breast cancer care packages, cash and resource donations to families in our community, bake sales, sponsoring Calamvale Junior School projects and many more. Our purpose:

  • To promote service activities among the youth of the community to develop the individual qualities of LEADERSHIP, EXPERIENCE AND OPPORTUNITY
  • To unite its members in friendship, fellowship and mutual understanding

The Leo Club is looking to start back up Term 3, 2020. Any students in year 7-12 who would like to join, to please email your interest to Leo Club Advisor, Mrs Thach, at

Response to traffic

Response to Traffic

Thank you for your patience with our LookOut Program for dropping-off and pick-up students this term.  I understand the frustrations, but please rest assured I have listened to every complaint and suggestion.  Unfortunately I have no authority to manage traffic and carparks outside the College fence and so earlier this term I have collated our efforts to address the issues and attached some samples from parent suggestions and sent the letter below to our elected representatives at Brisbane City Council and State Government levels.

3 Trees Café

In order to continue to provide an industry experience for our Certificate II/III in Hospitality & Certificate II in Kitchen Operations students, 3 Trees has been continuously evolving to reflect the impact of COVID-19. Term 1 ended with customers unable to even enter the café and now whilst we can welcome guests back in, we have chosen to remain takeaway only at this stage. The students have become more aware of hygiene and safety, whilst supporting us on our journey. We have seen this as a positive experience as we have been able to work together to review our service styles and menus, and consider ourselves very lucky as we have been flexible enough to not have to close our doors, even being able to extend our trading hours. We look forward to a time in the future when we can welcome the public back, and also offer dine in experiences. We will keep you updated on the CCC Facebook page – stayed tuned!

Mobile Phone Policy

At various meetings held in Term 3, we will be consulting with parents and students about our existing BYOD and mobile phone policies.

Whilst most of our students have access to a digital devices, some do not. Since the weeks of learning@home during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have found more flexible ways to learn using our digital devices. Whilst computers are not essential to learning, they are very useful devices and our students have significantly developed their capacity to use these, as have all staff. The College has a proposal to support families in accessing digital devices for learning in 2021. This will involve a payment made over three years for the use of the device and more details will be provided in Term 3.

Our P&C have brought to the College Administration’s attention, issues regarding mobile phones. From the College’s perspectives phones can be a very useful device, with a calculator, web access and a range of apps that are useful to students. The same device circumvents Education Queensland’s filtering services, making social media accessible to students throughout the day. Phones also provide easy access to videos, music and photos which are frequently air-dropped to large numbers of students in the immediate vicinity, which is not desirable.

We are open to a community discussion and development of mobile phone policy that will provide the basis of the College response to issues arising from mobile phone use.

Secondary School News

I would like to recognise the contributions of parents and resilience of students during this last term of learning at Calamvale. Whilst many students have flourished, we recognise that it was a very different way of learning to what we had planned at the start of 2020. It was delightful to see our students taking positive action towards acts of kindness on Friday 19 June, when we celebrated our inaugural Kindness Day. It was a lovely way to lead our Year 7-10 students into their exam block during week 10.

In Semester 2, we will see some significant changes in our staff for a range of reasons. We have some staff returning and leaving from maternity and long service leave which means that we must say goodbye to a number of our staff who have been on contracts with us. I would like to say thank you and goodbye to Dr Gary Lake, Sean Lans, Nia Eaton, Anita Parakh-Morgan and Warwick Comber. We will be welcoming back Huon MacKinnon-Farnworth, Michelle Bullion, Sherri Lilly, Theola Mason and Rebecca Robertson and new to the College will be David Jiang and Renee Dillon. Due to these variations, there will be a number of changes occurring to student timetables. All students will be issued with a new timetable on Monday 13 July. We will be beginning the new Semester with an assembly, so all students should go to the Sports Hall on the first bell at 8.25am on Monday 13 July. They will receive their new timetable during lesson one. Throughout the first week of the Semester, students will cover sessions on creating or re-connecting with essential agreements in their classrooms, upcoming assessment for the term and appropriate study skills and goal setting to ensure your child is reaching their potential. In Week 2, you will be emailed the Semester 1 report card for your student. From Week 3, teachers will be conducting phone interviews for Student Led Conferencing. Information regarding how to book an interview with your student’s Connect teacher will be released with the report card.

Please note that in Semester 2, we will be continuing to adopt our blended approach to learning in the classroom. Consequently, as per our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, every child is required to bring a charged laptop or ipad to school every day. These will be audited during the assembly on Monday 13 July.

In the meantime, I would like to wish you all a safe and relaxing holiday, and we look forward to welcoming your student back to us for another successful Semester at Calamvale Community College.

Secondary School updates and reminders

We are now several weeks back from online learning and it is timely to remind students and parents our College expectations and inform you of some changes that have occurred due to the ongoing relaxation of restrictions.

Student time management: In week 6, assessment planners were emailed to parents and students. Please work with your student to assist them to use this planner to manage their time to ensure they stay on track to submit assignments and study for exams for each of their subjects.  During Connect time (Tuesday Lesson 2) over the past two weeks, students have been learning about study skills and tips to better prepare for their assessments. Please note that the results that students achieve in subject in year 9-11 will be used as pre-requisites for entry (and continuation in) General subjects.

Student attendance and timeliness:  The first bell rings at 8.25am.  Students are expected to be at their class door by 8.30am at the latest. Be aware that traffic is not an excuse for being late.  All students are expected to be in the College on time to their first lesson of the day.  Please be aware that after 9.00am each morning, students must enter via the front gate near administration. All other gates will be locked. This is to ensure the safety of the student community and to limit community members from entering the school grounds during learning time.

Students entering and leaving the school grounds: Thank you to all of our students who have quickly adjusted to the new process of entering and leaving through the senior and back gates. Thank you also to the parents who have adapted to our pick up routine in the afternoons. We remind you that students can wait to be picked up by parents at the top basketball courts. Parents can drive up the gravel road to collect students from here and then head straight onto the access road near Beaudesert Road.

Uniform: The weather has started to become cooler, and all secondary students are reminded that they are expected to wear their ties and all students are only permitted to wear school jumpers (College branded jumpers, or plain navy with no hoods or branding). A reminder that tracksuit pants are not a permitted part of our uniform. Please ensure that your student is equipped with all items of our uniform and that they leave home each day in full correct uniform. Dress Code  If students are out of uniform they will not be permitted to enter the classroom and will be directed to the Uniform Loan Room.  Students will be required to change out of their incorrect item and into a school loan item. This uniform loan room is able to be opened due to the new relaxation in COVID requirements.  A number of procedures have been implemented to ensure the uniforms adhere to the current health advice.

Students collecting uniform items

  1. Students attend Uniform room if they are out of uniform. Uniform Attendant to interview and issue slip. Uniform Attendant to wear gloves prior to students entering the room.
  2. Students to use hand sanitiser as they enter the room. Students are to be issued with uniform piece and an antibacterial plastic bag (new bags will be used each day for each student).  Students place their piece of clothing in the plastic bag.  Uniform Attendant will tag bag.  Student exits room.
  3. Uniform Attendant to remove gloves, wash hands and use sanitiser.

Students returning uniform items

  1. Uniform Attendant to wear gloves prior to students entering the room.
  2. Students are to use hand sanitiser upon entering.
  3. Students are to enter change rooms with antibacterial plastic bag containing their original clothing item. Students place used uniform item in tub as they exit and place plastic bag in the bin.
  4. Items of returned uniform are to be washed. Shoes are to be disinfected and be reissued the following day.
  5. Uniform Attendant to remove gloves, wash hands and use sanitiser.

2020 Year 12 Formal Information

We can now confirm that the formal will be held at CCC and will be an amazing ‘one of a kind’ event.  As we prepare bookings for flooring, furniture and very impressive room-conversion decorations, we will keep you informed.

There are still rumours, the latest being that the tickets will cost $200.  As I wrote in the email home to parents on June 9, the College will seek to subsidise this event.  The ticket price will remain the same although there will be no family photos. The tickets are normally approximately $140 and the students have fund-raised to reduce this cost, this year is unlikely to be any different.

The Year 12 formal will go ahead on Thursday night August 13th, although Rydges is unable to host our senior cohort in a manner that will allow the students to enjoy the event, due to restrictions. CCC will subsidise the formal so that we may hold a very elegant event in the gym, which will be unrecognisable with wall screens, and props. This is a one-off for 2020 which has been a particularly difficult year for the seniors. Unfortunately, whilst there will be a photographer for the students and a photo booth, we cannot have family photos due to the crowding – so these should be arranged prior to arrival. We will have the car parade but no pre-formal event as we cannot use share plates, drinks or allow gathering of adults. Information will continue to be made available via email to Year 12 families.

2021 Senior Pathways

As we approach the end of the first year of the new ATAR system (only 14 weeks before external exams) and as we prepare for our current Year 9 and 10 students to enter that system, we are preparing to share our learnings with both parents and students. The following information and further detail will be shared with parents and students at our information nights in term 3.
Every year 100% of our seniors graduate with a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). The QCE remains with us however it has become more complex to calculate. For students enrolled in ATAR subjects, mathematics and science results are dependent upon external exams for 50% of the grades achieved by students and Humanities for 25% of their grades. Schools can no longer reliably calculate whether students will have accrued sufficient points to effectively secure the QCE. Applied subjects are more predictable however Essential Maths and English still have an external exam component. In addition, the points accrued by certificates towards QCE and ATAR have changed, as has the rank-entrance to tertiary institutions of certificates and diploma level qualifications.
The more certainty our students can have about their subject selection, the more likely they are to achieve successful outcomes in Year 12. The more likely they are to secure their QCE and the next stage of their learning or work life. To that end, we are offering our students entering years 10 and 11, dedicated pathways instead of a collection of subjects. These pathways will lead students toward their chosen fields of employment via tertiary study, TAFE/certification or directly to work.
At next term’s Information Evenings for Years 9 and 10, five pathways will be presented to students.

In order to deliver these pathways, we require a more flexible day structure. We are proposing a flexible timetable one day a week.  This will provide a more personalised learning program.  On the flexible day, IB and ATAR students will operate on a traditional timetable with High Level subject study opportunities for the IB stream.

Students studying diploma and certificate courses will use this day to access their courses through our registered training organisations or through CCC delivery of modules.

Students enrolled in TAFE or traineeship will be encouraged to attend these sites on this day, although there is some flexibility, in doing so students will avoid missing four subject classes and being required to complete the work outside of school time and without direct teacher support.

Below is the proposed combinations of subjects that will deliver our best options for our students.

There is much more to discuss and questions to be asked.  All of this will occur in term 3 as we endeavour to provide a more responsive learning program for our senior students.

Year 12 Career News

During iTime this week, Year 12 students were given an opportunity to learn about post-Year 12 pathways and QTAC applications. A copy of the presentation slides is attached along with the current information regarding open days for tertiary institutions. Students have been, and will continue, receiving information via the shared OneNote “Well-being and Career Hub” and regular updates via email.

Every Year 12 will receive an appointment time (regardless of ATAR, Diploma, Non-ATAR or IB) to meet with a guidance officer during Term 3. It is the responsibility of students to attend their allocated appointment time. For this appointment it is expected that students wishing to make QTAC applications have with them their “Guidance Appointment QTAC Preference Sheet” (see attached) completed and signed by parent/caregiver. Students are also encouraged to develop a list of any questions or discussion items to bring with them to their appointment. Students on a non-ATAR or vocational pathway will also be given the opportunity to meet with the guidance officer to discuss pathways and/or further study options.

All students who attended the presentation have received a copy the QTAC guide. The information contained in this guide is also available online via the QTAC website ( Students with VET qualifications (Cert III, Cert IV and Diploma) are eligible to apply for some universities and courses offered via QTAC. Please note, that students have been asked to use the adjusted ranks (not unadjusted) as their guide to receiving a successful offer in a course. There are details within the presentation slides regarding preferences courses and key dates.

Once students have completed their guidance officer appointment it is their responsibility to complete an application via the QTAC website. QTAC charges a fee of $45, which allows for three free changes of preferences (meaning students can change their preferences when ATAR/IB results are released –provided the closing date has not passed for their chosen course or offer round). It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure all necessary documentation is uploaded to QTAC, including EAS scholarship details, prior to any deadlines.

Guidance Appointment Preferences Sheet

Open Days 2020

QTAC Presentation CCC 2020


Diploma of Business

The Diploma of Business provides an alternative pathway to the ATAR score for students into tertiary study.  In 2020, the Dip. Business is providing a rank of between 82 and 87 ATAR equivalence.  Commencing in Semester 2 will be our next intake window for the Diploma of Business, and will be made available to year 10 and 11 students meeting pre-requisites for course completion. This qualification has proven to be very popular and represents significant opportunities not only for future employment, but also for university entrance at a selection of local universities. We will continue our successful partnership with Axiom College as the external RTO and coursework provider, however we will be moving into a model where bv one of our own staff members will be delivering the face to face lessons to our Calamvale Community College students. This transition will significantly reduce the cost of the Diploma for students who enrol semester 2 in 2020 and beyond. Further details around course structure, price and enrolment in this course will be available to students and families.


Secondary School Sport

Secondary Sport will adopt a dynamic new look in semester two. Students across the Secondary School will be exposed to exciting new opportunities that will raise the profile of sport within the College. Our developing athletes will now be presented with opportunities that they have never been presented with before which include entering Queensland All-Schools competitions that pit the best players in the state against one another and also the opportunity to play against new schools from outside of our school district. We are very excited for students to experience these new opportunities and immerse themselves into our new sporting culture. Go Wolves!


Calamvale Wolves Sports Department Proposal

Brenton Male – Secondary Sports Coordinator

iTime Term 2

This week, we have embarked on a timetable change which has taken effect as of Wednesday 10 June. We are trialling a swap between Lesson 2 and 4. This change has been made so that we can capitalise on the staff who are available at the school and to increase engagement into our iTime activities. All students in year 7-11 have chosen either mainstream iTime, Sport, Hospitality or Musical. Students in year 12 have been streamed into either Study Skills or Essential Maths Tutorial. Below is further information about each of the offerings


iTime Year 7-11:


Year 12 Study Skills: Students who are studying 3 or more General Subjects in yar 12 will be attending weekly study skills sessions. These sessions are aimed at building the student’s capacity to use high yield strategies to improve long term memory capabilities in preparation for external exams.  Students are enhancing their study planning habits, developing effective study strategies that can be implemented now, as they work through their final unit of work before exams.  Students are being provided with time to put their study habits in place and next term will focus on the real test preparedness hints and tips.

Year 12 Essential Maths Tutorial: In the Essential Maths tutorial we are analysing the Common Internal Assessment task and devising strategies to work through solutions for each style of question. We are also encouraging the students through this time to critically analyse their Problem Solving and Modelling Tasks, so that they follow the processes involving problem solving. Students will then be able to better understand the requirements of the Essential Maths course and complete it successfully.

Musical Year 7-11: Unabowed and indefatigable, the Arts Department refuses to let 2020 be the death of CCC’s proud tradition of entertaining school musicals – we are back and working tirelessly to salvage our production of Footloose. Whether it is ultimately seen by an audience or not is in the hands of the fates, but students are still being given invaluable rehearsal and performance experience – with an all-acting, all-singing and all-dancing cast giving their all, and a hardnosed, creatively inspired crew assisting with everything from costumes and props, to microphones, lighting and front of house.

Hospitality iTime Year 10 and 11: Students studying either a Certificate II/III in Hospitality or Certificate II in Kitchen Operations at Calamvale Community College have had the option of choosing Hospitality during iTime. This session is part of our Signature Program where students have the opportunity to go beyond the classroom to explore the industry and also develop their skills further in order to support 3 Trees operations. We are also working with our industry partners within the Global Competency context, to establish projects for our students to participate in, which incorporate charity and sustainability opportunities, once COVID restrictions are lifted.

Sport Year 7-11:  Due to Covid-19 restrictions Interschool Sport will look different for the remainder of term two. Each Wednesday students will remain with their current Summer Season Interschool Sport team to participate in a mixture of activities. These activities will relate to the sport they selected and will include team training, skill development, team strategy meetings and inter team tournaments. This is a very exciting opportunity as it allows the teams to further immerse themselves into their chosen sport and further enhance their sports specific skillset. Interschool Sport has also transitioned from session four to session two each week which will allow students to participate in their sporting endeavours earlier in the school day. With regards to the Winter Season of Interschool Sport it is currently postponed and we will provide you with further updates in the near future. (edited)

Immersion Day

Platypus Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 classes had an Immersion Day to celebrate Chinese Culture. We were open-minded to trying new things and participated in a range of fun activities including painting designs on fans, practicing our Chinese writing and numbers, making a yummy edible teacup, colouring a Rat for Year of the Rat and playing some Chinese games.

Our favourite activity was leading our partner, who was dressed as a Chinese Lion, by playing a drum. Miss Chen demonstrated how to make Fried Rice and we got to taste some, the students all agreed it was delicious!

At the end of the day we watched a Dragon Boat Race then reflected together and thanked our teachers and teacher aides for organising the Immersion Day. Students got to take the items they made to show their families.

We had a wonderful time celebrating and can’t wait for Semester Two!


Junior School Report Card Information

At Calamvale Community College, we value ongoing communication between home and school and seek to make this communication as authentic and valuable as possible. We are always seeking to ensure that information provided enhances your understanding about your student’s current learning and helps you support their learning.

In Term 1, prior to the online learning period, parents had the opportunity to discuss student progress with the class teacher during oral reporting interviews. Some of these were held face to face and some were conducted as a telephone interview.
With the disruption to face-to-face learning and the onset of COVID-19 restrictions in schools, we have made the decision to delay our academic reporting period until next term.

You will receive your student’s academic report card on Friday 7 August (Term 3 Week 4), a delay of four weeks.

The Semester 1 formal report card will consist of achievement, effort and behaviour grades for key learning areas as well as generic subject comments. The final global comment will address the individual student’s progress.

A parent teacher interview affords parents the time and place to connect with teachers, discuss assessment items, review student work, share information and communicate a plan to enable the student to move forward with their current learning. After receiving your academic report, you have the option of making contact with the classroom teacher if you require an interview. You can do this by communicating directly with the classroom teacher via email or through the regular classroom communication channels.

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely
Jackie Welch
Junior School Principal

Term 3 Uniform Shop Hours and Containers for Change is coming back!

Uniform Shop Hours

Normal Hours will resume on 13 July 2020 – Appointment Only!

Monday             8.00am – 12.00pm

Tuesday                   CLOSED

Wednesday        8.00am – 12.00pm

Thursday           2.00pm – 5.00pm

Friday                8.00am – 12.00pm





It’s great to have our students back in the classroom and learning face to face however, online learning brought to the forefront positive aspects of using a device to enhance and engage students’ education. In order to continue this great work, it is important for students in Years 3 to 6 to bring their compatible device to school.

What are the benefits of my child having a device at school?

From Year 3, CCC students bring their own Apple iPad to school to use in a blended approach to their education. While maintaining regular bookwork, students also use their devices EVERY DAY at school in the following ways:

* SeeSaw to access reading materials, activities, record their reading and upload their learning activities while allowing teachers to give written and oral feedback
* Applications like Matific, Literacy Planet and Reading Eggs
* As a tool for research in their inquiry units
* To record their learning in text, visual, photo or video form

How do I know my child and their device is safe at school?

CCC has a Responsible Use of technology Policy to ensure iPads are kept safe and the students using them are also protected:

* Devices stay in school bags before and after school (there is no unsupervised access to iPads)
* Devices must come to school in a protective case
* Upon entry to the classroom, students follow the classroom procedure for the safe storage and use of iPads
* Students do not access their iPads during breaks. iPads remain in a locked classroom
* Students access the internet using the school network allowing access to appropriate sites only
* Teachers use the ‘Classroom App’ to adequately supervise individual iPads
* Students participate in lessons around the responsible use of technology

For students who do not bring their own device to school, they may share in a limited number of devices allocated to the Learning Community.

What happens when my child goes to Secondary School?

Students may continue to use their iPads in Junior Secondary School. Alternatively, from Year 6, students are permitted to bring a laptop to school. A device is an investment in your child’s education now and in the future!

CCC students are encouraged to bring their own device to school every day to enhance their learning opportunities and fully engage in the all aspects of the curriculum. For more information about BYOD and the Responsible Use of Technology Policy, please visit the College website

Year 6 to Year 12 BYOD

Did you know…

From Year 6, CCC students can bring a device to school that is either a laptop or an Apple iPad! Students will continue to use this device throughout Junior Secondary. From Year 10-12 students are expected to bring a laptop device to school every lesson every day.

Bringing a device to school enables students to…

  • Facilitate Inquiry learning through accessing educational sites and research material
  • Use OneNote in each of their subject areas to access subject material, produce work and access ongoing feedback from their teachers
  • Engage with Education Perfect as a study tool to reinforce concepts in class and at home
  • Access emails and easily communicate with their teachers
  • Access timetables and Connect notices to be up to date with College events

CCC students are expected to bring their own device to school every day to enhance their learning opportunities and fully engage in the all aspects of the curriculum. For more information about BYOD and the Responsible Use of Technology Policy, please visit the College website

Welcome from the College Principal

The second International Journal comes to the readers in very different circumstances with the effect of COVID-19 throughout the world. This is a new experience for educators, students and families.

Our international student base for long term students remains strong and we look forward to welcoming new international students to the college, as well as education professionals and study tour students when the restrictions are eased.

All of us have learnt to adapt to the new environment, as the world slowly moves towards a new normality, lets ensure that our global connections remain strong.

I wish you all well and enjoy the reading of articles and updates contained in Volume 2.

Our 2019 International Year 12 Graduates 

Primary Year Program (PYP)

International Baccalaureate/ISP News

Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things”
– Flora Lewis

“A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Being an IB World School as well as a state school with one of the largest international student populations means our student body enjoy many benefits; socially, linguistically and educationally.
Our international students thrive in our College where over 60% of our students are multilingual, who are naturally internationally minded and thrive in the microcosm of multiculturalism. Here they are able to establish further community connections at both global and local levels as well as acquire English in a fully immersive environment.
Our growing IB Diploma Programme, caters to aspirational and highly academic students aged 16-19 from both local and international enrolments. Students complete two language subjects (mother tongue and a second language), a humanities, a science (or two), mathematics and an optional Arts subject. IB students are covering content that is at a first-year university level in their Higher Level subjects. Diploma Programme graduates, on successful completion, gain an IB score which is recognised worldwide and highly desired by universities on all continents. As international mindedness and understanding cultures through language is a main philosophy of IB, students who are multilingual have a natural advantage.
At CCC, we offer Chinese-speaking students the opportunity to study Language and Literature in their native tongue; Chinese and we are the only school in Queensland to do this. This means that Chinese-speaking students read, study, write, speak, interact and learn completely in Chinese and sit their external exams in Chinese. Students then choose English as their second language at a simpler acquisition level and undertake all of their remaining subjects in English. Students who meet the characteristics to obtain an IB Score then have the added advantage of joining 21% of graduating IB students with a recognised Bilingual IB Diploma.
International student applications for the IB are to be submitted via our College International Students Manager, along with supporting documents, such as most recent report cards. Students need to be in the top 85 percentile across a range of subjects to be eligible. An English scaling test may be required before an interview is conducted. It is preferable that international students enrol and begin their education in Australia in June/July of Year 9 or 10. Further information and subject handbook is available on our College website: www
The three profiles below are an insight into the perspective of some of our ISP and IB students

Katniss Hsu

Wade Lin

Sabrena Kuo

Design at Calamvale Community College encompasses several subjects including Design, Digital Technology, Food Technology and STEM in year levels from Prep to 12. This area of learning is extended beyond the classroom with students participating in lunch-time and after school clubs, internal and external competitions and excursions to University Design Faculty and prominent city architectural buildings.

Students learn skills that help solve real work problems and represent their ideas in multiple ways through drawing, creating prototypes of architecture models, products, services and graphic designs.

Calamvale’s 2019 DUX – Christine Le

Then and Now!

Le Nhu Huyen (Christine) – College DUX 2019 – Achieved the highest academic achievement in Year 12.

Christine arrived in Australia in 2017 as an international student. She commenced studies at the college in Term 3, 2017.

Since graduating from the College, she is now studying a Bachelor of Vision Science at Queensland University of Technology.

Christine was the first International student to receive the DUX Award.

Language Assistants Program 2019 – WEP

The college has established strong links with the World Exchange Program (WEP) and for the fourth year were thankful for the support of WEP who in collaboration with the college were provided with a language assistant from China, Shunshan Shu (Angie). Angie was able to assist both our Chinese and Korean students for three terms, being a fluent speaker of both languages.

DE International – Taiwan Teacher Assistant Program
Jing Lian Lou (Ellen) joined the college in Term 3 for two terms. She assisted students studying Chinese in all year levels.
Angie and Ellen assisted our students greatly, enjoyed their time at the college and hosting by home-stay by members of the college staff.

Both Angie and Ellen have continued to further their education in teaching in their home countries

Indonesia Chefs Visit – Vocational Culinary Arts program

The college hospitality team hosted 10 VET teaching chefs from Indonesia for 3 weeks. The chefs observed and participated in student lessons and observed culinary practices at the Royal Pines, Sirromet Winery and the Sofitel in Brisbane.
The program designed by the college was a valuable experience for the visiting chefs who normally attend Paris for this program.
A highlight was the lunch on the final day, Indonesian delicacies prepared by the staff and the hospitality team.
Our hospitality commented on the unique sharing of ideas and practices and themselves learnt from the program.

Japanese School Visit 2019

Last year in June, 8 Students and 2 Teachers went to Japan for an 8 day Cultural and School exchange trip.

During our short stay in Japan we crammed in a lot of activities and were “on the go” the whole time. We visited three Schools. Two were for Taiko exchange and the other was our Sister School Tama Meguro Junior High which is located in central Tokyo. Upon arrival at Tama Meguro, we received an official welcome and spent the day experiencing Japanese Culture and daily life in a Japanese School. We spent a day at the Taiko Lab where we had a two hour Taiko lesson as well as performing two pieces at a Taiko Concert that evening. We went to a Flute making work shop where we got to make our own Japanese Flutes and we also had a traditional dinner with a Japanese family outside of Tokyo.

From a tourist point of view, we experienced many highlight. Just being in Tokyo and seeing the sights and sounds every day was a highlight. But the main highlight was our day trip to the Ancient City of Kamakura which is located about an hour south east of Tokyo.

Each student had many positive things to say about the trip and their personal highlights and favourite moments are many and varied. Here are some of the things students mentioned they liked. Riding the trains. Visiting the 7/11 at the end of a long day and buying snacks. Seeing the City lights of Tokyo at night. Interacting with students at the Schools we visited. Playing Taiko with fellow Taiko Students at the Schools. Doing Calligraphy. Being part of a Japanese Tea Ceremony. Performing at the Taiko Concert. Going shopping in down-town Tokyo. The traditional Japanese rooms we stayed in. Experiencing different culture and just getting to know each other better.

All in all it was a very successful trip. We look forward to our next visit to Japan.

The College was honoured to host students from Kaohsiung Girls’ Senior High School, Taiwan and Nantong Qixiu Middle School in Jiangsu Province, China.
Both visits occurred in Term 3, 2019 and students took part in English language lessons, class integration activities at our college and external excursions. Students stayed with host families from the school community.

The close bond remains between the schools, the relationship with Kaohsiung school extends 5 years and with the Nantong school being 3 years.

In previous years, students from Calamvale Community College have visited the schools in their home country.

International schools Visit in 2019

Events 2019
Da-Feng Symphony Orchestra Performance (Taiwan)
The group members are composed of graduates of the Da-Feng Elementary School Symphony Orchestra and were visiting Brisbane to perform at the 2019 Brisbane International Arts Festival. Our students were treated to an excellent performance by the Orchestra.

Chinese Youth Goodwill Association (CYGA) Performance & Workshops (Taiwan)
The CYGA impressed the students with performances of the Diabolo, Acrobatics and Ribbon Dancing. CCC students participated in workshops with the CYGA performers. The CYGA performers were also in Brisbane to perform at the 2019 Brisbane International Arts Festival.

Osaka School of Music & Dance Collaboration (Japan)
For the third year running, students from the Osaka School of Music schools based in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka and Sapporo visited the college and performed for CCC students. The Japanese students and CCC students who were part of the cast of Beauty and the Beast combined to perform ‘Belle’.

Fumiko Yamazaki – Music Workshops (Japan)
The college was honoured to have Fumiko, a professional musician from Japan who plays the piano, vibraphone, marimba, Japanese drums and percussion instruments made from bamboo, visit the college and delivered workshops to our music students. Fumiko performed a concert for our music students and their parents in CPAC. This was the second visit by Fumiko to the college in as many years.

Professional Visits 2019

The college hosted Principals, teachers and other education professionals from the International Exchange Association for Education & Culture (China), Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong), Korea Education Development Institute (South Korea), New Taipei City Yuteh Private School (Taiwan), Longquanyi District Education Board (China), Kalorex Schools (India), Ministry of Education (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Ping Tung High School (Taiwan).

Education sessions were delivered on the Queensland Curriculum, National Curriculum, Programs for Gifted Students, Programs for Dis-advantaged Students, International Programs, English Language Support for International Students, Building an Effective Teaching Team, School Leadership for P – 12 Schools, Primary Year Program, International Baccalaureate Program and Teacher Collaboration.

Other programs provided included work-shadowing of the Executive team, work-shadowing / collaboration of the teaching team, classroom observations (both sub-schools) and campus tours of facilities and showcasing areas of excellence.

Inbound Study Tours 2019
The college hosted student study tours from Admiral Farragut Academy (TianJin, China), Tama Meguro Junior High School (Tokyo, Japan), Okayama Sojan High School (Okayama, Japan), Bangkok Metropolitan schools (Bangkok, Thailand), Taichung Girls Senior High School (Taichung, Taiwan) and Hangzhou Primary Schools (Hangzhou, China).
Students engaged in English language lessons, class integration, sports & cultural events, external excursions and many of the schools students were home-stayed by the College community.

Principals News – Learning Across the College




The Junior School is using a platform familiar to parents and students, Seesaw.  This platform has versatility and the opportunity to include a wide range of learning styles as well as built-in parent interaction.

Secondary School will predominantly use OneNote, with which our students and many of you are familiar.  A number of faculties and the IB program will branch out into Collaborate and EdStudios to meet particular needs.

All students have the necessary logins and access and if there are problems, then our teachers have a line of support directly to our Tech Team available to them. This support is not directly open to the students; they gain access via their teachers.  The College has endeavoured to make contact with all families to gather information regarding devices at home and Wi-Fi or connectivity in order to provide some paper learning resources which will be posted out to families in the event of a school closure next term.  These resources will not match online learning but will provide links to curriculum and valuable learning opportunities.  The frequency of mail outs will depend on access to the College and the length of time we are online.

Learning online is not a replication of face to face learning; it is a new and different way of engaging.  Whatever we might hope for, students are not going to follow the timetable of school, not least because they might not have access to a device at the ‘regular’ time of the lesson.  When students choose to do their learning and the availability of devices in the household, will be impacted by sleep patterns, household routines, the presence of siblings and parents/carers.  We may find that students develop independence, expand their agency (their voice in their learning) and learn to use tools and strategies that they otherwise might not have learned; that will be a welcome outcome from a difficult period in their lives.

Community Engagement and Wellbeing

To support parent engagement, we have put in place a number of processes which will assist us and you in tracking our students’ engagement, reporting their participation to parents/carers, monitor student welfare and provide us with feedback as to the quality of our lessons.

Following this email will be emails from both Sub-School Principals providing details specific to their school.  There will also be an IB email, tailoring this information to that course’s format and expectations. Our newsletter will provide all of this information in an easy to access format and will be sent out on Friday afternoon this week and again at the beginning of the school term.

In addition to the curriculum-based learning, it is our intention to provide separate information and activities that will support students’ mental health and wellbeing, engagement with others and in maintaining a positive attitude.  There will be Global Competence sessions available in Week 1 for secondary students and some wellbeing activities:  mindfulness, brainbreaks and positive education sessions for all students across the College.  We will build on these as the term progresses.  Year 11 and 12 will have access to QTAC preparation and career planning.

Online Behaviours

It is always important that parents monitor students’ use of technology, taking care to check that the use is appropriate.  CCC will not take responsibility for student behaviour on any platform other than those supervised environment that we are sharing.  We have teachers, Heads of Programs and Deputy Principals scrutinizing the spaces that we have authored. Each of the sub-school letters has information for parents on how to monitor students’ online behaviours.  It should be stated, that any inappropriate or defaming use of our staff’s online persona, voices or videos, or indeed the placement of CCC activities, photo or video onto a public platform will be dealt with in the most serious manner, with consequences which could, among other things, disconnect students from the online learning environment.

Junior School Online Learning


In the event of a school closure in Term 2, it is important that families have some further information regarding online learning.

Lesson Delivery:

 Teachers will be uploading lessons for the day every morning. This allows families to plan for access to learning if students are sharing devices across the household.
 Attached to lessons there will be teacher instruction (voice, video, written).
 As well as scheduled lessons, we also encourage families to find opportunities that do not involve a device, including the sharing of a story, enjoying a game together and spending time in the garden engaging with nature.

Monitoring of Learning:

 Teachers will be routinely checking throughout the day. Please take into account that teachers will also be preparing for subsequent online lessons throughout the day, so feedback will not be instantaneous and will range from an acknowledgement of receiving work, whole class feedback to the class or individualised feedback depending on the assigned task.

 If there is a specific question pertaining to a task or an issue with accessibility, we aim to address these within a 24 hour period.


 Teachers will be monitoring students’ responses to learning activities on a daily basis and will adjust subsequent lessons/activities in response to this. This mirrors what happens in the classroom on a regular basis.

 During your child’s online learning they will have formative learning tasks in Mathematics, English and Unit of Inquiry. These tasks are designed to provide information for your child’s teacher on their current understanding of what they know and can do. This is not a test and will not be used to give your child an A-E rating. This will help your child’s teacher plan for their next step in learning. Your child will need to complete these tasks independently as much as possible.

 Teachers will make an announcement with the learning activity so that parents are clear that it is a formative learning task.

Student Engagement:

 Just like regular school, every day counts as the College and parents work together to support students with their
continuation of learning.

 Teachers will be monitoring of task engagement during the day.

 Teachers and/or Deputy Principals will be making contact with families after a period of non-engagement with the
online learning platform.

Junior School Online Behaviour

Students in the Junior School will be accessing their learning through Seesaw. This is a closed platform which allows the teacher to allocate lessons to the whole class, small group of individual students. Students will not be able to see or comment on each other’s work or see the individual feedback the teacher gives to a student.

It is important however, that parents continue to monitor their child’s use of technology, as we predict that students will miss the social connection they have with their friends on a daily basis and will look for other opportunities and platforms to meet these needs.

The e-Safety Commissioner has provided support with information so that parents continue to monitor and ensure the safety of their students in an online environment. There is also additional information provided pertaining to some apps children may try to access to make a social connection with their friends. I strongly encourage you to take some time to explore the information
on this site.  Link

As we enter a two week holiday period, at this stage, we have no further information on what learning will look like for our students in Term 2. Please ensure you look for updates on our Facebook page prior to the commencement of Term 2 – Monday 20 April 2020 (Term 2 start date). As you would appreciate, this is new and unchartered territory for all of us, including
for you as parents and caregivers. I can assure you however, that our staff are committed to ensuring that our students continue with their learning in the event of a school closure after the break.

To all of you, we send our best wishes, we are a strong community and ‘we are all in this together’. CCC will be there to support your children and continue their education through this time. Take care, stay well and stay home if you can.

Yours Sincerely
Jackie Welch
Junior School Principal

Secondary School Online Learning



Here are some details, pertaining particularly to Secondary School.  Whilst the information mirrors that of Junior School, it is structured and delivered differently to account for adolescent ways of learning.

Attendance and Engagement

Attendance will not be recorded on students’ report cards for the coming semester, however it is vital that we monitor our students’ presence online and engagement with their studies.

  • Teachers will record their students’ online presence in their subject and each week will send a generic email home for that subject
  • If a student is not present online, for two weeks, you will receive a modified absence letter from our attendance officer, asking you to intervene to ensure that your students can and do engage in their learning. If there is illness at home or difficult circumstances – parents and carers will be able to communicate that to the attendance officer.  We intend to share this information but please be patient if we miss something or double up.  There will be no text messages.

Lesson Delivery:

  • Each teacher will be uploading the learning for a full week. Students will be able to manage the time they use to engage with their learning.
  • We will continue to use the Inquiry model to deliver learning, with provocations to stimulate curiosity, learning intentions and success criteria to enable students to self-check their learning.
  • We intend to include a range of ways of learning in each lesson package. There will be information delivery, activities to engage students in learning, opportunities for students to generate work and get teacher feedback, online tools and programs with variety being our tool for engagement.
  • There will be scheduled times when all teachers are present ‘live’ online so that students can virtually interact.
  • Do not expect ‘live video conferencing’ as you have seen on television, or in business. Whilst we have sought and achieved permission to use platforms such as Zoom, there are all sorts of protocols including parental supervision and 18+ limits as well as expertise.  We have investigated this and it is not our starting point for general classes.
  • IB classes in Year 10-12 may operate a little differently to the rest of the school to meet the needs of their curriculum. DP Mel Ellis will release information about this, in the coming days.
  • We are also considering Zoom as a learning tool for groups of secondary students studying instrumental music – if we intend to use this platform, there will be separate permissions sought from you.


Monitoring of Learning:

Teachers will engage with students across the week.

  • Student work that is submitted will be stamped indicating that it is received.
  • Drafts and formative pieces will be commented on with either written or recorded feedback with the usual turnaround times. Responses will not be immediate.
  • Parents who have concerns will contact the teacher directly, through existing channels and processes.
  • It is our hope that we can provide face to face opportunities for students to speak with teachers, complete experiments – all dependent upon the social distance and the restrictions that are in place next term.


How we collect evidence of student learning will be different when compared with a face to face class.  We will collect student samples over time, use Education Perfect quizzes, open book exams, written student responses.  There are many ways to assess a little differently to the usual format.

  • An assessment planner in week 2 will provide some information about timing throughout the term. We cannot provide definitive answers until we have a better idea of how school will be experienced and for how long we are online.
  • As usual, weeks 6 and 7 will be formative assessment weeks
  • There will be assignments given and collected with drafts due
  • IB students will continue their Internal Assessment items

Secondary School Online Behaviour

The e-Safety Commissioner has provided support with information so that parents continue to monitor and ensure the safety of their students in an online environment. There is also additional information provided pertaining to some apps that might be accessed by students to make a social connection with their friends. You are strongly encouraged to take some time to explore the information on this site. Link

At this stage, we have no further information on what learning will look like for our students in Term 2. Please ensure you look for updates on our Facebook page prior to the commencement of Term 2 -20 April (Term 2 start date). As you would appreciate, this is new and unchartered territory for our College, however, I can assure you that our staff are committed to ensuring that our students continue with their learning in the event of a school closure after the break.

To all of you, we send our best wishes, we are strong community and ‘we are all in this together’.  CCC will be there to support your children and continue their education through this time.  Take care, stay well and stay home if you can.

Warm regards,

Sharyn Angel

Secondary School Principal

IB University Experience Days

The IB cohorts in Year 11 and 12 plus the Year 10 Prep class have begun the year networking and learning from various faculties, professors and experts at Universities across SEQ.  In coordination with other IB World Schools; Benowa SHS and Cleveland DSHS, IB students were able to visit a campus, sit in on lectures, participate in workshops, hear from past IB students and network with like-minded IB students.

The Year 10s visited Griffith University on the Gold Coast where the focus was on leadership and how everyone can be a leader and this is the year to develop the skills and build confidence in self, so that there is automaticity in the years to come.

Year 11 visited QUT, Kelvin Grove with a thematic approach to Extended Essay preparation and workshops targeted to academic research and writing as well as collecting and analysing data.  There was also a Q&A session with graduated IB students who spoke at length about how the skills they learned from the Diploma Programme prepared them for university.

Year 12 visited UQ, St Lucia with an interesting keynote presentation from Professor Ellerton on how to think and the importance of thinking and how AI technology will never be able to replicate the level of thinking that humans have.  Students also worked collaboratively on various science challenges as well as examining science data that will assist them with their upcoming Science IAs.

This was a great opportunity for our tertiary-bound students to be able to explore campus and sit in on lectures and workshops that developed their IB specific skills.

Easter Hat Celebrations

Enjoy our virtual Easter Hat parade from students in Prep to Year 2.

Introducing Ruben Bornez Fernandez – our Spanish Language Assistant

Rubén comes from Ciudad Real, in central Spain, where he recently obtained a degree in English Studies and Literature. Rubén hopes to become a language teacher in the future and will start a Masters Degree in Teaching after his stay in Australia. Over the past few years, Rubén acquired valuable teaching experience thanks to internships in the USA and Ireland, where he worked as a Spanish Assistant in universities. Rubén also has some experience with younger children and teenagers, as he worked as an au pair in England and as an English Tutor and football coach in summer camps. Rubén has recently completed a 150-hour course in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, including a brief internship, and is excited to put himself to the test with Australian students.  It is a dream of his to teach English to students as education and languages is a passion of his.

He is currently working with our Year 9 APEX students studying Spanish for the first time, as well as the IB Diploma Spanish students.  He can also been seen out on the football pitch as Assistant coach for our interschool football (soccer) teams.


We look forward to welcoming Ruben to our College for the semester and using his expertise in our language classrooms.

What is iTime?

We are living in a time of change and our children and young people are more and more exposed to the debates around climate and are witnessing through the news, on social media, and first-hand the environmental catastrophes locally and around the world.

Now more than ever, we have a responsibility to alleviate any fears that those in our care may be experiencing and flip this situation so they can see not only the natural beauty of the world and value what is and what it can be in the future, but what they have to contribute and to know their voices and their actions are important.

We ask that you explore these issues with your children, perhaps around the dinner table in the evenings, and encourage them to recognise themselves as conscious risk takers and inquirers who have the capacity to make a difference.

In the Secondary School, we are now running ‘iTime’, an 80 minute session held every Wednesday as the last class of the day.

In iTime, students explore their own place in the world, value the skills they have and how they connect with others, and design projects that support the Sustainable Development Goals. This time allows them to make connections with their learning, discover their passions, and seek ways to contribute to the larger community through Creativity, Activity, and Service. It is a valued and valuable part of their education and will enable them to thrive as local and global citizens and in their future career paths.  It is a space where students can contribute in the following ways:


  • Term 1: Recognise the importance of community and be able to connect with others while their own strengths and discovering their own interests
  • Term 2: Creating a product to give to others
  • Term 3: Designing and participating in a physical activity that they can teach others
  • Term 4: Producing a product or service to improve well-being in the community or for the environment.

Soon, students will be launching their e-folios (digital learning portfolios) which they will be able to share with you, demonstrating how they identify themselves as changemakers, and the skillset they have that enables them to contribute and to improve their own lives, those of others, and to  the environment. This program leads towards an assessment that is included in student term report cards under Global Competence and we value your support encouraging and checking in with your child so they realise that you are also invested in this goal.

To participate actively in this class, students need a laptop or ipad to be able to conduct their own research and document their learning through the portfolio process.  Students who do not have a device will need an exercise book and will need to undertake research online at home.

If you have any queries about this new program, please feel free to contact the school.

Best wishes and thank you for your support.


Pamela Curtin

Head of Global Competence

Secondary School Swimming Carnival

2020 Lantern Painting Competition

Congratulations and good luck to all the CCC students who entered the 2020 Lantern Painting Festival as part of the 2020 Brisbane International Arts Festival. Winners will be announced on Saturday 14 March.

Positive Education at Calamvale Community College

Calamvale Community College’s wellbeing framework is based on positive psychology. Positive Education is the application of positive psychology in an educational setting. It is a framework that is based on the science of wellbeing and the strategies people can apply in their lives to experience a flourishing existence.

Character Strengths

It has probably been a while since you completed the VIA character strengths survey. Maybe some significant events have happened in your life since you last completed it. Please go to the following website to re-do the VIA Character Strengths survey. If you have not completed the survey previously sign-up to complete the free version. (use the live link above or type this URL into your browser)


Keep your eye out for more about Positive Education at CCC in upcoming newsletters.

Nerieda Anderson
Calamvale Community College
Developmental Guidance Officer, Psychologist

A message from the Acting Principal Mr Michael Ward

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome into your dynamic community.  It has been my privilege to fill in for Principal Starmer while she is on leave these last three weeks.  I am impressed with the quality of work happening here at Calamvale and the innovative thinking across P-12 that is so characteristic of the approach you value.  Final OP information is yet to be released for our year 12 students, which will be shared early in the new year.  The College continues to grow in size with strong enrolments for 2020 on our books and exciting plans for the continued growth of our signature programs.  As the end of term rapidly approaches I want to thank parents and carers for your support of the College and our staff for your commitment.  I wish all of the students a safe and happy time over the break.  One of our enterprising Calamvale students,  Taylah Anthony, has been collecting second-hand childrens’ books for the annual appeal at my permanent school, Crestmead State School in Logan City.

If there are any further donations of suitable literature or reading material for young readers aged between 0 and 15, please leave them at the office before Friday afternoon and I will ensure they get to Crestmead where they will assist the school’s work immensely.    Sincere thanks to everyone who has made a contribution – our Crestmead kids will be truly grateful.  Take the time this Christmas-New Year season to relax and re-energize, spend time with loved ones and doing the things that bring joy to your life.

Facilities Announcements

I am delighted to announce to the community that the College will be a busy place over the Christmas-New Year break.  Principal Lisa Starmer was able to negotiate some significant developments for the College before commencing her leave, and I have been involved in project start-up meetings over the past fortnight in order to get things moving.  The following has been approved for action:

  • Refurbishment of the current Platypus (resources and Junior School Music) into a new Prep space.
  • Installation of three new demountables at the back of Kookaburra which will contain four new secondary classrooms and a new primary music space.
  • Major air conditioning installations to complete the school following the Minister’s recent announcement.  This should be ready early in the new year
  • In addition, Principal Lisa Starmer should be in a position to announce details of a new permanent building in the new year as a response to College growth and our burgeoning facilities needs.

This is a good outcome for the College and I am delighted to assist in these final weeks with getting these projects moving.  We are grateful to our P&C  Association President Leesa Mason, and School Council chair Mike Butler, who provided critical support in achieving this outcome.

2020 College Leaders


After an extensive nomination process that involved an application form, a presentation to their peers on assembly plus an interview and vote, our 2020 College and International Captains were announced a few weeks ago.  Congratulations to the following students:


Secondary College Captains: Kayla Tafe, Eunice Oyet, Patrick Brian-Nillson and Jack Semini

Kayla Tafe

Eunice Oyet

Patrick Brian-Nillson

Jack Semini

Junior School Captains: Brendan Sander and Batoul Soliman

Brandan Sander

Batoul Soliman

Junior School Vice Captains: Laura Braitling and Hannah Marsden

Laura Braitling

Hannah Marsden

Junior School International Captain: Jasbaani Dhillon

Jasbaani Dhillon


We look forward to your leadership, projects and legacy in 2020.

International News

2019 was another big year for the International team, increasing numbers of International students and international study tour groups and visitors. This included visiting culinary chefs from Indonesia which was a highlight.


Many thanks to the staff of CCC who assisted the many programs and supported the international students.


Happy Holidays!

Felices Fiestas!

Selamat Hari Raya!

Tanoshii Kurisumaso Wo!

Meri Kirihimete!

Ji Ri Yu Kuai!

Sawadee Pee Mai!

Jeulgeoun Hyuil!

Ngay Le Vui Ve!


Prep – Year 2 Awards Evening

On Monday 18 November we acknowledged the youngest members of our College and celebrated their fine achievements at The P-2 Awards Night. Below is a transcript of my speech to our young achievers.

‘These young people are our leaders of the future. They amaze me every single day with their curiosity, their questions and how they are realising that their teachers, their parents and the other adults in their lives don’t always the answers to their questions. And do you know what? That’s ok.

They are thirsty for knowledge, they have grand ideas and plans and they are passionate about learning and about how they can solve big problems.  They care! They will be world changers…, they are world changers!

Too young you say? I don’t agree. I truly believe that age simply doesn’t matter if you want to create a huge impact on the environment or on other people’s lives. And to prove this point, I want to share and inspire you all some examples of young children who have successfully made a huge difference through their remarkable actions.

Kelvin Doe

One of Sierra Leone’s most famous inventors got started when he began looking for ways to fix local problems with technology as an 11-year-old, just five years after the country’s volatile civil war ended. By 13, he was powering neighbourhood houses with batteries made out of acid, soda and metal in a tin cup. He went on to build a community radio station out of recycled parts that he powered with a generator also made out of reused material.


Melati and Isabel Wijsen

Melati and Isabel were only 10 and 12, when they started on a course of activism that has drastically decreased the global usage of single-use plastic. These young women were inspired by the country of Rwanda’s ban of plastic bags in 2008, and decided to try to get their native Bali to do the same. Their homegrown initiative of beach cleanups and government petitions graduated to an organizations advocating for reduced plastic use in 15 different countries. Bali is officially plastic bag free, and Indonesia will be by 2021.


Jahkil Jackson

After 9-year-old Jahkil helped his aunt distribute food at a local homeless shelter in his native Chicago, Jahkil decided he wanted to do more to help his community. This is how Project Am I was founded. Here, Jakhil distributes “Blessing Bags” full of snacks, toiletries, a towel, and socks to people experiencing homelessness. Over 3,000 Blessing Bags have been given out in Chicago communities


Ryan Hickman

When Ryan Hickman was 3 years old, he took a visit to the rePlanet recycling centre in California. Here, he found his calling. At 7, Ryan started Ryan’s Recycling. What started out as collecting cans and bottles from his neighbours as recycling has risen to over 50 customers and over 200,000 bottles and cans.

Sound Familiar?

Preeya Sundar

One 7 year old girl….Preeya Sundar. Had an idea. Saw an opportunity to support our own P&C and help save the planet, she got a group of friends together, she spoke to her teachers and this small group of students are now taking action by talking to their peers each and every day advocating for how they can not only reduce waste, but also help air condition classrooms across the school by just recycling their poppers and water bottles –making a difference- 10 cents at a time. The 10cent crew was formed and has quickly become part of the fabric of our school. Who knows what they will do next and where this small act will take them in the future. They care and they are principled and they are making a difference to our College community and we thank them.

I hope you are inspired and moved by these innocent and hopeful young people who have made an impressive and exceptional mark in their community. They come from different backgrounds and they all are good role models to humanity. They have brave hearts, they speak their minds, they fight for what they think is right. Their simple acts only reminds us that no one is ever too young or old to make a difference. Their stories and accomplishments will surely change your outlook in life.

To all of our young students tonight, I want to thank you for the enthusiasm you have shown towards your learning this year.

Don’t ever lose your thirst for knowledge, continue to question and ponder big thoughts and ideas. You are citizens who inquire, who reflect and who care about each other, the environment and the world you live in.

You have big hearts, and you too can make a difference, and you can make a difference now, all it just takes one small action. Pick a dream, strive for something and then ….just go for it!’

Years 3 – 12 Academic Awards Night

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2019 Year 3-12 Academic Awards night on Wednesday 13 November. It was an evening where student achievement was celebrated and the evening highlighted the enormity of opportunities that Calamvale Community College has to offer.

With special guests, Dr Jim Chalmers, Honourable Leanne Enoch, Councillor Angela Owen, Mr Alan Jones, Mr Stephens Biggs  all in attendance, it was evident that CCC holds a special place in the heart of many highly regarded community members.

Executive Principal – Lisa Starmer, Mike Butler – Council Chair and Lisa Mason – Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association President and gave rousing presentations about how spectacular 2019 has been. Special thanks must be given to our Council members (who have led the strategic direction of the school), P&C members (who have raised a phenomenal $80 000 for the College this year), our teachers and our staff members, for providing so many opportunities for our students.

Congratulations to all of our students who received awards on the night. Our special award winners for 2019 are as follows:

Saema Kazemi Bevan Faulkner
Community Award Upper Junior
Upper Junior
Liana Brennan Work Ethic Award Upper Junior Upper Junior
Zainab Qurbanzadah Spirit of Brisbane Upper Junior
Cameron Sander Academic Excellence Award Upper Junior Upper Junior
Huei-Yu (Lina) Wang International Student Community Engagement Award Senior School
Kyan Torrisi Work Ethic Award Senior School
Reinnan Pomar Work Ethic Award Senior School
Ali Adam UQ Young Achievers Program Senior School
Charlotte Ashford UQ Young Achievers Program Senior School
Sally Hoang UQ Young Achievers Program Senior School
Labeena Malik UQ Young Achievers Program Senior School
Yi-Tao Tsai UQ Young Achievers Program Senior School
Huei-Yu (Lina) Wang International Student Community Engagement Award Senior School
Holly Davies Bevan Faulkner Community Award Senior School
Abbey Haber Bevan Faulkner Community Award Senior School
Tara Coleman Spirit of Brisbane Award Senior School
Aiswarya Prakash Spirit of Brisbane Award Senior School
Sylvester Lam Spirit of Boeing Award Senior School
Katriel Freudigmann IB Diploma Student of the Year Award Senior School
Kayla Tafe IB Diploma Student of the Year Award Senior School
Amity Sansom Mavis Moo Memorial Bursary Award Senior School
Aiswarya Prakash Mavis Moo Memorial Bursary Award Senior School
Isabella Van Win Dr Jim Chalmers Award Senior School
Adysson Ubaldo Emerging Leaders Award Senior School
Riley Andrews Emerging Leaders Award Senior School
Latishia Hicks-Greenaway Emerging Leaders Award Senior School
Tayla Davis Emerging Leaders Award Senior School
Bassel Fayoumi Emerging Leaders Award Senior School
Amelia Micallef Australian Defence Force Long Tan Teamwork and Leadership Senior School
Claire Durrington Australian Defence Force  Long Tan Teamwork and Leadership Senior School
Yi-Chen (Katniss) Hsu The University of Queensland Achievement Award Senior School
Nhu Huyen (Christine) Le College DUX Senior School


Sports Awards Night

Our Sports Awards evening was held on 14 November and certainly did not disappoint. Guest speaker for the evening was paralympian Monique Murphy who shared her extraordinary journey which included some powerful messages of resilience, determination and gratitude for our students to take away with them in their individual sporting pursuits. A bumper crowd was entertained by a Q and A session with Monique which was facilitated by Year 12 students; Claire Durrington and Caitlyn Kercher who also did a magnificent job in hosting the evening. Major award winners for the evening were as follows:

  • Junior School MVP: Nikeisha Ngaru
  • Junior Secondary MVP: Macy Hauser
  • Senior Secondary MVP: Claire Durrington
  • Junior School Coach of the Year: Mr Ben Vine
  • Secondary School Coach of the Year: Mrs Emma Stott-Leggat
  • House of Year: Cobar

I would like to congratulate all of our award winners on the evening and would also like to extend my gratitude for the organisation of this magnificent evening led by Director of Sport: Ms Vicki Goodall and College Publicity/Events Officer: Mrs Nicole Kedacic as well as our dedicated team of sound technicians for making this such a successful event.

Year 6 Graduate Junior School!

Graduation Day is a rite of passage for our Year 6 students, marking the end of a phase of learning and opening the door to another. It is always a proud day for students and families. The ceremony was filled with music and smiles, and the occasional tears of pride and accomplishment. We are very proud of our 2019 Year 6 cohort.


As a P-12 College, our graduation ceremony is an important marker in the journey through the College over time. Straight after the graduation, Year 6 students become Year 7 students and participate in a Welcoming Ceremony organised by the Secondary School. This ceremony brings together Year 6 students from CCC and the many students who will be attending the College from other Primary Schools in 2020.


House culture is a strong feature of the Welcoming Ceremony, with students coming into the College being allocated a House and welcomed into the College Community.

Valedictory 2019

On Friday 15 November the graduates of 2019 left the sports hall for the last time to the beat of the Taiko drums. There were tears, hugs and congratulations from families, friends, younger students, staff and each other. In a moving Valedictory ceremony, students heard from their Executive Principal, Student Leaders, and Secondary School Principal, about the mark they have made at the College as well as advice for the future. Executive Principal, Lisa Starmer, reminded the audience how special this group have been right from their prep year of schooling. They will forever be the first cohort of students to complete 13 years of education.


The assembly was incredibly proud of the vocal performance from year 12 student Seini Baleiyasawa, who sang a beautiful rendition of “Whenever you remember” by Carrie Underwood. Previous school captain Nicole Antonio, and proud member of the Calamvale Alumni, spoke to the year 12 students about the challenges and joys that await them post schooling and encouraged them to seek challenge and to be resilient.

Secondary School Principal Sharyn Angel commended the students on embracing all of the opportunities that they have been afforded at Calamvale and urged them to continue to seek and consolidate further opportunities in their lifetime.

The packed sports hall was a reminder of how special these year 12 students are to our staff, their parents and the wider community. We thank our parents and caregivers of our 2019 graduates for entrusting your students to us. We urge all of our Year 12 students to become a part of the Calamvale Alumni and we thank them for their contribution to our community and for the great contribution they are going to make to the world.


DARE to Ignite

DARE to Ignite – an opportunity for students to share their learning journey and actions they have taken to extend their learning beyond the classroom and a simple assessment task.  This was a calendar highlight for this term with students from Year 2 to 11 showcasing various aspects of their projects for the year.

Students spoke passionately, proudly and articulately to a wide audience in an interactive manner, demonstrating their confidence and knowledge and reflections.  There were groups demonstrating solar powered toy cars, recycling, simulated games, art from plastic, robots fighting, environmental advocacy projects and fundraisers, mental health awareness, art experimenting, a high tea and even a 4D dystopian experience (not for the faint-hearted!) based on the novel 1984.

This was an initiative for students to demonstrate their curriculum learning in PYP and APEX, EDGE and iTime projects, CAS and student leadership.  Thank you to the teachers, coordinators, HoPs and Deputy Principals who helped put this event together and the staff and families who attended and interacted with our students.   These young people are to be commended for being risk-takers, principled communicators.

Taster Days @ CCC

CCC’s Year 5 Taster Day took place on Friday of Week 8. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to have access to the resources and expertise of teachers in the Secondary School. We are very lucky being a P-12 College! Students engaged in a selection of activities, namely:


  • Science
  • Hospitality
  • Philosophy
  • Visual Art
  • Drone Racing
  • Virtual Reality
  • Design-thinking Challenge


The goal of the activity is to give students a taste of some of the many pathways the College has to offer as students progress through their years here. And being a Secondary School student for the day is something memorable as well.


We look forward to giving more Junior School students the opportunity to participate in Taster Days in 2020.

Design Challenge

Over 4 weeks, 10 Year 5 students each from Algester Primary School, Sunnybank Hills Primary School and Calamvale Community College (CCC), participated in a Design Challenge. Students used the design process to re-design a product that meet the features of their design brief. In teams of 5 students unpacked the design brief and found themselves tasked with:

  • re-designing a product: either it’s function, appearance, materials or content,
  • appealing to target audience of 8-15 year olds of any context,
  • environmental friendly through: materials, manufacturing, transportation, endo of life disposal,
  • creating a prototype.

Students worked hard during each of the four, ninety minute workshops and back at school, in order to be able to demonstrate: the originality of their idea, creativity- through their idea, prototype and presentation, their collaboration and how their idea helped others (global competence).

The Design Challenge culminated in each team pitching their idea in both an informal and formal context to parents and teachers with informal conversations, demonstrations and a short presentation to the whole audience. The Design Challenge was facilitated by teachers from the Technology Faculty of CCC.

Athlete Development Program steps it up!

On the 18-20 November Students from the College’s Athlete Development Program participated in a Sports Leadership Camp facilitated by the BLK Performance Centre located at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast.
The group of year 7- 9 ADP students left the College after a sequence of Fitness Tests and headed down to participate in a variety of Physical and Sporting Challenges.

Whether it was the early start for an aerobic run, stepping up to compete in a Aquathon race, having fun at the night games, working hard at Group Fitness training or a simple message of motivation to inspire and reframe beliefs… Our Students Stepped Up!
A big thank you to the ADP Staff who supported the students over the three days of Camp.
Some Quotes from Camp…
“I learned Camp wasn’t just about Sport, but what it does to us as a whole. Not only physically improving myself, but also improving my friendships along the way too”- Year 8 ADP Student Sophiea Loquias

“The food was mint” – Year 8 ADP student Zeke Byrne
“Camp not only helped improve our physical skills but also helped develop and strengthen our mindset and social awareness/skills. It helped grow you, not just as a developing athlete but also as a human being”. – Year 8 ADP student Casey Meadow
Camp was the highlight of the year. It was amazing experience that improved my physical and mental state. I really enjoyed it and I truly hope that we can do it again”. – Year 7 ADP Student Jordan Anthony
…”Lots of Opportunities to show Leadership”. – Year 9 ADP Student Ryan Butler
“Camp was good I liked riding the bike”. Year 9 ADP Student William France.


APEX Graduation Dinner

On Wednesday 20 November, the APEX team were very proud to celebrate our graduating class of Year 9 students. Throughout the three year program, students have proven to be curious, creative and reflective thinkers who are ready to take on the challenges of senior. The audience enjoyed viewing a photo montage highlighting many fond memories of our APEX students’ journey together including excursions, incursions, inquiry opportunities and learning that extended beyond the classroom. It was evident that during their time together the students have formed close friendships, something which has provided a supportive network of like-minded peers.

Parents and students also enjoyed the DARE to Ignite displays showcasing classroom work as well as entrepreneurial ventures the students designed. This exemplified the students’ capacity to apply higher order thinking skills and reflect upon how they can make a difference in their community locally and globally. Following their graduation, students and teachers enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner at De Sette Soldi. The dinner had a wonderful ambiance and it was certainly special to be able to celebrate at one of our APEX student’s family-run business.

We wish our students the very best of luck in their senior studies and have no doubt that they will continue to achieve outstanding results. We are proud to report that in 2020 we will have two new Year 7 APEX classes beginning. Our current Year 9 students have set an exceptional example and maintained high standards of achievement throughout their studies. This has proven to be very motivating for our younger students striving for academic excellence.


2020 Book lists and Resource Scheme Forms

Resource scheme

Purpose of the resource scheme

  1. In accordance with the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, the cost of providing instruction, administration and facilities for the education of students enrolled at State schools who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, or children of Australian citizens or permanent residents, is met by the State.
  2. Parents/carers are directly responsible for providing textbooks and other personal resources for their children while attending school. In recognition that these costs can be high, the school operates a Student Resource Scheme (the “scheme”) that enables a parent/carer to enter into an agreement with the school that, for a specified annual participation fee, provides for the temporary use by the student of prescribed textbooks and/or other resources, and/or the purchase of consumables and materials for the student.

Benefits of the resource scheme

  1. The purpose of the scheme is to provide the parent/carer with a cost effective alternative to purchasing the prescribed textbooks and/or resources elsewhere, through reduced prices gained from the school’s bulk purchasing practices.
  2. The scheme also ensures that students have consistent personal resources for their education, and saves the parent/carer time and money in sourcing the prescribed materials elsewhere.
  3. The scheme is not used to raise funds for other purposes, and revenue collected through the scheme is applied only to the operation of the scheme.


Junior Secondary Years 8 9 Participation Agreement Form 2019

Prep Participation Agreement Form 2019

Prep Student SRS Breakdown of Charges 2019

Secondary SRS Letter 2019

Senior Secondary Certificate Courses School SRS Letter 2019

Senior Secondary Certs SRS Breakdown Charges 2019

Senior Secondary Participation Agreement Form 2019

Senior Secondary Year 10 Participation Agreement Form 2019

Senior Secondary Year 10 SRS Breakdown Charges 2019

Senior Secondary Year 11 Participation Agreement Form 2019

Senior Secondary Year 11 SRS Breakdown Charges 2019

Senior Secondary Year 12 Participation Agreement Form 2019

Senior Secondary Year 12 SRS Breakdown Charges 2019

CCC SRS booklet 2019 FINAL

Junior School SRS Letter 2019

Junior School Years 1 – 3 Participation Agreement Form 2019

Junior School years 1 – 3 SRS Breakdown of Charges 2019

Junior School Years 1 – 6 Participation Agreement Form 2019

Junior School Years 4 – 6 Participation Agreement Form 2019

Junior School years 4 – 6 SRS Breakdown of Charges 2019

Junior Secondary Student Year 8 and 9 SRS Breakdown of Charges 2019

Junior Secondary Year 7 SRS Breakdown of Charges 2019

Junior Secondary Year 7 Participation Agreement Form 2019

Stationery lists

The booklists for your 2020 Back to School Book Packs are ready for you to place your order, please go to , click on “Order here” and follow the prompts.

We recommend that you open an account as that will save you having to re-enter your details for other orders. For multiple children, we recommend that you place all your orders in one transaction, your packs will still be delivered with one pack per child.

If you do not have access to the Internet or if you wish to pay cash (cheques are not accepted), you are welcome to visit the Campion Education Retail Store in Salisbury and place your order in person, there is plenty of car parking.


DELIVERY ORDERS placed by the due date, will be sent to your nominated address in the fortnight ending 24 January 2020. Additional charges apply for late orders.
COLLECTION ORDERS will be available from Monday 20 to Saturday 25 January 2020 at the Campion Education Retail Service Centre in Salisbury. Please ensure you tick the Campion Store Collection box for this option.


Calamvale C.C. Year Prep Booklist 2019

Calamvale C.C. Year 1 Booklist 2019

Calamvale C.C. Year 2 Booklist 2019

Calamvale C.C. Year 3 Booklist 2019

Calamvale C.C. Year 4 Booklist 2019

Calamvale C.C. Year 5 Booklist 2019

Calamvale C.C. Year 6 Booklist 2019

Calamvale C.C. Year 7 Booklist 2019

Calamvale C.C. Year 8 Booklist 2019

Calamvale C.C. Year 9 Booklist 2019

Calamvale C.C. Year 10 Booklist 2019

Calamvale C.C. Year 11 Booklist 2019

Calamvale C.C. Year 12 Booklist 2019

Principal’s News

What is the International Baccalaureate?
This is a frequently asked question and I am always happy to elaborate. For students in Years Prep to 6 and increasingly in years 7 to 9, International Baccalaureate is a way of learning. It incorporates our Australian Curriculum and gives it an international perspective. There is a focus on the Learner Profile as the most important characteristics of a learner.
IB Jigsaw Head picture
The other really important piece of the IB program is the action that happens at the end of the inquiry cycle and the learning phase. This is a response from the students which might be as large as a community project or personal a conscious change in personal perspective. Throughout this year, Ms Pamela Curtin has been with support from a small staff team, building our Global Competence Framework which will encompass this aspect of action-learning but also provide pathways for student leadership and to engage student voice. This will be launched in 2020, but here’s a snapshot.




Middle Years Program
Junior Secondary are loving the work they are doing in Inquiry and our teachers are embracing the opportunity to engage more directly with students. Our units of work are being launched with a provocation rather than a tile. A provocation is a question which seeks to inspire or interest the students in engaging with their next body of learning. So rather than approaching the work ‘cold’ we accessing the knowledge they already have and prompting them to question further, to indicate where their interests lie and to connect the new knowledge to areas of understanding that they already have. This is the process of the PYP in Junior School and we are slowly transitioning that through to our secondary learning styles.
Survey and feedback
My much promised survey of Junior Secondary parents will go out in the next week as well as the final round of student surveys in Years 7, 8 and 9. I look forward to hearing from you regarding your responses to our changes in the implementation of routines, Keys to Consistency, as well as shifts in learning styles and of course your general responses to school life in the adolescent years.

Diploma (Years 11 & 12)
Our IB seniors together with PYP students and others from across the College have revitalised “Dare to Ignite” – don’t miss it – it will be a wonderful showcase of our students’ learning.

More Growth in 2020 – more and more of our community are choosing CCC
Our College has had five years of constant growth in student numbers. The really exciting aspect of this is that, that growth has occurred inside the Calamvale Community Catchment, which means that our community is choosing our school as a school of choice. Thank you. Becoming a member of the Calamvale Community College community is a commitment to a global education with an international perspective on our world but it is also entering into a partnership between parents and families to achieve the best possible education for our students. Our International Baccalaureate programs, which address all aspects of the Australian Curriculum, and provides our students with the opportunity to grow in the Learner Profile, to understand how they learn and how to maximise their learning and achieve their best results; their personal best. Our students have achieved many personal bests this year. Please follow us on Facebook, read the newsletter and watch our information boards to track their success. We are very proud of your children, our students and very confident in their continued success. Thank you for your trust in us and your commitment to our ongoing partnership for our students.


Can and Bottle Collections
Once again a massive thank you to Mr Butler, College Council Chair for his, his families and our P&C commitment to the recycling program as a fundraiser for our school and an environmentally friendly way to dispose of our cans and bottles We had record contributions and it is an outstanding result. Thank you for the time taken to collect and deliver these to our school – more air-conditioning to come.


Congratulations and thank you P&C Junior Disco
What a wonderful Halloween Night it was! A great funding raising event for all the P&C’s hard work supporting our students. Thank you to the volunteers and our amazing Junior School staff team.

Over the course of the last few days our Junior Band, Senior Band and Jazz Band have all participated in the annual “Music Fest” Bands’ Competition. Each ensemble performed exceptionally well and achieved great results with complimentary comments from the adjudicators. Junior Band and Senior Band received Silver Awards for their performances……and today, Jazz Band took out the Gold Award!! Congratulations to these ensembles. It’s due to all their effort and hard work through-out the year. I feel very proud of them.


Strings at Music Fest 2019

 Thank-you for all your support during this huge performance term!

Our Music Fest results show the students’ hard work during the year.


Congratulations to Symphony Orchestra on their solid performance, receiving a Bronze Award, on Monday 21 October at Iona College!

Here are some of the adjudicator’s comments:

  • “some musical moments”
  • “there is good potential in this growing orchestra”


Congratulations to Crescendo on their strong performance at Coorparoo Secondary College on Thursday 24 October, receiving a Silver Award!

Here are some of the adjudicator’s comments:

  • Great energy, fantastic performance”
  • “Excellent stage presence and presentation”
  • “Well done, a solid and cohesive ensemble played with confidence”


CONGRATULATIONS to those students who performed in the Corelli Music Fest on Saturday 26 October at Coorparoo Secondary College. A GOLD AWARD!!

Here are some of the Adjudicator’s comments:


  • “Pieces were well prepared”
  • “Rhythm was secure”
  • “Very fine warm tone with Sword Dance showing fine dynamic variation”
  • A Platinum tick for Presentation!

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2019 Athlete Development Program. The team celebrated with a beautiful formal dinner where they were marked on their etiquette and dressed in formal attire. It was Athletes on the Red Carpet – and a credit to the whole ADP staff team.



CCA Breakfast and VET Awards
Congratulations Saige Amos – VET Student of the Year, Jayden Finch – Trainee of the Year & Reinnan Pomar – Outstanding Effort VET Award they took out the highest VET Awards which were presented at a Business Breakfast at Three Trees, two weeks ago. These students have achieved the highest standards in vocational education, they are industry ready and have very bright futures.

ICAS Assessments recognise and reward academic excellence. The tests are designed to assess students’ ability to apply classroom learning in new contexts, using higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills. Every year over a million students participate in ICAS around the world.
This year the assessments were completed online for the very first time. Students competed in Spelling, English, Writing, Mathematics, Science and Digital Technologies.
Congratulations to all students who were risk-takers and volunteered to be involved. Particular mention to our Distinction students (top 10%) and High Distinction student (top 1%):

DARE to Ignite 2019

CCC is very excited to host its first ever ‘DARE to Ignite’ Evening. An event designed to showcase all of the engaging inquiry-based action projects our students have been leading throughout the year. From within our classrooms to our CAST activities and extra-curricular experiences – our students will be sharing their learning journey. This includes student groups from across the whole college. A map and schedule of events will follow soon. Can’t wait to see you there.


FAREWELL Year 12’s

Our final Secondary Parade for our Year 12 cohort took place on Tuesday 29/10. The assembly was packed with celebrations of success for students, as well as the crowning of Boree as the Secondary School House Cup Winners for Term 3. The most important feature of the parade, however, was the farewell to our Year 12 students. As part of our tradition, our Prep Class, in preparation, designed some graduation cards as gifts for the 12s. These were given to the Year 12s as the Preps entered the Hall. The Preps then formed a guard of honour which the 12s crawled through. The height of the Preps makes it a bit hard to walk through. It was a special moment of the 12s and the College and displayed our wonderful, inclusive P-12 culture.


2019 saw the debut of some amazing talent across both Junior and Secondary Schools.

This year our Musical season was kicked off by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. With over 50 students from Years 7 to 12, this production absolutely blew audience members away. Featuring Misha Mehmet as Belle and Jack Semini as the Beast, both these students were making their CCC performance debuts and absolutely knocked it out of the park. Special mention must go to the behind the scenes crew. The actors get much of the accolades, and deserve every bit of praise they get…but it is the backstage crew that are the life-blood of these productions. Without their professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm, we would never be able to put on the amazing shows we do throughout the year.



Not to be outdone, Junior School stepped up and improved upon their amazing effort from last year and delivered a wonderful performance with Disney’s Aristocats. It was a show full of energy, fun, laughs and some of the best talent Junior School has to offer. A true ensemble cast, students from across Junior School committed to create a magical show that entranced audiences of all ages. A massive thank you to all teachers involved, no matter how big or small their contribution. The Arts are flourishing in CCC, in no small part because of the passion and drive of the teachers. Congratulations to all.

Year 7 – 9 Restaurant Competition

3 Trees Restaurant & Café hosted our first Year 7 – 9 Restaurant Competition at the start of the term. Students were given the challenge of designing a meal that featured egg as the key ingredient and cost less than $5 a serve in teams of two. The finished products were a selection of both sweet and savoury dishes prepared to an extremely high standard, with one team even inspiring our VET Awards breakfast menu with their creation. It was great to see the students take risks to develop their skills and knowledge both through their preparation and on the day. The students ended the day with a Bread Making Masterclass led by Allan Siu which was enjoyed by all and left FT Block smelling like a bakery.
The day would not have been a success without the guidance of our mentors: Natasha Cameron, Leah Cremen, Alan Siu, Giuseppe Tedesco-Gueli and Thuy Thach-Nguyen. Special thanks to our judges: Tom Bishop (3 Trees Restaurant &Café), Vanessa Campbell (Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre) and Simon Kelly (Training Direct Australia).
Congratulation to our eighteen budding chefs, we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
Gold Medal Recipients: Ashley Adams, Jessenia Abdullah-Brooking, Ryan Atta-Singh, Ian Choi, Eleena Finall, Ben Gordon, Chantelle Gwynne, Kaiya Grigull, Mia Luong, Beatrix Messerschmidt, Noah Schepis-Wells, Angel Scott, Enya Yang & Sharon Yu
Silver Medal Recipients: Ghazala Arbish, Astrid Messerschmidt, Isaac Oliver & Mamoon Waqas

Become a Barista Competition

Calamvale Community College recently participated in the annual Become a Barista Competition at Tim Adams Speciality Coffee in Salisbury. The entrants are judged on their ability to prepare and serve six espresso based coffees to industry standard within a 10 minute period. In preparation for the event, the students attended a training session with professional baristas where they learnt latte art and worked with the 3 Trees training team to design their Signature Beverages that had to be espresso based, iced, black and fruit infused which was quite a challenge.
We are very pleased to announce that the students embraced the challenge at hand and attained great success on the day receiving:

Excellent performance (GOLD): Ella-Louise Merrigan
Very good performances (SILVER): Saige Amos & Ella Nolan
Best espresso (sensory): Ella-Louise Merrigan
Best Signature beverage (sensory): Saige Amos
We look forward to continuing to watch the students develop their barista skills. You can sample their espressos’ in 3 Trees Restaurant & Café on most Fridays.
Congratulations again to Ella, Ella & Saige!

Year 11 Art Day/Night excursion to Mount Coot-Tha and Eat Street Markets

With the introduction of new senior curriculum, comes exciting new experiences for Visual Art students. To springboard the year 11 Visual Art students’ inquiry process, they engaged in a unique stimulus experience in two vastly different environments in surprising proximity to each other; visiting Mt Coot-tha (the largest natural forest area in Brisbane) during the heat of the day; and the bustling multi-cultural Eat Street Markets at sunset, and into the night. With such diverse environments and “en plein air” art making activities to stimulate their creativity, we can’t wait to see where the students’ inquiry process takes.


Murals and College Art exhibition:

Year 12 Visual Arts in Practice classes worked feverishly to complete their new murals before the Annual College Art Exhibition in week 3. With a new location and format (installed in 3Trees restaurant and CPAC foyer, and opened on the same night as the instrumental music awards) the College Art Exhibition showcased artistic talent of students from grade three through to grade twelve. With hospitality students on hand to serve delicacies to guests, the exhibition space provided a great venue and atmosphere for the performances of various instrumental ensembles from the College. Many thanks to Tom Bishop and Leah Cremen for the use of the space, and the service of the hospitality students; and to Dean Simmons and Catherine Erbacher for sharing the evening, and the musical talents of their students.

Artwaves Excursion:

In Week 1 of Term 4, the Year 10 – 12 Visual Art General and IB students attended the annual Artwaves exhibition at the Logan Art Gallery. The students enjoyed an immersive experience: inspired by the work of highly talented students from the Logan Region (including artworks from our own College) the students had the opportunity to be creative by completing a Mixed Media Collage Workshop with local Artist in Residence, Sandra Johnson. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to analyse the wealth of imaginative and creative works produced by students their own age whilst further developing their own creative skills, concepts and ideas.


Music Fest Bands Competition

Over the course of the last few days our Junior Band, Senior Band and Jazz Band have all participated in the annual “Music Fest” Bands’ Competition.  Each ensemble performed exceptionally well and achieved great results with complimentary comments from the adjudicators.    Junior Band and Senior Band received Silver Awards for their performances……and today, Jazz Band took out the Gold Award!!  Congratulations to these ensembles. It’s due to all their effort and hard work through-out the year.  I feel very proud of them.

Sunflower Competition

Congratulations to our senior team in the Science Department who have won a Third Prize in the UQ sunflower competition. Students had to record video of them planting sunflower seeds, over a period of time watering them and adding fertiliser. Finally students had to cut the flower head and weigh it. Over 40 video entries across QLD and NSW were received. Thank you to Ms Ellul, Ms Robertson and Ms Sharma for their encouragement of these students throughout the process.
Three senior students attend the awards ceremony at UQ’s St Lucia campus on Saturday 26 October with Ms Sharma.




Principals News

We have reached the end of Term 3 and there is some sense of satisfaction across our school. In Senior, our Year 12s have completed the QCS and were unphased by it and well prepared. It is always a difficult task, as it is the only time that these students actually face an external test. We are confident in their capability as they head into the last six weeks of their school lives.
Our Year 11s have also negotiated their first taste of either the IB Diploma curriculum or the new Queensland curriculum, units 1 and 2. As is always the case in Year 11, everyone has realised that you need to work harder in Year 11 than you perhaps thought you would. Our students in Applied and Certificate courses, are also experiencing what it is like to have more autonomy but also more responsibility for the completion of their tasks.

I want to encourage all parents and carers to provide constant encourage and perhaps some time management for our Year 11 and 12 students. They are constantly faced with challenges to their time and whether they know it or not, they would benefit from advice and then support. Thank you for your engagement with our students, your children, in partnership to achieve their best possible outcomes.


CCC matching the World in the TIMMs testing.
All schools, at some stage, participate in the TIMMs testing, and CCC is no different. Here are the statements from the TIMMs website regarding school performance across the world:
Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Japan continue outperforming all participating countries in mathematics at the fourth and eighth grades, maintaining a 20 year edge according to results released today from TIMMS, the longest running, large scale international assessment of mathematics and science in the world. Read more at then have a look at CCC level pegging with the world, not yet at the front! I can’t put the graphs into this newsletter as the quality or reproduction is poor, but I will have them up on the website for next term.




Key Successes
In Mathematics and Science, CCC is equal with the world average
In self confidence in learning mathematics and science, CCC is above the world average in all categories
In positive thinking about learning mathematics and science, CCC is above the world average
And then there’s this one, we are the black bar and being less than the world numbers is better in every aspect – our students feel safer, calmer, less anxious and more included than the students across the rest of the world.
This is one time that we want to be less than the world. Go Calamvale!
I will post the general Naplan results on the website for next term. Our results are strong and they reflect our increasing focus on supporting students to achieve at their greatest potential. It takes account of the fact that our youngest learners who are becoming bilingual achieve mastery in Year 5 and 7 in the majority – supported by our College in specialised support for their considerable capacity.

NAPLAN Feedback.
It’s good, we are always improving and we are proud of our students’ success. I will post the general NAPLAN results on the website for next term. Our results are strong and they reflect our increasing focus on supporting students to achieve at their greatest potential. It takes account of the fact that our youngest learners who are becoming bilingual achieve mastery in Year 5 and 7 in the majority – supported by our College in specialised support for their considerable capacity.

Thank you for all your support this term, happy holidays!

Creative Generation

Creative Generation State Schools on Stage celebrated its 15 year anniversary! CCC is a foundation school, having participated in the arena style production every single year since its inception. This year’s theme ‘Our Time’ reflected key milestones in humankind through music and dance, and was intended to encourage today’s young people to create their own legacies that will be celebrated long into the future. The college would like to acknowledge, congratulate and thank this year’s participants for their incredible commitment and contribution to another successful CGEN!
We would also like to say a massive thank you to the parents and teachers that supported their students’ involvement. Opportunities to become involved in the numerous categories of CGEN 2020 will be advertised throughout the college later in the year.

The show will be aired on Network Ten at 12 noon on Saturday 28 September with an encore screening on Sunday 29 September at 11 am on 10PEACH.

IB Camp

In the last week of Term 2, our Year 11 IB students journeyed their way to North Stradbroke Island. Here they spent three days residing at the University of Queensland’s Moreton Bay Research Station. The main purpose was to focus on the IB Core; Theory of Knowledge, CAS and the Extended Essay. Students undertook some mindfulness activities with a scenic ocean backdrop and focused on exploring their creative side with some artistic work.

The group also developed their teamwork skills with a specific focus on precise communication and the importance of this. Lots of fun with Duplo, balloons and puzzles.

A main component was exploring the strong indigenous history of the island. We were guided through the mangroves and heard stories of oral traditions and the importance of sustainability and balance. The students also then worked with a local Quandamooka gallery to develop their own indigenous art pieces using traditional techniques, which are now proudly on display in our IB Hub.

There was a strong emphasis on the initial thinking and planning of the Extended Essay with some workshops on designing research questions and mindmapping.

The group demonstrated many of their attributes of being communicators, knowledgeable, inquirers, balanced and risk-takers and braving the wet weather. Fantastic trip!

Japan Trip 2019

In the last week of Term 2, 8 of our Taiko students, along with Mr Simmons and Mrs Ferguson headed off to Japan for a week of Taiko activities, School visits and cultural exchange. After some initial dramas with their flight being cancelled, they still made it to Japan in time to attend their first activity. They no sooner checked into their Hotel and they were off again to visit “Matsugaya High” for an afternoon of Taiko playing with their Taiko Club.
On day 2 they went to the “Taiko Lab” in central Tokyo for a 2 hour Taiko lesson with a professional Taiko Instructor. Then that evening they were all part of a Taiko Concert in Tokyo where they performed 2 of their pieces as well as getting to watch other Taiko groups perform, including professional Taiko Group, “Mugen”. Day 3 they went to Flute making workshop and made their own Bamboo Flutes. This was followed by an afternoon of sightseeing as well as catching up with Fumiko, the Japanese Percussionist who visited our School last year. They went to Asakusa and visited Tokyo’s oldest Temple and Shrine. Then in the evening went to Tokyo Tower for some great night views of Tokyo City. Day 4 they went to Kamakura which was the medieval capital of Japan. It was good to get out of Tokyo and see a different side of Japan including ancient Temples, beautiful gardens and a massive statue of Buddha! Day 5 they visited our sister School, “Tama Meguro High” and were made to feel incredibly welcome. They picked us up from the train station, welcomed us with a Tea Ceremony, provided us with lunch and invited us to their classrooms to engage in various activities. It was a very enjoyable day, and many students said it was the highlight of the trip. That evening they went to a Japanese family’s home for dinner and had a smorgasbord of very delicious Japanese foods. Day 6 we went to “Shoyo High” for an afternoon of Taiko activities as well as visiting classrooms and engaging in activities with their students. Once again, it was a very enjoyable exchange and as with all the Schools, the Japanese Teachers and Students made us feel very welcome. That evening we went to the famous “Shibuya Crossing” in central Tokyo and braved the crowds to make our way across the “5- way scramble crossing” in a sea of people! Day 7 was our final day. Before our long haul back to the airport, we went to “Ginza”, which is one of the “flahsiest” suburbs in Tokyo and did some shopping in a 7 story stationary store!

All in all, it was a very successful and rewarding trip. We learned more about Taiko, became to understand Japanese Culture a little better, made friends at the Schools we visited and enjoyed visiting some wonderful places in and around Tokyo.

World Arts and Multicultural Inc (WAMCI) news

Thanks Mr Butler, College Chair, for accepting the invitation to become an advisor to the .  He was delighted to received a signed copy of Melody Chen’s new book.

QTIC Salute to Excellence

Calamvale Community College has had their first finalist in the Queensland Tourism Industry Council’s Salute to Excellence Awards, which recognises Year 11 and 12 students that are undertaking or have completed vocational education and training in tourism, food and beverage or cookery. Saige Amos is a Year 12 student studying a Certificate III in Hospitality at the College who has been recognised for her leadership, skills and dedication to Hospitality through her nomination for the Food and Beverage Category. Throughout her studies, Saige has excelled in a variety of roles at Calamvale’s 3 Trees Restaurant & Cafe along with participating in work experience opportunities at Royal Pines Resort and Suncorp Stadium. Saige is currently preparing to participate in the upcoming Become a Barista Competition and hopes to go on to study Events Management at university next year.


Congratulations on a fantastic achievement Saige!

Hospitality Excellence Program for 2020

The Hospitality Excellence Program for 2020 has now officially launched and applications are now open. The Hospitality team would like to extend thanks to all of the Year 9 students and their families that came to our showcase evening in 3 Trees Restaurant & Café on Wednesday 7 August. It was great to be able to share what we do with you and information about our subject in Year 10 and beyond. We enjoyed seeing what our budding chefs have been up to in Year 9 Food Technology and look forward to sampling their Bento boxes.




Students who are interested in studying Hospitality or Kitchen Operations next year contact the Program Coordinator, Leah Cremen (, if you have any questions.


Electronic Sports Competition- Esports

Esports, also known as electronic sports, is a form of competition through video games which is on a rapid rise globally. On Saturday 20 July, the Calamvale team consisting of Year 12 students; Chris Jeong, Thang Truong, Matthew Shearer, Xavier Lee and Ethan Mackinlay, competed in the live finals at the University of Queensland for the Queensland High School Championship. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game in which players must strategically work together in order to win.
Over a ten week period that included over 40 schools and 300 students from Queensland, the team went through the round robin stages of the tournament undefeated, and cemented their place to compete in the live finals at the Schonell Theatre. With great teamwork, grit and determination, the boys worked together and defeated Merrimac SHS in the Semi Final and had their sights set on the Grand Final.

In the Grand Final, the Calamvale team faced off against Kelvin Grove College to decide who would be representing Queensland in the National Finals. Albeit hard-fought and with great determination from both sides, the boys fell in the Grand Final and had to settle for the second best team in Queensland. Although falling just short of reaching the national stage in Melbourne, the team as a whole garnered something not many others have; an insight into competitive gaming, and an experience to what it would feel like to play on a live stage as an Esports Professional. Just recently, American 16 year old Kyle Giersdorf took out the first-ever Fortnite World Cup winning $3 million in prize money, which is more prize money than Novak Djokvic winning Wimbledon or Tiger Woods winning the US Masters. This truly demonstrates the reality of Esports becoming a strong part within sporting society.

Written by CCC student Brad Szakowski (Team Captain)

On 20 July, 20 students, 5 teachers and 6 members of the Support Crew embarked on the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge. Teams competed in the 48km course, hiking through the night in hilly, rough terrain.

2019 saw CCC’s best performance to date, with 18 of 20 students completing the challenging course. On top of this, the time taken by teams to complete the course improved remarkably. Mr Bunn’s Team finished in just 10 hours and 40 mins, 3 hours faster than any of our teams in the previous two years.

Overall, the teams demonstrated grit and determination and wonderful teamwork to achieve their goal. It is important to note that the event itself is only a part of the challenge. Students must train for 6 months, as well raise money for the Kokoda Foundation, so the Kokoda Challenge is a long-term commitment for our students.

We are extremely proud of all the teams and look forward to our 2020 campaign. Special thanks must go to our Support Crew and sponsors who made the event possible.


On Monday 22 July, Suzie G, electric violinist and entertainer visited Calamvale CC to give a show in CPAC for all the Instrumental Music Strings students and then a coaching session for our new Electric String Quartet, Cadenza Quartet.
Suzie dazzled everyone with her musical performance, lighting and smoke machine! Some Junior School students won a free CD of Suzie G’s music in the quiz! Several Senior School students were fortunate to have a play on Suzie’s bright pink violin or our school electric cello!

Sydney/Canberra Cultural Tour

On Sunday 18 August, 108 of our Year 6 students embarked on a six-day trip to Sydney and Canberra by bus. The bulk of the places visited directly linked to classroom lines of inquiry, which brought the students’ learning to life.

During the 2019 Cultural Tour, students enjoyed visiting:

• Parliament House
• Australian War Memorial
• Questacon
• Old Parliament House
• Australian Institute of Sport
• Government House
• Mount Ainslie Lookout
• National Museum of Australia
• Perisher Snow Fields
• Circular Quay in Sydney
• Taronga Park Zoo

There are many people who need to be thanked for making this year’s trip one of the best yet. Thank you to our wonderful staff who accompanied our students on the trip – Ms Connor, Ms Bertoli, Ms Haslam, Ms Leatherbarrow, Ms Pearn and Mr Loriaux

We also need to thank the Federal Government who recognise the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion, the Australian Government contributed $60 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate program. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the excursion.

Principals news

Semester One is complete, and we are heading into the June-July holidays.  It has been a bumper 6 months with some outstanding accomplishments for our students.  There are several feature articles in this double issue of the newsletter and I hope you take the time to read through the variety of activities in which our students have been engaged.  Our Year 11s have completed the first unit of the new ATAR system and our Year IB students are one semester closer to their Diploma.

Boree won the House Challenge in Junior School and our Junior Secondary students including Years 5 and 6 have had some great input into the shaping of our IB Middle Years Program.  Ms Emily Smith will join the team heading Years 6 to 9 English supporting Mrs Sivhola on IB and 10-12.  We will also be joined by a P-12 Languages Head of Department in the next semester.  Ms Cole will be the Mathematics 7-12 Head of Department for semester 2.

We welcome Mrs Welch back in Semester Two having had a few weeks leave, as will Mr Smith.  I want to give an enormous thank you to the Junior School Admin and Heads of Program who have managed the Junior School through Jackie’s absence, we have not skipped a beat; thank you Mr Loriaux as Principal and Mrs Kelly and Mrs Muller as Deputies as well as Ms Lewicki and Mrs Wilson who have been a great support.  Ms Lewicki will be leaving us for a semester to continue her work on the Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher role and Mrs Mclean will be in the Maths Head of Department role.  We are welcoming Mrs Gallina, Ms Porter, Mr Dickson, Mr Steenberg into our teaching staff and look forward to working with them and our students will be excited to share their PYP learning.


UQ Speech Language Pathologists Farewell

We have just completed the first stage of a pilot of Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) students attending our College as part of their practicum. Supervised by our SLP, Ms Alex Gorrie, teams of UQ SLPs (recognizable by their purple UQ shirts) worked with our students to improve early literacy indicators and support students requiring further development of language and speech. This was a fantastic program and we were so lucky to the school that UQ chose to partner with. Many thanks to Ms Gorrie for your leadership and management of our ‘purple army’, the results for our students have been outstanding and our community is very grateful.

Survey My Class – Student Agency in the IB Program

As part of our IB initiative we are invested in expanding our students’ sense of involvement in their learning and providing opportunities for the students to participate in the way that the College runs. Steve Francis, ex-principal and educational influencer, has developed a set of surveys for schools use with their students and communities. You can find out more at or Upper Junior and Junior Secondary students, are usually considered the most disempowered group, not just at our school but within the education system – it is a time of great change and often quite an emotional time as bodies, relationships and friendships change, but also learning styles change. Coincidently or perhaps not, the Junior Secondary Years is the last area of our College to take up the IB program. We very much want our Upper Junior and Junior Secondary students to be a part of the development of the last stage of our IB program. As the first step in this process of increasing student agency, we have rolled our “Survey My Class” surveys to Years 5 through 9 during weeks 7 to 9 in term 2.

I have included below the text that was distributed in an email to the students with the links to their surveys. We will survey the remaining classes in Years 7-9, next term. All this information collected is collated and returned to the teachers of those classes, so that they can have a greater understanding of what our students enjoy in their learning, what they want more of and what they want less of. It is an anonymous survey and the collated data, makes it impossible to locate any individual’s comments. It is my hope that as well as surveying the remaining Junior Secondary classes in term 3, I will also be able to survey the parents of these students, with a similar survey so that we can gain a greater understanding of your experience and expectations.


Text sent to students by email:

Today you got an amazing opportunity. As students at Calamvale you have been given the responsibility of sending some feedback to your teachers about your classroom environment and how you think that you learn best.
Only students in grades 4 to 9 have the chance to do this survey – so it really is a special opportunity. You will all answer the same questions and therefore be able to share with your teachers, your thoughts about class.
This is a chance to be really honest and think very carefully about what you would like to share with your teacher about your class and the learning that happens there. Your answers are collected up and shared with just your teacher, no-one else. Your teacher will not be able to see your names or what you said on the survey – so it’s anonymous, which is why you have to think carefully and answer honestly.
You will have received a link to a survey today in an email. I want you to do this survey as soon as you can, reading carefully and taking your time to give your thoughts and feelings in your answers.

If you are a Junior School student, we have reset your passwords today and your teachers will have told you what this is. You answer just one survey about your class.

If you are a Junior Secondary student, you should already have your password and will only need to go to your teacher for a reset if you have forgotten it. Students in years 7, 8 and 9 – you are completing 4 surveys for the classes that you are in, from the list below. You can only complete the surveys sent to you and you should complete them all on your own, with your own ideas.

Here’s the list:

  • ENG – English
  • SCI – Science
  • ENR – English Enrichment
  • DRA – Drama
  • FDS – Food Studies
  • MUS – Music
  • DIG – Digital Technologies
  • AFT – Film, Television and New Media
  • DAT – Design Technologies
  • FDS – Food Studies
  • ART – Art
  • STM091A – Steam

Please try to finish this survey this week, whilst you are thinking about it. Thank you for your feedback, we know that it will help us make school even better and more enjoyable.

Young Entrepreneurs – the Leaders of Tomorrow

Once a term, CCC holds Community and College Alliance breakfast meeting of businesses that support our College and are invested in developing closer links between school and work. On May 17th, our Alliance partners spent the morning with 40 of our young risk-taking entrepreneurs. The business leaders and students engaged in a ‘speed-mentoring’ process, which was structured to develop our students’ confidence and skills in leading a project. Three Monday afternoons of workshops then rolled into June 13th and a Peak Experience with the youth leadership organisation High Resolves. Sixty students participated in a culminating entrepreneurial activity with the intention of presenting to parents that evening. As it turned out we postponed the parent presentation evening due to student readiness and the numbers of parents who could attend. However this event will happen next term and we very much look forward to the presentations that students will share with us.



Thank you for your support of our team and your students, have a restful break and we are already looking forward to Semester Two, 2019 – happy holidays!



CCC overshadows the G20 visit in Japan

Our students and two of their teachers, have touched down in Tokyo for CCC’s cultural tour featuring percussion.  Whilst CCC has experienced culturalexchanges to China in previous years, this is the first working holiday a group of our students have attended.  Mr Simmons has arranged school visits, workshops and concerts some of which will be observed and enjoyed and others our students will participate – equally exciting.  There is a little bit of sight-seeing and some wonderful cultural experiences for our Taiko and percussion players.  We look forward to hearing all the stories and presenting in the next newsletter, upon their return.  Safe travels.


daVinci Decathlon

During Week 6, we had teams of eight compete in the daVinci Decathlon from Years 5 through to 11. This was a rigorous academic competition against 50 other teams from South East Queensland, with many being from the private school system. In teams, students competed across 10 disciplines: Engineering, Mathematics and Chess, Code Breaking, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Ideation, Creative Producers, Cartography and General Knowledge. Every week, from Term One until the competition, students worked as a team before or after school to prepare for the competition ahead. These training sessions gave students insight into what to expect in each discipline and also prepare them to work together as a team.



Once again, Calamvale came home with numerous accolades including: 1st in Ideation – Year 10/11, 1st in Cartography – Year 5 and 3rd Cartography – Year 10/11. This is the third year in a row that the, now, Year 10/11 team has been triumphant in in Ideation. A big thanks for the teachers who volunteered their expertise as coaches in each discipline. A huge congratulations to all student – competitors another wonderful achievement to be proud of. Go team Calamvale!

Robotics Competition

On Saturday 8 June,  22 students from Year 3, 5, 7, and 8 participated in the Sunshine Coast Robotics Competition, leaving the College at 6:45am and returning at 5pm.

71 teams participated in the Junior division (Year 4-7) in which 6 of our teams including our Year 3 teams competed in.

Every one of our students were fully committed to their own team and the school as a team by supporting each other to problem solve and give words of encouragement when resilience felt low, we are very proud of all your efforts!!

Robo Boys AKA: Harry, Linus, Charles (and Riley who wasn’t at the competition but attended and helped at all the  preparation meets) did exceptionally well for their first competition and placed 12 out of 71 teams which gave them a battle in the final rounds.

Please congratulate these students if you see them around:

Robo Boys – Harry L, Linus K, Charles Y, Riley P (Year 3)

The Destroyers – Blaire H, Niyati P (Year 3)

Fire Rhinos – Brendan S, Lachlan F, Jackson H, Aiden H (Year 5)

Banana Boys – Jake J, Nikunj P, Nishant S, Noah B, (Year 7)

Thanoscar – Noah S, Ian C (Year 7)

Jimmy – Riley B, Josh J, Luke C (Year 7)

Mr Chicken – Taylor J, Beatrix M, Astrid M, Ben G (Year 7/8)


Dancing with the Stars

500 Junior School students danced the night away at the P&C Disco. Congratulations and thank you to Mrs Leesa Mason and the P&C for a wonderfully successful disco this month. This was the largest event of its kind for quite some years. P&C raised over $4000 towards the further air-conditioning of our College and we are excited to be able to progress this initiative.

There was food and drinks and staff joined the tinsel and glitter as our youngest students sped around the dancefloor, and expended enormous amounts of energy on a Saturday night. Our very cool and beautifully decked out Upper Juniors, then took over the space and had a wonderful evening. The venue in secondary school was great and the LEOs Club added to the atmosphere with games to keep everyone occupied.

CCC community really wants to pass on our thanks to the P&C team and their many helpers, who did a fabulous job and made the night so enjoyable. Thanks to the staff who attended as well, they to enjoyed the opportunity to see the students partying, dancing and celebrating each others’ company.

IB Stradbroke Island Camp

Year 11 IB Diploma students had their inaugural Core Camp to UQ’s Moreton Bay Research Station on Stradbroke Island in Week 10.  The participated in a number of activities related to their service component of CAS, learnt about indigenous knowledge systems in Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and began their research into their upcoming Extended Essay (EE).

They squelched their way through mud in the mangroves, worked collaboratively on an indigenous art piece with a local Quandamooka art gallery,spent loads of time doing team building activities, focusing on communication, mindfulness and creative release activities in nature and conducted ecological investigations on the rocky shores of Stradbroke.  The students worked hard with long hours whilst braving the torrential rain.

Some great takeaways and reflections from the students on the importance of your peers and being a team and connecting with each other.  Plus they survived their time without phones.

A great immersive experience!


Our first concert of the year and what an amazing performance our young musicians produced after only six months of practice, new songs, new ensembles and expanded repertoires. Over the last five years I have watched this program go from strength to strength under the leadership of Mrs Erbacher and Mr Simmons. Last Monday night was a treat, I’ve included the program, but add to that film footage of the various movies playing in the back ground, our hosts’ sharing their best music jokes and a packed CPAC of more than 230 people. It was a credit to the students and their teachers and many thanks to all of our parents for their continued support of our 200 strong instrumental program. We are all looking forward to the eisteddfod season and the end of year concert which will be sensational.

Senior Sport News

Athletics Age Champions

12 Years        Fred Oyet                     Kelly Jordan
13 Year          Kazemi Mehdi             Ramla Mwechiwa
14 Years        Takreem Ahmed         Alysha Kelly
15 years         Mwechiwa Shareef     Tiana Richards
16 Years        Levi Clare                     Jade Wood
17 Years        Ibrahim Mwechiwa    Caitlin Kercher








District trials

On 27 and 28 May, 75 Athletes in total represented the school over the two day Southern Scorpions District Trial at The State Athletic Facility. From this, a team of 24 athletes gained selection to compete at the Metropolitan West Track and Field Trial – 17 and 18 June. Zac Lewis and Tiana Richards have already qualified for their respective Hurdles events for the State Championships in Cairns in October.



Met West

Several other students have also been successful at achieving the coveted green and yellow of Metropolitan West representation.
Sophie Vercoe – Rugby League – Carina in July.
Macy Hauser – Cricket – Mackay in November.
Shareef Mwechiwa, Ryan Butler and Tiana Richards – Basketball – Cairns in August.
Some many talented sportsmen and women.

Interschool Sport

The Winter School sport season is well underway. Calamvale is extremely grateful to the following teachers who have given up their precious time to coach, referee and travel with their teams to other schools in the Karawatha District. Blake Bunn and Milton Saava Boys Basketball; Glen Ormesher and Ardeth Alofipo Netball; Natasha Cameron and Emma Stott-Leggat Girls Football; Dean Stevens and David Brown Boys Football, Linda Klimosow and Dajana Zec Girls Volleyball.

Griffith University STEM Futures Day

Recently a group of year 12 students attended the Griffith University STEM Futures Day. It was a fabulous day where the students were involved in some Science, Technology and Engineering activities, as well as enjoy exploring campus while shopping for own delicious free lunch. The group spent the morning being challenged and very frustrated while trying to solve a crime in a crime scene investigation and then they broke into small groups where they tried their hand at a flight simulator or some quantum physics. It was very interesting and a great insight into university life.

Inquiring into Inquiry in Secondary School

This Semester, Secondary School teachers have been very busy undertaking a range of professional learning experiences, with a particular focus on Inquiry. Professional learning is critical in all phases of a teacher’s career, from pre-service teachers to very experienced. At Calamvale, we support teachers throughout their career, with a philosophy of identifying, sharing and supporting our strengths as teachers.

A key focus for Secondary School teachers is strengthening and deepening our knowledge and skills in Inquiry, in preparation for the IB Middle Years Program. Each of these sessions had asked our teachers to become inquirers, working through the phases of Inquiry during the professional learning sessions. Our learning culminated in our Inaugural TeachMeet@CCC, where teachers volunteered to share aspects of their teaching with their colleagues in short concurrent sessions.

Nurturing the development of our early career teachers is an important part of professional learning at our College. Early career teachers have attended the Metropolitan Region Beginning Teachers’ Conference, Early Career Teacher’s Conference and the Beginning Teachers’ Conference hosted by BETA (Beginning and Established Teachers’ Association). These conferences gave our teachers the opportunity to hear from knowledgeable speakers, both Australian and International.
This Semester, we also hosted 14 pre-service teachers in Secondary School, the largest number we have ever had! All of these teachers were very impressed by the College, our students and the learning in our classrooms.

We look forward to further developing our inquiry skills and knowledge further in Semester 2!

University of Queensland Speech Pathology (SLP) Department working with CCC students

During Semester 1 this year, Calamvale Community College collaborated with the University of Queensland Speech Pathology (SLP) Department and was able to successfully run targeted and evidence-based programs to support children in Prep to Year 3. From Monday to Wednesday morning each week, it was common to see speech pathology students in their maroon shirts working with groups of engaged children around the Junior School.

In Prep, groups of six children worked with two university SP students to practice their oral narrative, vocabulary, phonological awareness and print awareness skills as a pre-learning opportunity for the Read it Again-FoundationQ program that was occurring in each Prep class. Year 1 students worked in groups of six children twice a week with four university SP students to narrow in on their oral narrative skills through the use of the Tell it AgainQ1! program. The Phonological Awareness for Literacy program was implemented in Year 3 with a selected number of children as an additional literacy learning opportunity that complimented the Sounds to Letters program that is used at Calamvale Community College.
All the university SP students expressed a high degree of learning and enjoyment following their practicum at Calamvale Community College with all of them recommending the school and clinic for future SP university students to attend. The children enjoyed working with the student SLPs and teachers reported a positive change in children’s abilities. Evidence collected via pre- and post- data collection supported the positive impact that the language and literacy programs had on children’s growth and learning.

An additional clinic will be running in Semester 2 with 18 different University of Queensland SLP students supporting more children from Calamvale Community College. As a way of acknowledging the involvement and dedication by the University of Queensland SLP students in Semester 1, Calamvale Community College invited the SLP students back to the College to enjoy a breakfast where Lisa Starmer, the College Executive Principal, presented each SLP student with a certificate of appreciation. Below is a photo of some of the SLP students who were at the College this semester as well as the other Department of Education and University of Queensland staff that were involved.

Focus on Ability Film Festival

This year Calamvale has entered a short film into the Focus on Ability Film Festival and we are looking for your support. Last year the Festival had press from around the globe. How can you help? Please VOTE 1 Calamvale Community College! Up to $150 000 prize money to be won.

The films will be available for viewing and voting on June 20 via website at around 10am Sydney, Australia time. The voting will then remain open until July 3rd midnight Sydney, Australia time. Many years the difference between winning and 2nd has been under 5 votes so every vote certainly counts.

Our short film depicts how people living with disabilities can find a home at Calamvale Community College. We share a fence line with Calamvale Special School and the gate is always open. We have been operating HPE and Sport ‘student mentor’ programs since 2013 that facilitate the spirit of ‘inclusivity and togetherness’ that exemplify the COMMUNITY in Calamvale Community College. The ‘mentees’ have demonstrated incredible resilience adapting to the changes in and around adjusting programs for inclusion, as well as the enthusiasm to try an array of different sports and training programs. The intent of the short film is to provide a snippet of the inclusion process, showcasing the mutual cooperation and relationship building between the students of the two schools, as well as the enjoyment and the fun they experience by completing the programs.

Keep up to date with everything Focus via FB page Thank you all Yr 9 students and Athlete Development students, HPE Teachers and Learning support teachers, Film teachers and students, Calamvale Special School teachers and students, for your work in this space this year and every year.

Michelle Bullion
p-12 HPE Head of Program
Calamvale Community College


Secondary Principal on CCC Core Values


My mission as the Head of Secondary School is to develop curious, creative and clever internationally minded citizens who are respectful, responsible, resilient and show initiative. These core values are important to shape our students to thrive and contribute positively to this changing world. It is imperative that we work in partnership with our families to deliver consistent messages to our students so that they can make informed positive choices to display our schools core values now and into the future. Students participate in positive education lessons each fortnight which gives them time to focus on these core values.

RESPECT: At CCC we expect our students to not just tolerate each other, but to respectfully listen to other peoples perspectives so that their opinions can be shaped and challenged through their interactions with teachers, students and community members. We want our students to be proud to be a part of our College and to respect our College brand by wearing their uniform with pride at all times. Our students ability to develop respectful relationships will allow them to contribute to the interconnected, multicultural society they will live in once they graduate from our school. We are fortunate to be a diverse, multicultural College where students are given the opportunities to learn other perspectives and demonstrate and develop this core value of respect both within our college and beyond our gates.

RESPONSIBILITY: At CCC we expect or students to develop their organisational skills and time management so that they can take responsibility for their ongoing learning. The attribute of all 3 of our OP 1 students from 2018, was their exceptional time management skills. Students are taught the skills of responsibility and are given the tools, such as the school organiser, assessment schedules and personal learning plans so that they can reflect on and plan for improvement. All students are to wear full uniform every day. As Head of Secondary School, I have a deep connection to the concept of ‘team’ of which I hope to instil in all students. A uniform is the visual representation of a team and consequently I want every student to be a committed member of the CCC team. A student’s commitment to this team can be demonstrated by wearing the full and complete uniform every day. Most jobs, post school, will require employees to wear a uniform. At CCC we are committed to setting students up for success once they finish school. Please ensure that your student is in full school uniform every day.

INITIATIVE: In this fast paced, changing world, for students to thrive, they must choose to be a part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. Students at CCC are encouraged to be able to adapt to a changing need and find alternative ways to managing themselves and their environment. One of the ways that we are assisting students to take initiative is through the pedagogy by which we teach. At Calamvale we use Inquiry pedagogy. By using this pedagogy, students are given the opportunity every day to take the initiative in their learning, to find out more about a topic or subject. During my time at Calamvale, I have been delighted to see students take the initiative to help each other, teachers and community members. Recently, our students have been given the opportunity to work with a group called High Resolves, who are providing a space for students to develop solutions to real work problems.

RESILIENCE: The only thing certain in this world, is that nothing stays the same, we are constantly changing and to thrive we must adapt. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Throughout their lives, students will have many difficulties and their ability to develop skills to self-regulate, to take care of their mental and physical well-being, and to recognise when they must seek out assistance, are imperative skills to ensure that students will thrive throughout school and beyond. At CCC, we use Positive Education to build students skills to be resilient and to take personal responsibility for their positive accomplishments, emotions, health, purpose, engagement, and relationships. We also have a passionate support services team that is made up of two guidance officers, a youth support coordinator, a nurse, speech pathologist and chaplain for students to access when necessary.
I look forward to continuing to work in partnership with our families to shape our students into citizens that will thrive when they leave our College.


Arts within CCC have been extremely busy this term, with successful productions, incursions and excursions. All are working towards producing the very best Arts possible.
Currently Year 10 Drama are working in partnership with Queensland Theatre to create an original interpretation of Angela Betzien’s The Shot as part of this year’s Scene Project, to be performed on the Billie Brown stage in South Brisbane on the 26 July.

31 August will see the premiere of The Company’s production of Stories in the Dark. Tickets will be on sale soon, including a very special opening night partnership with Three Trees Restaurant. 50 ‘Gold Class’ tickets will be available where for $25 you can have a main meal before enjoying the performance in CPAC. Other tickets will be available on the night for $10 and opening night will also see the restaurant put on a cash bar for the interval.


Students are also currently hard at work on this year’s Creative Generation. Calamvale is one of an exclusive few schools who have been involved in the celebration since the very beginning. This year, along with talented dancers and performers, we have members of our Strings ensemble involved for the first time.

Monday 24 June was the annual Music@6 in CPAC. This is a celebration of the amazing work that our instrumental students, and their teachers, achieve in Semester One. With a slight film theme this year, we will be treated with music from Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones. It will be an outstanding night out and a real highlight to all music and film lovers.

Korean Youth Orchestra and Calamvale CC Collaboration Concert

On Sunday 2 June, various Calamvale CC Instrumental Music Strings students performed together with the Korean Youth Orchestra in a concert at CPAC. Students joined in with the Korean Orchestra rehearsals on several Sunday afternoons to learn the new repertoire. Well done on taking on these challenges and giving a great performance!

Australian Titration Competition







18 Chemistry students (6 teams) from Calamvale Community College, Year 11 and 12, took part in the Australian Titration Competition that was held at Griffith University (Nathan Campus) on the 1st of June. The students competed against 20 other, Private and State schools. In this competition students carried out titration using 2 different acids and a base to find the concentration of the unknown base. One of our Year 12 Chemistry student’s, Thang Truong, was spot on in finding the exact concentration from his team. All the other students did extremely well as their results were fairly close to the exact value. Well done to team Calamvale, an excellent effort and dedication displayed by all.

Positive Education at Calamvale Community College


In the last newsletter the concepts of automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) and performance enhancing thoughts (PETs) were introduced. When we make an effort to become aware of our ANTs it is possible to identify how our emotions and behaviour are linked to those ANTs. We then place ourselves in a position that enables us to consider options for adjusting an ANT so that it becomes a PET. Here is a very simple example of how you can help your child turn an ANT into a PET.
Child: ‘Argh!!!! I am not doing any more of my homework! It is too hard, I can’t do it!’
Parent: ‘I can see that you are having the thought that you can’t do your homework because it is too hard and that thought is making you feel frustrated and wanting to give up. If you could change your thoughts just a little bit you might find that you are able to do a bit more and feel a bit better. How could you change the thought, ‘I can’t do it’, so that it doesn’t stop you trying to do a bit more and to make that frustrated feeling have less impact on you?’
Child: ‘I can’t do it yet.’
Parent: ‘Great! Give that a try! By turning your thought, ‘I can’t do it’ to ‘I can’t do it yet’, I’m sure you can have a go at doing some more. You could also add in, ‘I can ask my teacher for help tomorrow’. You are likely to get more done and feel less frustrated by thinking like this.’


Brainstorm alternatives
Is there a more realistic alternative?


Edelman, S. (2013). Change Your Thinking (3rd Edition): Sydney, ABC Books.

Some teachers are using the ANTs and PETs acronyms in their classrooms. However, you do not need to use the acronyms to help your child adjust their thinking.
Keep your eye out for more about Positive Education at CCC in upcoming newsletters.
Nerieda Anderson
Calamvale Community College
Developmental Guidance Officer, Psychologist

Year 7 Induction Sessions

Monday 10 June saw our Year 7s participate in the fifth session of their induction into the Secondary School. It was a morning full of movement and action that had the students compete in a range of team activities. The students worked together in Connect and House groups to complete a range of problem solving puzzles with Keera House being the winner on the day, earning their free pizza party lunch.

The Year 7 cohort have gelled well as a group. Throughout the five part induction process this semester, they have:

  • Identified their Character Strengths
  • Explored what it means to be a proud member of the College Community
  • Understanding how to respect others’ differences and celebrate diversity
  • Worked in teams
  • Started the process of looking at their future pathways.

It has been pleasing to see the group work so well together, and as individuals, to establish their place in the Secondary School. The students have united well within their Houses of Keera, Cobar, Thrarah and Boree and it was fantastic to see the great teamwork displayed through the sessions. The energy, enthusiasm and competitiveness of the students clearly highlighted their sense of belonging to their House and Connect groups. Well done Year 7s. We look forward to a united and successful Semester two.

Dean Stevens – Head of House Tharah



CCC has 5 teams competing in this year’s Kokoda Challenge in the Gold Coast Hinterland, 20-21 July. These teams, each made up of four students and one teacher, hike 48km overnight in often freezing cold and wet conditions. Teams have been training hard, with a 30km hike completed on Friday 14 June.

The Kokoda Challenge is character-building experience for all students – and teachers. The physical and mental strength needed to complete the course needs to be developed through a tough training regime.

The College is very appreciative of all sponsors who have generously donated to the Kokoda Challenge initiative. Many of the proceeds go directly to the Kokoda Foundation, a charity that supports disadvantaged youth get their lives back on track.

Our major sponsors for 2019 are:

  • Algester Sports Club
  • Superior Crane Hire

Our other sponsors, who have donated prizes to our raffle, are:

  • Greenbank RSL vouchers
  • Calamvale Hotel
  • Logan City Bowling
  • Australia Zoo
  • Eco Park
  • Vibe Hotel
  • Lucky Star Tavern (Sunnybank Hills)
  • Big Wheel at Southbank
  • S&S Hair and Beauty
  • QT Hotel
  • Edera Hair

Overall, this is CCC’s third year of entering the Kokoda Challenge and will not be the last!

Junior School had a visit from our local firefighters

Over a few sessions this semester, our excited Year 1 students have had the opportunity to learn about fire safety from local firefighters. The students met Firefighter Mel and Firefighter John, as well as some other firefighters, who helped students understand the importance of fire safety and what to do in the event of a fire.

In the last session on our school oval, the students were able to look at the fire truck and all its machinery. The curiosity took over with dozens of questions coming in from excited students. Where does the water come from? Why does water stop fire? Who drives the truck? How many fire trucks go to a fire?
A highlight was hearing the sirens and watching a demonstration of the firefighters using the hose.

Spelling Bee S-u-c-c-e-ss!


Hoards of Upper Junior students used their spelling knowledge to nominate as contenders in the local Calamvale Central Spelling Bee. 16 of our top spellers made it through the school selection process. They took risks, set personal challenges and showed persistence and perseverance during practices. Throughout the semester, the teams from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 fine-tuned their expert spelling skills which culminated in the competition at Calamvale Central against a number of other local schools. Students were not only required to draw on their Sounds-Letters knowledge and spelling rules but also needed nerves of steel as they performed on stage in front of their public. Does this word sound right? Does it look right? Trying to visualise and apply rules as they heard the word to be spelled out loud…and all without being able to write the word down. Congratulations to the following students who made our Calamvale Teams:

Year 3 Team: Cameron S, Chloe Z, Kalvin C (Finalist and overall Y 3 Winner), Nikki M
Year 4 Team: Charlene C, Harsh K (Finalist and overall 2nd place), Keifano H, Yada G
Year 5 Team: Calais L, Guransh Singh, Pranaam M, Rebin N (Finalist and overall 3rd place)
Year 6 Team: Dakota L, Hiro H, Jada B, Peter W (Finalist and overall 2nd place)


Year 3 student Kalvin C, placed first, ‘I had so much fun! It was tricky and I felt a bit nervous but was super happy to get first place. I feel so proud!’ Kalvin won $250 for himself and $1000 cash for the school. Kalvin even gave the Spelling Bee host tips, telling him all about the ‘Short Vowel Effect’ spelling rule.

Thank you all families and staff who supported and cheered on our students.

Under 8s Day

On Friday 24 May our Early Years Community came together to celebrate Under 8s Day. Students from P-2 joined with their families, our C&K and other local childcare centres to ‘Celebrate the diversity of languages within the home, culture and community’. This year’s Under 8s theme was a fabulous chance to see what being ‘internationally minded’ looks like in our Primary Years Program.


The day kicked off with a special assembly where students were read Mem Fox’s Whoever You Are. They reflected on the diverse multicultural community that we are fortunate enough to belong to here at CCC. Next it was time to explore the exciting activities and learn about many of the different ways we can communicate. Children had opportunities to communicate through music, dance and art, practise calligraphy and Chinese character writing. Families could hear new languages, share their own mother tongue and learn AUSLAN. Much fun was had! A big thank you goes to the Lower Junior staff, Secondary teachers and students, parent volunteers and our families for coming together to create such a great day.

International News

In Term 2, the College has hosted a number of international professional visitors who observed secondary classes, and received presentations on PYP, IB and QCSS programs:

  • 54 International Education Agents
  • 2 teachers form the New Taipei City Yuteh Private School
  • 14 pre-service teachers from Hong Kong University
  • 24 delegates from the Korean Education Development Institute

Metro South Oral Health


Is it time for your children to have a dental check-up?
Would you like FREE dental care for your children?
Dental appointments are available now.
Come and visit us at our one of our family dental clinics.

Simply call 1300 300 850 to book an appointment for a FREE dental check-up.
Our Clinics include:
• QEII Hospital Dental Clinic which is located on the corner of Kessels Road and Troughton Road, Coopers Plains;
• Inala Oral Health Centre which is located 64 Wirraway Parade Inala;
• Inala School Dental Clinic which is located in the grounds of Inala State School Glenala Road Inala;
• Richlands East Oral Health Centre which is located at the back of the school in Columba Street, Richlands East.

At any of these clinics there are excellent public transport options available as well as plenty of on-site parking.

Free children’s dental care is available from Metro South Oral Health for:
• all children aged 4 to grade 10 who are eligible for Medicare
• children aged 2 -17 years who are eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, and
• children whose parents have a current Centrelink Card, Healthcare or Pension Card.

For more information on Metro South Oral Health Services
Visit –

After School Soccer Programme In Association with Soccer X Pty Ltd

Calamvale Community College
After School Soccer Programme In Association with Soccer X Pty Ltd

We are excited to tell you about the after school soccer programme we will be running at Calamvale Community College during Term 3.

Throughout the 8 weeks our coaches will lead fun, educational and active sessions sending your child home energised and with a smile on their face.

Why choose Soccer X?
As well as providing fun filled Soccer sessions which teach the players new skills & techniques we aim to provide & improve the following skills:

                            • Social Skills
                            • Team building
                            • General Fitness
                            • Sense of achievement

We believe by integrating these skills into our programmes it will help your children become well rounded young adults.

All standards are welcome, so do not worry if you have never played before.

Most answers to your questions can be found by checking our website, but if you do not find an answer, please call Sam on 0415324917 or email:

For wet weather updates please follow Soccer X on Facebook or see us at

Programme Details

Day: Tuesday

Start Date: 30 July 2019

Time: 3-4pm

Where: School Oval

Ages: Prep – Yr 6 (Boys & Girls)

To avoid disappointment ALL registrations and payments must be completed ONLINE prior to the first session.

Cost: 96 (8 weeks)

Please visit to register and pay

Soccer X Training Kit (optional):

1) Shorts & T Shirt = $35
2) Shorts, T-Shirt, Bag & Cap = $50


What happens if it rains?
The session will take place undercover. In extreme weather conditions sessions will be cancelled and parents notified via SMS & Facebook.

What should my child wear for soccer?
Anything that is comfortable. Shorts, t-shirt, runners/boots. Soccer boots are not essential.

Open Day May 28

Whilst we understand that our families frequently have students across the College, it is often the case that families have more knowledge about one particular area and so Open Day is an opportunity to come to the College and learn more about what’s on offer.
On Tuesday 28 May, we will be spotlighting our Signature Programs @ Calamvale. What will be presented is not the entirety of what’s on offer but rather focuses on specific points of interest for new students in Junior School, students moving into Secondary School and specialist programs.

Following a welcome in CPAC by both Heads of Campus, Mrs Welch and Mrs Angel, our guests for Open Day will gain an understanding of the Yr 3-12 Instrumental Music Program and the International Baccalaureate mindset that underpins our College philosophy. There will be details about our inaugural scholarship program for a selected number of instrumental students, before the group separates to listen to presentations on the following:
International Baccalaureate – Primary Years: curious|creative|clever
Prep 2020 – the first year of school
Mandarin Immersion – Prep-Yr 2

APEX – Yr 7-9 Academic Excellence: Power through Knowledge
ADP – Athlete Development Program: Success through Sport
International Baccalaureate –Yr 10-12 Getting to University and Staying There

For the first time this year, there will be an additional focus on our Hospitality Excellence Program which operates in our licenced restaurant Three Trees. This program is an entry point for students who might be out of catchment and provides an expert training course which feeds into the ‘high-end’ restaurants which specialise in very sophisticated dining. Our visiting parents and community members will finish the Open Day with a tour of the commercial kitchen and a question and answer session in the café at Three Trees.

We look forward to welcoming you to the College and ask you to share this friends and family who may be interested. Please note that there will not be a Principal’s Tour on this day. These tours are held on Wednesday, every fortnight with our executive principal. Book through the webpage or the front office 3712 6333.

World Scholars’ Cup Success!

Congratulations to our Junior and Senior teams who competed at the Brisbane Regional Round of the World Scholars’ Cup during the first week of the holidays. This year we had an amazing eleven teams enter, with students from Years 5 – 10 taking on the challenge. Excitingly, nine of our teams have qualified for the global round in Sydney.
This annual competition is held all over the world, with many international and private schools competing. Over 2 very long days, the students undertook a range of challenges, including Debating, the Scholars’ Bowl, Collaborative Writing and individual challenges. They competed against teams from 14 others schools including other state and private schools at Churchie and won a number of awards.

Our Junior Teams (Year 5-8) had some wonderful achievements, Ameesha Prakash, Dain Sony and Kaylee Alcayde placed 3rd in the Team Debating Challenge. Ameesha Prakash was nominated as one of the outstanding speakers in debating at the competition and performed in the Debate Showcase with other selected speakers from both the Junior and Senior divisions. Astrid Messerschmit, Beatrix Messerschmidt and Ben Godon also placed 2nd in the Top Challenge Team achieving many medals individually in this area, alongside their other medals. There were many other highly notable achievements including: 6th place in Social Studies – Zach Weir (Year 6), Arts – Eloise Marsden (Year 5), Science – Isaac Oliver (Year 8) and gold medals in writing for Year 5, 6, 7 students – Amber Tran, Delwyn Zeng, Thryambika Maniraj, Tiffany Song, Vicky Kweon.
The Senior Team, Riley Andrews, Connor Andrews and Danielle Sekulla, competed against teams of students from Years 10-12, and placed 11th overall in the Team Writing Challenge and 13th in the Scholars’ Bowl.
We would like to thank these talented students and their families for giving up their time to train on Wednesday afternoons, study at home and to compete in the holidays. Thank you also to their teachers who teach them the skills needed in academic competitions such as this one. A special thank you to Ruth Smith for her wonderful coaching in the Wednesdays leading up to competition.

Queensland Symphony Orchestra

On Wednesday 1 May, the Calamvale CC Symphony Orchestra students were very excited to host 5 guest musicians from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. The guest musicians worked with our students in their instrument groups for the first half of the rehearsal. Please see some work-in-progress photos!

Hayley Radke worked with the flutes and clarinets.
Mark Bremner worked with the trumpets and trombone.
David Montgomery worked with the percussion section.
Min Jin Sung worked with the cellos and double bass.
Katie Betts worked with the violins and viola.


Then everyone came together to rehearse and the guest musicians played sided by side with our students. After just 45 minutes of intensive tutorials with our guests, Ms Erbacher and our audience of over 30 people were super-impressed by the improvement!
We look forward to further collaborations later in the year with the guest musicians from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra!


We have had a very busy time in the Arts over the last couple of months, with even m ore exciting opportunities for our students on the horizon. Some of the highlights our students have participated in include a Masterclass with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra that our instrumental music students engaged with on 1 May. Multiple artists from woodwind to brass, came into CPAC to work with our students and produced something very special. This, along with their efforts throughout Semester one, can be seen later this term in our annual Music@6 showcase.


Music Circles visited our Year 9 Music students recently, taking them through an extensive song writing workshop. This partnership with industry professionals helps to develop student understanding of music writing and will push our students to achieve their very best. This is mirrored in our Year 10 Drama class where our Partnership with Queensland Theatre continues to grow as part of their assessment they are participating in The Scene Project, which will see them working with award winning playwright, Angela Betzien. Their final performance will actually be staged on Queensland Theatre’s very own Billie Brown Stage in South Brisbane.

Our Art students have had a very busy couple of weeks, travelling to GOMA to see the 9th Annual Triennial of Contemporary Art as part of their exploration of Artists, and also exploring Karawartha Forest Park. These excursions help to provide valuable stimulus for our students, engaging with their surrounds and experimenting with different mediums. Term 4 will see their work displayed in the restaurant for our annual Art exhibition.

Extra-curricular activities continue to provide our students with multiple opportunities, including the Junior School Musical and the Secondary School Musical. This year the Junior School will be presenting Disney’s Aristocats, with auditions and rehearsals starting very soon. Meanwhile, the Secondary School will be presenting Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Rehearsals are already well on the way, with a partnership with Rockit Productions helping out with the choreography.

Creative Generation is also currently in full swing here at the school with our students beginning rehearsals for the State Spectacular. This is an amazing experience that we are privileged to be a part of, and you will soon see our students sporting their exclusive Creative Generation jackets in and around the school. These young artists work extremely hard and share the stage with some of the State’s very best performers.

The Company is also working hard on two productions this year. The first of which is a partnership with our very own Three Trees Restaurant; a dinner and show starting Wednesday 8 May. For $25 you get a wonderful dinner at our restaurant, followed by a 30 minute production of Shakespeare’s Othello in our outside Amphitheatre. The evening concludes with dessert back in the restaurant. Two more performances will be held on the 15 and 22 of May and reservations can be made through Student Services.

The Company is also rehearsing a two act play for Terms 3 called Stories in the Dark. It is a powerful story about hope and determination. It is a challenging text, but one that extends our students as performers and provides our audiences with some outstanding theatre.

This is what the Arts department is currently up to at CCC. The year is but young, and there are many more opportunities on the horizon. Junior and Secondary choirs, Raise Your Voice, and the Moscars to mention only three. The Arts are truly alive at CCC.

Student Leadership

Our adoption of the International Baccalaureate programs from Prep through to Year 12 with the Middle Years Program to begin in 2020, has resulted in a shift of philosophy toward student leadership. From 2019 onwards, our leadership program as well as building the confidence of its students, providing opportunities to lead and collaborate with others will have a particular service focus with respect to the community.

This is a shift in culture away from events-based leadership and towards a service orientation. We have already begun a focus on entrepreneurship which resulted in over 40 students and teachers being trained in the GENIN model of entrepreneurial model of innovation and competition over a month late last year. This proved quite a daunting expectations for our students and so we expect this added service element to complement entrepreneurism and in doing so provide an expanded number of opportunities for a greater diversity of students.

We begin our program this week with 40 prospective student leaders joining our Calamvale Community and College Alliance breakfast. The business leaders who have worked with us for four years and last term explored their own experiences of entrepreneurship and leadership, will this week mentor our young people in their own innovative ideas in answer to the question: If I could make a change in the world, what would it be? The format will be speed mentoring (similar but obviously different to speed dating) but all participants will speak with up to 6 business people in the process.

There will be continuing workshops over the next month, leading into a peak experience motivational presentation on June 13th by the student leadership organisation called High Resolves.–Global-Leaders-

This company will present to our students about Social Progress and in semester 2 on the Better Self.  Sixty students from 6, 7, 8 and 60 students from 9, 10, 11 will have this experience as a launch into student leadership at Calamvale.  We expect that students will present, in groups, to you as parents on the evening of June 13th which will provide an opportunity for you to share in their learning and possibly even give them feedback on their plans.

Please encourage your students to participate when the opportunity arises, either through Year 6 teacher, years 7-9 Humanities or by contacting Mr Butterworth in Keera or Ms Curtin in Cobar.

2020 Prep Enrolments are now open

What age can a child start Prep?

Queensland children are eligible to attend Prep in the year that they turn five by 30 June. There have been no changes to the eligibility age for Prep since it began in 2007.
Occasionally, schools are asked to consider allowing a child to begin Prep early. To allow this to occur, there are legal requirements which must be met. Being born in July is not a guarantee that a child will be given approval to enter Prep early, or that they are ready for school. Starting school early does not necessarily give a child a head start to schooling. For the best start to schooling, attending a quality kindergarten program remains the best educational option for all children in the year before they start Prep.
For information regarding enrolling in Prep for 2020 please contact the school enrolment officer or administration on 37126333.

Prep Chinese Immersion Program

In 2016, Calamvale Community College introduced a Chinese Immersion Program for identified students in Prep. The intention of the Immersion program is to provide a rich bi-lingual experience for the students within an integrated learning environment. Research increasingly shows that most young children are capable of learning two languages and that bilingualism affords cognitive, cultural, and economic advantages (Bialystok, 2001; Genesee, 2004; Hakuta & Pease-Alvarez, 1992)

What is an Immersion Program?

Immersion is learning in another language, not just learning the language.
Over the course of their study, students in this Immersion Program will:
• Gain a basic knowledge of Chinese language and culture
• Undertake simple communicative and interactive activities
• Gain an understanding and learn to speak words derived from Chinese characters
• Read and recognise words derived from Chinese characters
• Write words derived from Chinese characters

Traditional Model

All students from Prep –Year 6 currently learn Chinese in dedicated lessons ranging between 30 – 90 minutes per week, depending on the year level.

Extended Model

• Students in the Prep Immersion Program receive between 60-120 minutes of their schooling each day delivered in Chinese by a specialist Chinese speaking teacher.
• Reading, Writing, Letter knowledge / Spelling and some Mathematical units are delivered in English similar to all other Prep classes.
• Units of Inquiry which are Science / Humanities based are delivered in Chinese.

Benefits for Students

There are actually a number of benefits to developing fluency in a second language:

It makes them smarter

Learning a foreign language is a great way to improve their cognitive function.

Bilingual children are better able to grasp the English language as they come to the terms with the grammar of a foreign language.

A study by Illinois State University found students who study foreign languages tend to score better on standardised tests than their monolingual peers, particularly in the categories of maths, reading, and vocabulary.

They are better at problem solving and multitasking as they can comprehend different language structures and easily switch between the two, and they develop a stronger memory as they have more language rules and intricacies to remember when communicating, and more information and associations to retain and recall.

It broadens their horizons

When learning a foreign language, you don’t simply learn about vocabulary, you also learn about the country’s culture and society. Your child will have a greater appreciation for the world we live in and a more educated international outlook. Also, being able to communicate in the native language whilst abroad will be a real moment of pride and a great confidence boost.

It’s a way to challenge your child

Learning a foreign language is a great activity to challenge your child. It will keep their minds stimulated and focused, and ensures that they remain enthusiastic and continue to enjoy the learning process.

Enrolment in the Prep Immersion Class

All students enrolling in Prep undertake a short oral language screening assessment in November prior to the start of the school year. From this assessment, families are offered a place in the Chinese Immersion class. Enrolling in the Immersion class requires a commitment to the Immersion Program for a three year period (Prep- Year 2). Students in the Prep Immersion class stay together as a class group building on their language proficiency from Prep to the end of Year 2.

When student graduate from the three year immersion program, the class group moves in small friendship groups to the mainstream Year 3 student population. Their language proficiency continues to be extended during LOTE (Language other than English) classes when they come back together as a class group to participate in Chinese enrichment program.

Click on the link below to see our Prep students in our Chinese Immersion Class after 4 weeks in the Immersion program

Athletics Racing down the track!

We have reached the end of our carnival season, which has come early this year due to the games being held in Darwin in July. Boree have triumphed in the Junior School and we had a wonderful turn out of students dressed in their yellow, green, red and blue. Mr Loriaux was on the microphone and had those competitors racing for their events. The cheers and the warcries of Junior School were amazing as was the attendance of so many parents there to see their children race. Please find a delightful compilation of pictures celebrating the day.
Congratulations Boree – your participation was excellent and you won the day!

Secondary School have also completed most of the athletics carnival with just a few events still to run, so no results yet – although I think perhaps Boree is looking good for a clean sweep – we’ll have to wait and see. The students had a really high level of participation in events and I know Cobar was particularly well represented. There were several long standing records broken, among them:


Age Event Name New record Old record
15 Javelin Mitchell Chowdhury 41.80m 39.08 (2004)
12 Javelin Menaya Bell 18.70m 14.60m (2005)
15 Javelin Tiana Richards 36.29m 23.71 (2007)
16 Discus  Moana Pearse 28.09m 26.81 (2005)
13 Long Jump Juni Pullen 4.94m 4.93m (2015)
15 Long Jump Shareef Mwechiwa 5.83m 5.64m (2010)
16 Long Jump Zak Lewis 5.78m 5.69m(2010)
12 Long Jump Nekeisha Ngaru 3.93m 3.70m (2002)
15 Long Jump Tiana Richards 4.90m 4.40m (2004)
14 Shot put Jericho Fozefau-Strickland 11.55m 11.18m (2011)
16 Shot put Brigham Alofipo 13.24m 12.90m (2005)
12 Shot put Pania Haeriti 10.35m 8.45m (2002)
15 Shot put Tiana Richards 11.57m 9.14m (2012)
16 Shot put Moana Pearse 9.66m 9.48m (2005)
17 Shot put Sophie Vercoe 9.37m 9.05m (2006)
13 Triple Jump Ryan Gilder 9.20m
15 Triple Jump Shareef Mwechiwa 10.90m
16 Triple Jump Levi Clare 11.51m
17 Triple Jump Caleb Tettey 11.90m
16 Triple Jump Fanta Aruna 9.16m

Congratulations to all students who achieved their personal best times, heights or distances, to our record breakers and to our age champs (yet to be announced but many of you know who you are) Across the College – well done!






Thank you to our amazing Parents and Citizens


CCC would like to thank President Mrs Leesa Mason and her executive team and wonderful supporters for all their hard work last week. Weeks ago, we had lots of parents making gifts for the stall for Mothers’ Day, many thanks to each and every one of them as well and to all the people who assisted with resources and materials. Our P&C ran the Mothers’ Day stall for two days and then moved it to the oval for three days for three sports days – what an amazing effort! Our P&C have the ambition to air-condition our College and every gift contributed to that target. Thanks you to Mrs Mason and her wonderful team. We all hope you had a wonderful Mothers’ Day and enjoyed your CCC created gift!


Another round of applause….College Council Chair Mr Butler
Mr Mike Butler has been an unfailing proponent of the 10c bottle refund and it is he who collects your orange bags of bottles on the first Tuesday of every month at the Junior School student drop off zone. The money collected is also going towards College air-conditioning which is otherwise unfunded. We all wish we had enough funds to do have all of the requirements for our College. At present our bus is booked every day, saving us $450 minimum for the excursions – cheaper excursions and more flexibility for our classes. For our recycling scheme, thanks Mr and Mrs Butler for ensuring that we can collect as many bags as possible. 70 000 bottles is one air-conditioned classroom – it sounds like a lot but in three months we have almost got the first one.


We’re increasing safety around our school

Brisbane City Council has supported our school to develop a tailored traffic management plan (TMP) to help ease traffic congestion and increase safety around our school and the local community.

Our TMP focuses on creating a more efficient pick-up and drop-off zone, increasing active travel opportunities and ensuring our school zone operates safely.

As a valued member of our community, we need your assistance to ensure safer school streets for our students and families. Please remember to always drive with care, observe time limits in the drop and go zone and only cross the road at signalised intersections, pedestrian refuges, school and zebra crossings or when safe and legal to do so.

To find out more, talk to the school leadership team or visit and search ‘school traffic management plans’.

Our school traffic management plan

Did you know we’ve completed a school traffic management plan (TMP) to increase safety in our community? Brisbane City Council’s TMP is a tool for schools to identify and address traffic management issues to ease congestion, streamline pick-up and drop off periods and create safer school streets.

As a valued member of our community, we need your assistance to ensure safer school streets for our students and families. Make sure you drive, walk or ride safely around our school to help support our plan and keep our community safe!

To find out more, talk to the school leadership team or visit and search ‘school traffic management plans’.


This term, CCC launched our inaugural program with AMAYDA. We have 20 students enrolled in this resilience building, self-regulating martial arts program and it was launched by Queensland’s own, Jeff Horn – the boxing champion with a passion for anti-bullying. Jeff’s attendance at parade on May 5th was very well received with the entire student body, Years 6-10 chanting the strategies of Avoid, Assess and Apply. Our students really enjoyed the sense of empowerment but also were fully understanding the responsibility and respect that accompanies all or our actions. Below is a snapshot from the AMAYDA website and here is the direct link and there are photos from the program.

AMAYDA has formed an alliance with your school to build confidence in their students and prepare them for secondary school. We do this by engaging students through role playing a range of potentially difficult situations and providing practical solutions. They will learn the best real-world self-defence skills taken from a wide range of martial arts and boxing. The bottom line is that the AMAYDA Program will help your child to survive when you can’t be there. It’s about giving both you and your child peace of mind.

We also combine the physical training with core values taught in martial arts:
• to have RESPECT for yourself and others;
• to have the COURAGE to do the right thing, even when you’re scared and to make the right decisions when subjected to peer pressure;
• to have the INTEGRITY to do what you say you’re going to do; and
• to build RESILIENCE, by strengthening their self-image, enabling students to recover quickly when faced with adversity.

All of these values combined are what we call – AMAYDA EXCELLENCE.
Our programs are carefully reviewed by our Program Mentor and world class trainer Glenn Rushton, martial arts veteran and Kung Fu master, Sifu Frank Mechler and Australia’s greatest boxer, former school teacher and National Ambassador Against Bullying in Schools, Jeff ‘The Hornet’ Horn.
Welcome to all parents interested in preparing their children for the next step in schooling. The step up to secondary school is a big one for any child and can be a very daunting and sometimes, even the most confident student can struggle with this transition.

With the lives of parents getting busier and busier it sometimes hard to know for sure if your child is emotionally ready for the big changes ahead.
Here are some things to consider…
• 1- Is your child going to be responsible for getting themselves to and from school by public transport or other?
• 2- Are you confident that your child would know what to do if confronted with a physically or emotionally stressful situation?
• 3- Do you believe that your child would make the right decision when confronted with peer group pressure?

Positive Education at Calamvale Community College


Teachers at Calamvale Community College have participated in intensive professional development within the field of Positive Education (i.e., the application of positive psychology practices within an educational setting). Positive Education concepts are embedded into CCC teachers’ curriculum planning, daily practices, Junior School house rallies and Secondary School wellbeing lessons. Each CCC newsletter will now feature a brief introduction to a Positive Education concept.


Edelman, S. (2013). Change Your Thinking (3rd Edition): Sydney, ABC Books.



Keep your eye out for more about Positive Education at CCC in upcoming newsletters.
Nerieda Anderson
Calamvale Community College
Developmental Guidance Officer

House Culture at Calamvale

House Culture is the lifeblood of the College’s culture. Both in Junior and Secondary, House Spirit and friendly competition permeates all elements of the College. Unlike other schools, House relates to the classroom, extra-curricular participation and attendance, not just sporting carnivals.
Junior School students have the opportunity to win points for their house on a daily basis, as students demonstrating Learner Profile Attributes are rewarded with gold tokens. Every fortnight at assemblies, these tokens are counted and all contribute to the House Spirit Cup in Junior School.
Secondary School’s House Cup, which is made up of six different elements of College culture, is calculated each term, with a combined House Celebration Day for the winning House taking place in the following term. This Term, both Junior and Secondary School will be participating in similar activities.
The following parts of College life contribute:

  •  Student Attendance
  •  Behaviour (report card)
  •  Effort (report card)
  •  Values in Actions Points (allocated in class each lesson)
  •  College Culture (various competitions)
  •  Participation in CAST

Overall, a House can only be victorious if everyone in that House contributes in the best way they can. The first House Cup will be celebrated on Thursday 23 May. Boree, Cobar, Keera and Tharah – who will be the next winners?

Join a Calamvale CAST team!

Please find attached information regarding Term 2, 2019 offerings!
Join the Calamvale CAST, Term 2, 2019

Principal’s News

Building a strong culture of parent engagement

As Term One draws to a close, parents in the Junior School have had the opportunity to meet with classroom teachers to discuss student progress thus far and set goals for the rest of the semester and the year. Parent-teacher communication plays a big role in helping your child to have a successful academic career. Since parents and teachers know different aspects of a child’s personality, they must work together to solve problems and celebrate gains.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

It’s something parents hear all the time, but it bears repeating. One of the keys to parents and teachers working together is to have good communication. Parents are vital partners in education. They influence their children’s attitudes about learning, and support learning at home. They are a vital link between home and school. And when they become involved in the life of the school, they make our schools better places to learn, grow and thrive. Educators and parents generally agree that positive, supportive and open relationships between home and school, parent and teacher are desirable. Additionally, research has shown that parent engagement and successful parent-teacher partnerships result in improved educational outcomes for students. Teachers and parents provide a vital support system to help students flourish. Both groups are important. When parents and teachers communicate and work together effectively, it can significantly impact each student’s long-term success.

But we cannot confuse the difference between parent involvement in schools and parent engagement. One dictionary definition of involve is “to enfold or envelope,” whereas one of the meanings of engage is “to come together and interlock.” Thus, involvement implies doing to; in contrast, engagement implies doing with.

Parent involvement in schools includes attending events, volunteering in class or other activities, and serving on school councils and parent committees. It’s not that family involvement is bad. Almost all the research says that any kind of increased parent interest and support of students can help. But almost all the research also says that family engagement can produce even better results—for students, for families, for schools, and for their communities (Ferlazzo & Hammond, 2009) As a school we are striving for parent engagement-listening to what parents think, dream, and worry about.